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Due September 2016 Lock Rss

Early days I know but anyone else just finding out they're pregnant??????
Have set up a Facebook group! See my post below for details.
Me! I think I'm due around September 7th.
Me (smile)
I think I'm due about Sept 20th
Husband and I haven't told anyone yet.
Me smile
Iam 36. Live in Christchurch.
Had miscarriage in May.
SO yuuuuus!
Anyone starting up a closed Facebook group so we can chat on there?
I'm not on Facebook...
I'll start up a group. Friend request me and I'll add you. I'll make it secret so no one can see it!!
Cherie Mason - my picture is me sitting on a chair by the water in a red dress with my head resting on my hand. Hope u can find me!! Try following this link:
I think I added you? Red dress and resting on hand but couldn't see water. Hoping its you smile
Hi ladies,

This is my very first post on ANY forum... I couldn't find any help on posting my own topic so I really apologise in advance and please guide me as to how to do so;)

I am 32 and been trying to conceive for years now.
My period had been anywhere from 23-35 days the last few months - crazy.

Last night (day 26) I did a clear blue digital test and as you can probably see in my profile photo straight away it came back "pregnant 1-2 weeks". Then this morning I woke up (day 27) to some browny/reddish discharge on wiping. I did a finger sweep (sorry if TMI) and wiped my finger repeatedly throughout the day and it was always this brownish reddish stuff but not enough to come into my underwear. I went and got heaps more tests. Including the digital first response and some confirm ones where they just show the line.
The first response digital came back YES+ straight away and the line one was positive but very faint.
I have been TERRIFIED all day contact it checking. I even put a pad on tonight and after 6-7 hours only have a tiny smaller than a five cent piece brown spot on it. I've had a bit of cramping today but nothing to make me double over. Just like first day of period cramps.

I took another confirm line test tonight before bed- knowing my urine would be diluted- and the line was still faint but I must admit stronger than the morning line test.

I want this bambino SOOOOO much I am physically SICK that I'm bleeding.

My due date would be September 20th 2016. I can't let myself believe it though if I'm just going to wake up tomorrow morning covered in blood.

Sorry for the detailed info but I really need honest answers....

Thank you for reading all this and I really hope someone will reply.

Baby dust and prayers to all of you (and me lol)

Maybubba - no friend request has come through. What's your name and I'll try to find you smile
Or try following this link:

Liv2016 - congrats on your pregnancy!!!! False positives are extremely rare so if there's a line, even if it's faint, that means you're pregnant! I understand your nerves though. I've had a miscarriage before so am extremely nervous too! Your spotting could just be implantation bleeding - i had that with my first baby. And mild cramps are completely normal in early pregnancy. There's a lot of changes going on down there, as well as hormonal changes which lead to abdo bloating and cramping.
The best thing would be to see your doctor and ask for serial HCG blood tests - the level is supposed to double every 48-72hrs in a healthy pregnancy so that could put your mind at ease. And ask for a dating scan at 6wks - since your periods have been irregular I'm sure they let you - that way you won't have to wait until 12weeks to make sure everything is ok! I asked for 2 early scans last time. One at 6wks and one at 9wks - I think i'll do the same this time too!!! Like i said, i'm a little nervous!
Good luck Liv - let us know how you get on! smile
Hi, I am from Aus & pregnant with my 3rd. We have one boy aged 4 & one girl aged 2, have been TTC for 1year. I got faint positive on the 6th Jan, thinking I ovulated Christmas Eve smile I have friend requested to join the Facebook group ????
Not sure why there are all thoseqn marks, it was a smiley face smile
They did that to me too! Putting in ???? when I used a smiley face!
Welcome to the group ladies!! smile
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