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Is your baby due in July 2018? Rss

OOh yes please, due 21st July, Email-
Yes my due date s july 29
yes please
And my only other children will be 22 by then. ..YEARS OLD...not months! thanks
Hi, I would love to join..
My facebook profile is
I'm due with #6 on July 24. I'm in Melbourne, Australia
Hi ladies, due July 2...3 days before my birthday!
Yes please. due June 16
Kaylasharp91 wrote:
Hey ladies if any of you are from NZ and would like to join our secret FB group too then let me know. Smile

Are you still accepting people into your due group? I am due 2 August but my date might be off.
Im due july 2nd but cant access my fb sign in email. This is the fb account we use though.

Does anyone check this thread anymore? Feeling pretty lonely as I havent heard anything about being added yet

I'm due 31/7/18! Would love to be part of group, however I have no idea what email is attached for my fb acct!
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