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Due November 2015 Lock Rss

Eek just had a bfp this morning my calculations puts me due 13/11 will be baby number 3 hopefully a wee girl who already has 2 big brothers 7 years and 14mths. I joined the jan 2014 huggies group with mr 14mths and we are all still close so hoping to have another wonderful group!
Needing support and help, found out last week that we are due on Nov 6th with our first baby. Freaking out a little but very excited.
BFP today with # 2 after 6 months of trying. our wee dude will be 2 yrs 1 mth when this wee one (hopefully) arrives. due date is 11 nov. going to test again tomorrow to be sure then its off to the drs.
has anyone started a fb page yet?
Kiras wrote:
I got a faint BFP on an Internet cheapie test on Sunday, going to do a clear blue test in the morning to confirm. My EDD is 11 Nov based on my dates. This will be my second bub. My DS will be 2 years 4 months when this one is due. Very excited!

How did the digi go?

Another BFP smile
Yes shall we start a fb group?
Facebook group would be great. Who wants to get the ball rolling? Not sure how to do it myself smile
I can start it what's everyone's email addresses?
If you can add me on face book
Hi ladies!!

I got my faint BFP yesterday at 12 DPO! Due date is 13 Nov smile

This will be baby number 3 for me. I have a 4yr old son and a 3yr old daughter already!

I'm super keen to join the FB group and getting to know you all!!
Cazeke83 add me on fb and will add you to the group smile
My email address is smile I'd like to be added to the fb group as well please
Have got the group started so if you pop up your email addresses will add you in
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