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Due November 2015 Lock Rss

3rd Time Blessed wrote:
It's not worked. Is there another way it can be done?

hmm says it worked add me on facebook Alana Burgess profile pic is me holding my son wearing a blue beanie and il add you in then you can remove me as a friend once your in smile
Steph I've had to have a second blood test to check my hcg too. Mine was around 150 at 5 wks (based on my 32d cycle). Which is in the normal range.

Theres a helpful summary of normal ranges on the above page.

But, my doc entered my due date based on a 28d cycle, which made it look like I'm 6 wks and with low levels. So they've repeated the test and I should get a call from the doc shortly.

So your levels look quite good to me! My doc was great and v reassuring. She said as long as it keeps going up, the value is less important. please can i be added to the fb group smile
Amanda sent an invite smile
Hi everyone, this month was meant to be our first month ttc after we got married a couple of weeks ago but it seems I ovulated later than I thought and have just gotten a very faint BFP. EDD will be mid November but I will probably go overdue. This will be number 2 for us. Is there a fb group?

Hi Everyone,

Last Saturday I found out that I am pregnant! It will be our first baby! My Hubby is super stoked. Went to the Doc late this week for blood tests etc. Results not back yet. Due date estimated as 3rd of November.

Quick info about me: 24 years old, Hubby is 27. Living in Darwin NT.

All week I was debating whether or not to join the group as Im a newbie and have never done ANY of this before. After a week of keeping an eye on the group and scrolling posts I thought 'why not' so here I am!

Am already finding it interesting hearing things from all of you and learning about your current/past experiences with pregnancy.

Looking forward to this journey and YAY for us all grin
Please also add me
What is your email address Luke_Louisemg

What is your email address Luke_Louisemg smile
So I'm 6 weeks with baby #1. Had blood tests confirmed and have to wait 2 weeks for our first US at 8 weeks. Hubby and families are super excited. First grandbaby for both families. Just started experiencing nausea (eating helps if you can even imagine lol) finish my job in 2 weeks!!! Freaking out a little, I orginally put in my resignation to work casually while I study. Plans still the same but I'm freaking about it!!!
Would love to be on the group
Eleanor_Eleanor wrote:
Yes I'm joining you all! I've done three tests now and all BFPs! Off to the doc this morning for blood tests etc.

My only worry is that with my ds, I went 2 weeks overdue and had to be induced. the induction was excruciating and I really want to avoid that this time. So it's v important to me that I get my dates right to give me as much chance as possible to go into labour naturally (my family all go overdue with their babies). I only have one month of tracking info to go off and I can't pinpoint ovulation. Argh. I know it seems silly to be thinking about this now but your due date is set so early on, and can have a huge impact on how your Labour is managed right at the other end ... Will see what I can find out this morning. At the least I'll prob have a dating scan.

Congrats to you all Xo

My family is the same we all do overdue. With my 1st I told them to give me 2wks and if he wasn't here I'd be induced really wasn't keen after all the stories you hear. I ended up going natually after 9days of stretch n sweeps and tummy massages. Fingers crossed you go naturally this time

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