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DUE DECEMBER 2013 Lock Rss

I would like to join the fb group but will wait until I know when my dates are. I got my results and I'm definitely pregnant. My dating scan will be next Friday 26th.
I told my husband this morning and he was really supportive.....I never thought we'd be going for no. 4!

Hello! I'd love to join you all smile

I'm 5w2d with #3, (DD 16th Dec) also have a 6 year old and almost 3 year old. I found out last week after multiple cheap HPT showed a super faint positive which got darker and darker!

I'm off to the doctors on Friday arvo for my first appointment. Been over 3 years since my last baby, almost feels new again, remembering what to do smile

*Edited to add DD smile

Hi, im 7 weeks and due Dec 4th. This is my first pregnancy, im excited but very nervous at the same time! Can i pelase be added to the group Thanks smile
2muffinpies-I had my third after a 5yr gap! It was so strange, but familiar to be pregnant again and going through the motions.....I'd only have to look at a page in my pregnancy books and I'd already know what it said! I was like a sponge with my first to wanting to know every little detail!
GOODLUCK and enjoy being pregnant and having 2 big helpers! grin

Hi all. I just found out last night I'm 5 weeks pregnant due on December 16. I already have a 14 month old dd and wasn't planning on another one just yet as I'm still on the pill but it was meant to be! I'm keen on making a private facebook page no was on one with my dd and it was heaps of fun. Xx
Yay huge congrats aimesstar!

I'm hanging out for my scan next Friday to see what actual date I'm due.

Is anybody feeling morning sickness yet!?
I've been dry reaching but nothing coming out!

Hope everyone is well!


I've had barely any nausea or anything. Only a little bit in the late afternoon and that's it!

The only other real symptom is sore boobs, super sensitive nipples and MAJOR tiredness, yawning all the time!

Aimee - you and I are due date twins smile

Aimee and 2 muffin pies- might be due date triplets! smile I think I'm the 16 but haven't had a scan or anything at this stage smile
Hi, I am 5wks pregnant and due on the 18th of Dec, this is my fourth, I have a 8 year old, 6 year old and a 4 year old. I also had a MC last month. Looking forward to this little one and adding to our crazy brood. I would love to join the Facebook group

Letty xx

Yay! Hi letty congrats!
I'm hanging out for my scan to see when I'm due exactly! This is number 4 for us too. Although my baby is still a baby at 6mths-the idea of having two so close together is very daunting! Looking forward to my dear husband coming home tonight for a big fat cuddle!

Just curious if anyone has already decided they are going to find out the sex at their 20wk scan?

I definitely am-we have big BOY babies and want to advise the drs that I'd like the babies weight to be monitored closely.
My first was 10lbs BOY
Second 8lb 9oz GIRL
and bubba Theo weighed in at 10lb 12ozs (natural...and no I don't want to do that again!)
So for that reason I will be finding out the sex!

SillyStacey wrote:
I'm definitely going to find out the sex. We have actually already decided we will ask the person doing the ultrasound to write the sex on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope & then we are going to have dinner with hubby & my parents & open it so we all find out together. We were thinking its a nice way for our parents to feel involved from the start as grandparents & really girl or boy as long as its healthy we won't mind

What a beautiful idea!
I've also heard of people handing the envelope to a cake maker than the centre of the cake for your baby shower is either pink or blue and you get to find out with all your family and friends smile
I honestly don't think I would be patient enough for that , I'd be calling the cake maker to just tell me NOW hehe

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