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DUE DECEMBER 2013 Lock Rss

Hey all, I had my scan today and bub has a heart beat of 155bpm and due 12-12-13

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Can I please be added to the Facebook group? It's all very private right!!?

I started weaning from breastfeeding in march and our bub is 6 mths old and we are now expecting in dec! It is insane! I had my scan today to see how far along I am and we are due around 12-12
I'm scared about how I will cope, this will be number 4 for us! My first son is nearly 8, and daughter is 5, than 6 month surprise boy - as we thought we were very much done.......needless to say DH is booked in for a vasectomy on the 16th May!!
We are also moving to Port Macquarie in July!! So loads happening for us! Luckily we won't need a new vehicle as we opted for one with extra seating when bubba theo was born! And as For house, well we are already looking so I guess we try and get a 5 bedder!

We will cope, because we have to. I'm actually getting a bit excited about the idea. If I don't overthink it!
Pm me if you need to vent!


Hey everyone can I be added to the FB page please? My EDD is the 11/12 and I am nervous this is my first. I am still uncertain though I had a date scan and they saw the gestational sac but not bub, but she said it happens a lot so I will probably be going for another scan in two weeks, DD may change then again but yeah, wanted to talk to others about it and see if this has happened to them
ty lovelies =)
Hi Emaslen2 - I had a scan around 7 weeks for #2 and could only see the sac. Got told to come back in two weeks and I could see a heartbeat then smile

Oh, and congratulations! grin

Thanks 2muffinpies, I started looking it up on Google found a forum and it's just scaring me a little bit now, so I'm not going to look again lol. Going to the medical centre tomorrow and will book in for another scan and see what else they want to do. I need to change to somewhere closer, but I wanted to get the prelims out of the way first then swap, so need to get this all sorted lol
Hi everyone

I just got a bfp!!!!!!! This will be our 3rd due xmas day I think.
Looking forward to getting to know you all

Congratulations pryncess grin

Can I join the fb group please?

Hi ladies,

Congrats to you all. I've just discovered I'm 4 weeks pregnant and due 1st of jan 2014 so pretty close to Dec!
This is my first bub and we were trying 13 months to conceive so pretty stoked but also trying to not get my hopes up!
I'm trying to decide whether to go private or public at the moment! Have any of you made that decision yet?
Thanks 2muffinpies you too smile

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