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August Facebook *Secret* Group Lock Rss

Hi congratulations! if you want to join the August facebook group post your email or facebook details and I will add you smile

Please add me, my name on FB . You will probably need to send me a friend request first.

Please add me ????
hi smile I cant seem to find you on Facebook could I please be added to FB group. My email is , should come up with Samantha Robertson smile
Hi Ya smile

Just wondering if there is still a group being started?

Thanks smile
Hi Ocean Mama

Yes you will have an email inviting you to the group.
Is this for people expecting in august next year?
Yes please. My email is
Hi Trimane, yes this is for August 2018.
Great my email is so excited smile
Hi could you please add me to the Facebook group?
My email is
Email invite sent ladies smile
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