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Due April 2015 Lock Rss

Hi ladies, anyone else due in April? I know its still early. I think I'm due around the 3rd of April with my 3rd bub. Hope I'm not alone for long!

wow you have found out early, congrats!!

Congrats!!! I will find out in a week when im due, according to dates and my app I use I will be in march, but I think I ovulated later then what it said and if thats the case it could be early April.... will find out soon enough!

Hi timtam!

I am due somewhere around April 4th. smile
This will be my 4th pregnancy and hopefully my second baby!!

How are u feeling? Any symptoms?
HI Girls, Have found out im expecting baby #3, Hubbys 1st we have been trying for what feels like an enternity after a missed miscarriage in July 2012.... by my LMP I am due on the 3rd of April... went and brought my pregnancy vitamins this morning and have a doc app on Friday afternoon

Yay i have company, congrats on your BFP's girls. Only symptoms so far are a bit of nausea and being super tired.

I need to make a drs appointment and go get my vitamins.

I have 2 girls already, DD5 and DD17months and i had a miscarriage in between them so this is my 4th pregnancy, third baby.

Im super paranoid ill miscarriage again, hopefully this one is sticky!

this is my 5th pregnancy... I have DD almost 8 and DS almost 6 so quite a gap for me between babies...

Hi, congrats all, I just found out we are due around 7th April with baby number 3, still to be confirmed by my gp smile I have a 3yr old anda 18mo and I'm exhausted already but couldn't be happier smile
Hi Everyone! I will be joining you for April i think. Got my BFP on Sat night. Confirmed by bloods yesterday. Have a dating scan booked for the 13th as my periods have been irregular since coming off the pill last November. Not really sure of my due date but i got a BFN on the 18th then my BFP on the 26th so i think i will be due early April.

Anyone have any early symptoms?

Big congrats to you all, I'm joining the April club too! Will be my 2nd, have a 19 month old girl.
Hoping to get dating scan referral when see MW as my cycle was abit all over the show but deft start of April!
I'm sooooo tired! (Could be the two active toddlers I'm running after) and hungry! But sooooo happy!
Can anyone tell me if it normal to be having some mild period like cramps?

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