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Yay - Due October 2018! Lock Rss

Hey ladies,
Will kick off a 'Due in October 2018' group smile I got my BFP last Friday! Congratulations to everyone that's had a positive too.
Who's keen for a FB group?
I got my BFP friday too..
Im keen for a FB group????
Due in October too, keen on the FB group! grin
Hi All

I got a positive blood test Friday, however my levels were very low.. like 19.5. I have another blood test next week, so fingers crossed it increases. What were other peoples results??
Hey there. Hope you are doing great. You must be extremely excited about it. It is a beautiful journey. But its end is even more beautiful. Congratulations to be one of the lucky ones.I wish you health and long life, for your baby too. Stay blessed and happy. Wish you have a healthy baby. Best wishes for future.
Hi ladies, I’m hoping I can join- got a very big surprise yesterday finding out that I’m pregnant with number 2. Unplanned but very much happy to be here ????
Hi there.I hope you are fine. I am glad to hear that your BFP is positive. I am glad to hear that you are pregnant. Take proper diet.Meet your doctor regularly. Don't take stress of anything.Take care of your self.Goodluck.
Congratulations ladies!
I got my BFP on Thursday, going off my lmp I'm 5 weeks today! With #3 I am so excited but also very nervous as I had a miscarriage in September. I look forward to talking to you all through out this amazing journey x
Hi ladies I've just taken a test and it is positive! I haven't had a scan yet but my app is telling me I'm 4+2 meaning Due in Oct 18 would love to join a fb group with you all! - has anyone started one yet?
Hi ladies! I'm due with mmy second on 3 October ???? all going well so far. Would love to join a fb group if one is established ????
Hey everyone xx I have a FB group set up (i just came to post on huggies forum to say as earlier i didnt know how to do and i have already posted on oh baby a few weeks ago. Here is a link to oh baby with the details - But if want to join please confirm here that you are sending a request and i will add u smile the fb page is secret so u need to add to the fake profile first - all is explained in oh baby xx email is

heres the oh baby link to the forum xx
oh also sorry mine is for NZ mummas sorry x
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