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Due July 2015 Lock Rss

I think I will be due 5th July smile
I just found out I'm due on the 1st smile

Yay im not alone
Congratulations to you!
Is this your 1st?
Hi 2b3 thank you and congrats to u too smile
This will be our 3rd smile how about u?

Wow my 3rd too. I had a DS(2) and a DD(8months)
Oh wow smile they are all gonna be so nice and close in age. My son is nearly 6 and my daughter nearly 3. I found out what I was having with my last 2 so now hoping to have a surprise smile

Yup it works out about a 17 month difference between them all.
I found out with both pregnancies so I'm looking forward to a surprise one this time too smile
Can we make a secret Facebook group for July when a few more mummies join?
Yeah that sounds good smile I'm surprised it's just u and I still lol
I'm from Melbourne where r you from?

Maybe everyone else is shy!
I'm from country NSW
I'm going to start a secret Facebook group while I'm at my computer, maybe people use FB more than Huggies site.
Okay cool post the link when you have made one smile

I won't be able to post a link as it will be a secret/private group. If you want to add me on fb I'll add you to the group smile
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