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Due November 2015 Lock Rss

Bexnz3 wrote:
Hi there Congrats to all the bfps. i'm due 4th november with number 2. So excited.

Would you like to be added to the facebook group? Lots more happening over there

Hi Ladies.

Just found out we're expecting our second baby. I have a 3yo boy and due with no 2 around 21st Nov. super excited.

Hi Ladies!
I'm tentatively joining here. Took a BFP on Saturday (and pretty much every day since then!). According to my LMP I am due 24/11/15!! It's my first pregnancy and I am feeling so anxious! I just can't seem to calm down. Saw my doctor yesterday and had my bloods done so I'm hoping she'll call me with the results some time today. She also gave me a referral for a dating scan because I am so anxious to make sure that everything is ok and in the right spot etc. but going to wait until between 6 and 7 weeks to do that one.
Any tips for a newbie on staying calm? I just want to know that it's all ok. I haven't told anyone yet (except my husband) because it just doesn't feel real to me! Appreciate any advice! smile
If you leave your email addresses we can add you to the secret Facebook group smile
Thanks! It's if I join the group will it show my FB friends that I've joined? Just trying to keep it all quiet for now.
Hi no its a secret group hence why you can only be added thru email address no one except those in the group can see your in it
Hi all, we are expecting baby #4 on 14th November. Have a few concerns regarding Hcg levels, and would love to know if any of you had "low" results?
Hi all, congratulations to all you mummies on your BFPs smile
I got a BFP a short while ago. It's our first month not using protection, but we weren't really trying, and I was convinced we missed the boat. Guess we didn't tongue AF was due on Monday, and the test showed positive even before I finisihed peeing on it (TMI, sorry tongue). Using a pregnancy calculator and going off my LMP dates I'm due 23rd November. This will be # 3, we have a boy and a girl at home (DD 3, DS 13 months) but I'm hoping for a boy so DS has someone close in age to play with. Will see what we get I guess!
Still not sure how I feel, I wasnt expecting it this month, so it's kinda come as a shock. Good thing I have 8 months to get used to the idea smile

I'm don't want to join the fb group, but will stick on here for this journey smile

Hi I am new to this got a very faint positive this week so I am fingers crossed for another one next week smile after a m/c in jan I am very nervous and looking for some friendly people to chat with since is far to early to be telling friends smile
Hi all
I'm finding it difficult keeping up with all the acronyms

smile is there a pregnancy acronym explanation page?

I'm due 2 Nov with our first. We'll be mature parents. Me being 42 on Tuesday and my hubby is 36
We have our first scan on Monday. Will be the most unforgettable birthday present. Seeing baby and hearing heartbeat smile

Congrats all. Here's to healthy, happy and enjoyable trimesters


TTC trying to conceive
Bf boyfriend
Dd dear daughter
Ds dear son
BFP big fat positive
Lo little one
LMP last menstrual period
There is a page somewhere, not sure where though, sorry that's not really helpful tongue

Congratulations on your pregnancy though, hope all goes well for you! And happy birthday for Monday smile what a great present for you! All the best smile

Thank you smile
One last question. Is there an alert function I need to activate to know when someone has commented on a post of mine?
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