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Are you due in October 2017? Rss

Hey, same boat, In NZ and looking to join the FB group. Lonely pregnant lady in a friendship group of single people with no kids! Need some soon to be mummy friends.
I'm due 9th October
I am due october 3rf and would like to be added to fb
now it become one year to your child who started this topic ..congratulations...
i am due in next august next year.. i am already a carer..

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hey, congratulations dear. I am happy for you. your efforts to bring all ladies are great. I will be glad to if I able to join your discussion. But I am not in this situation but hope to join you soon. It’s my desire and biggest wish to share my pregnancy experience with you people and you suggest me do this and that. That’s a good feeling. So ladies continue your discussion and pray for me.
hello ladies! What’s about you? I hope you are absolutely fine. I have read your post to join a support group. It’s really amazing group. Everyone can find the solution to every problem in this group. One thing more about this group is that every member shows the sudden response of others. Every member has feelings for others. You have amazing creative potential. Through this forum, we can consult our problems with other mums. I think this forum should be broader. I will also invite my fellows to join this forum. I think every lady have to face the problem. so, this forum is really very helpful. thanks for sharing it.
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