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January 2019 babies Lock Rss

Hi am 5w 4d and am due on the 26th of January with my 3rd baby. My oldest are 8 and 6. (I am not on FB)
I'm due around the 23rd Jan with my first! First scan on 14th June where I think I'll be 8 weeks. So excited smile
Hi Honey, Hope you are doing good. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Ahaan! Congratulations. I am happy to read your story. I'm so excited about your baby. Good Luck. GOD Blessed you.
Congratulations lady. That is such a wonderful news. Stay blessed and strong. Take good care of yourself. Keep us updated. Will be waiting to hear more. Love and luck to you in future. More power to you.
Hello there. How are you doing? I hope everything is going well. Congratulations to you. Stay strong and blessed. Lots of love and luck to you. More power to you. Take good care.
Hi I am due with my second baby in January 17th 2019 . Can I please be added to the Facebook group?
Hi there, I am due 2nd Jan with #3 surprise. We have 2 sons as well 7 & 5.
Can I please be added to the Facebook group.

I was wondering how everyone is going? I had my 8w2d scan & got up date on due date 27th of January. (thinking of keeping the 26th until anatomy scan at 18w) Am now 10w 6d.
Hi all..

I'm due on January 17th, 2019 I'm so excited this is my first ..
Hi, I am due with another beautiful baby. Please can I be added to the fb group? Thanks
Jessica can you add me please I messaged you on Facebook xx
I'm due January 30th
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