Hi all, I really need some help and hope you don't mind me asking.

I am a mum and a psychologist and I am really passionate about improving mental health in mums. I am now doing a PhD study looking at whether what women eat affects whether or not they will experience postnatal depression and/or anxiety.

I am looking for women who are 8-15 weeks pregnant at the moment to take part in the study that is completely online to make it easier for busy women to take part. I need about 500 women to make it a good quality study, and I need about 100 more to get to that target. Can you please help me by taking part and/or sharing my info on your group pages? I would so appreciate any help you could give me.

The website is
and my psychology page is www.angiewillcocks.com so you can see I am legit! I was also on Channel 7 SA and Qld over the weekend!