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March 2016 Babies Lock Rss

Due in March 2016 Babies !

hi louise, So happy to be joining you here. smile

As you know I just got my positive today, i'll go to the doctors on Friday to have bloods done.

This is baby #2 Cycle 2. fingers crossed its a sticky bean.

Welcome! I feel so much better now I have someone to keep me company!!!
Congrats Hun!

This is baby #3 for us and cycle #2..
I had bloods done on Monday and got the results today (3w5d) hcg 18 and progesterone 49. Had another blood test today and just waiting on the hcg levels but my progesterone has gone up to 61! My ob should call me this arvo with hcg levels.
I had progesterone issues with baby #2 so hence the early testing and every couple of days!

Sending sticky dust to u!!!
Good luck, I hope the hcg has gone up also. According to my app I'm 3w6d. I'm going to test in the morning again to see if I get a darker line. I'm already feeling a bit off, cramps, nausea, dizziness but all mild.

Just got a call from my OB, HCG has come back at 50 she is happy as it has more than doubled in 45 hours! having another test on Friday ! i have relaxed a little but wont 100% till i have my 12 week scan!
That's great news. Fingers crossed for you and your sticky bean ????.
I'm nervous too for my bloods. I had a mc years ago before my daughter and suffered with server endometriosis resulting in 4 surgeries and hormone therapies, and had pcos but that actually resolved itself after loosing some weigh. I thing these early days are always nervous one but we have to just sit back and hope our bodies do whatever is right. Lots of baby dust to us both.

Morning ladies,

Just got my confirmed BFP, this will be bubs #2 for us & due on the 9th march.

So glad to be joining you!!

That's fantastic star-mum. Congrats smile I can't believe how many of us got a BFP in June, must be the cold snuggly weather.

I'm off to the docs today for my blood test so I should know my levels by early next week.
I used my digital clear blue test today which said 'Pregnant 1-2' so I feel it's more official now, yesterday it still said not pregnant. I'm a bit crampy but my sis in law said apparently that's common for your second, it's more like the stretching cramps anyway but I'll talk to the doctor. Other than that I'm already feeling a bit nauseated at times, and I've gone off my coffee ????. I just hope o don't get to bad cause I have a 1 year old to look after.

Fingers crossed for a happy and heathy 8 or so months smile

Just popping in to say congratulations to the TTC June girls!

I am sad you cant be in the Feb group but secretly jealous as I would love a march baby because I am a march baby myself!

Congrats Star-mum!!!!
Welcome to due in March!!!! Very exciting!

Laura I've been having some light cramp yesterday which made me panic. But I over did it with doing 6 loads of washing which was stripping the beds etc. after a good nights sleep no cramps today!
Digital always makes it feel more real!! Did my digital on Monday arvo and it had 1-2 on it too! My blood test 2 hrs before showed my hcg as 18 so I wonder what the lowest hcg levels it can pick up!!

I'm off for another blood test this morning, should get my results this arvo!!
Due Dates;
Louise_O - 2/3/16
*Laura* - 3/3/16
Star-Mumm@ - 9/3/16
Thanks ladies.

I have been having quite a lot of dull cramps & a popping feeling since 5dpo. Not worried as I remember this with DD.

Laura I'm also a bit worried about M/S with a little one. I had severe hyperemisis last pregnancy, so I really hope I can avoid it this round.

I'm going to wait until late next week to go to the Dr, since I'm only 8dpo today.

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