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Are you due in April 2017? Lock Rss

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Share your experiences here!
Hi everyone. Mum of 4 here to of my own and 2 step children and expecting April 2017. Our children are 13,11, 9 & 11 months and one on the way. I'm from christchurch nz.
Im in the waikato, and im 5 and a half weeks, bubba #1 for us
I'm 6 weeks along with no 2. Due in early April. Just hoping my rainbow baby sticks. Good luck to all.

I am 7 weeks along also from Christchurch smile Good luck everyone
Hi all!

I got a BFP today and "think" I am due in April next year! This will be my 2nd child (1st is 7 years old). Have a dr appt this afternoon so hopefully will get some answers as to how far along I am etc
Hi there,
I have 3 boys aged 6, 4, 2, and due end of April with no4.
Has anyone started a fb group yet?
I am in Auckland
Hello ladies! I'm from the Waikato and am due in April 2017.
If you would like to join an amazing due in April Facebook group feel free to add me, Kerry Fenton.
Profile picture is of me back carrying my little girl, she is wearing a pink and black dinosaur hat
Hi Ladies,
I am due in April 17 also and would like to join the FB group. I will add you Kerry smile
Hi ladies,
I am really happy and exited too, as i am due in dec 2017.
Hey there everyone. How are you all doing? I hope everyone is doing great. I am really happy for you all. it really warms my heart. It's wonderful to see everyone os happy. My story is a little tragic. I am infertile. I had a hysterectomy and had a mc. I was in an accident. I was devastating. I wanted the world to end. It was killing me. However, my DH was always there. We went for surrogacy. Now I have two young twin boys. I hope everyone gets what they want. I wish everyone good luck.
Hi,It's really a big news.I am so happy to know about your pregnancy.I hope you have a beautiful child.Keep us updated about your whole journey.Much love.xx
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