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Is your baby due in August 2018? Lock Rss

Just found out you're pregnant? Congratulations! Join others due in the same month and chart your pregnancy journey here!
I'm due at the start of August, can't wait, but have such a long long time to go. It took us 4 years of planning, saving and waiting to get this little one, I'm so hoping it sticks around. The pregnancy symptoms have hit me like a tonne of bricks, so hopefully that is a good sign. I've had a few really early losses, as well as a few children and the one thing I've noticed for me is lots of symptoms = a good pregnancy.
I have just found out i'm due at the start of August, keeping fingers crossed for a sticky baby! This will be our rainbow baby after a mmc in Jan.
Hi congratulations ladies! I am sorry for your losses and wishing you happy & healthy pregnancies, smile I am due in August also with a rainbow baby after an early miscarriage at 7 weeks only last month. I am feeling a bit nervous, but hoping all will be fine this time. I will get a secret facebook page started if you want to send through your email details or your fb name and profile picture description I will add you smile
Hi there how do I join the fb group?
If you can post your email address you use for facebook then we can send you an invite smile
Hi ladies, I'm also due in early August 2018 and would love to be added to your private fb group???? my fb email is
I hope all your pregnancies are going well???? Hope to get an invite soon???? Christy????
Hiya ladies, also due in August. Can I please be added to Facebook group.

Thanks ????
Hi. I'm also due in August and would love to join the FB group. Email: Thank you!
Hi could I please be added to the secret Facebook group if possible. Due August 10 2018
Hi there, due 17 August. Please add me cheers!
Hi. I'm due 10th of August and would like to be added to the group please? I think my facebook email is ????
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