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Is there a Facebook page yet for babies due June 2018? Lock Rss

Hi is there a Facebook page yet for babies due in June 2018? If so please let me know, would love to join ????
Hi Bethlang,
not yet I don't believe.
Congrats. im due the 16th (ish) how about you?

Congratulations!! ????
Isn't this journey exciting! I'm due on the 2nd.
I've just created a secret Facebook group called 'June Babies NZ''
Look it up and I'll add you- it's great to have these pages to have support from mummas in the same boat through every step of the way ????
The has little baby feet as the feature picture when you look it up on Facebook ????
HI there, I'd love to be a part but if it's secret you can't look it up. If its closed you can look it up but I can't join a closed group or it tells my family and friends that I'm a member and im trying to keep it quiet. If you are secret may I please know who to send a friend request to to join? Also is it only for NZ?
Usually the groups that form off here are a mix (my August 2015 group is) or some due months form separate nz & aus groups if they have enough mums.
Personally I don't mind a mixed group as it means more mums sharing experiences and knowledge

I've just created a group :
Huggie mum due june 2018.

It's a secret group, mostly because I haven't announced it yet and assume some of you may not have also..

Please feel free to join, the more the merrier smile

If you can't find it just send me your facebook name and I will add you smile

Mum of 3 girls, 1 boy, 1 angel, 1 on the way!

add me to the closed group please. smile
Christina Tosh
(pic is grey n white of my daughter drawing on a magnadoodle)

What's your email address? I can send you a request for the page that way. I can't figure out how to add people who aren't friends with me on Facebook
you can search by name.
But to add to secret groups you must be FB friends first.

Do we need to be friends to be added to a secret group? If so what's your fb name and I'll look you up ( happy to delete once I'm in group)
have you been added jp?

comment your email address you use for facebook and we can add you to the group

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