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Due May 2016 Lock Rss

Hi ladies, I'm due 28 May. Would love to join your group too Lani so I'll send a fb request. Thanks smile Stacey
Hi Everyone - better late than never! I'm due around 20th May - I have added you Lani on FB, hoping to join your group. smile
Due May 20th with my first bub.
Totally wasn't expecting it or planning it. I have severe PCOS and was on the pill to regulate hormones and to stifle a lot of pain that I get associated with it (Not really stifle, but to allow myself to better prepare for it as I will know when it's coming) - Doctors and specialists that did testing over a period of 18 months told me that I would be looking at a minimum 12 months fertility treatment before even attempting to conceive so I accepted that it wasn't going to happen for me. Low and behold, I started feeling sick when I was taking the pill, then started getting overly fatigued. Did a HPT just for giggles and 2 lines appeared.

Guess I showed them.

Expecting a little boy. The first grandchild for my partners parents, and my families 8th grandson (no granddaughters yet)

Guess I should add: This will be the first of (Ideally) 8 babies. Maori families and all. smile
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