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DUE DECEMBER 2013 Lock Rss

mummy2Jayde+Elijah+bubba wrote:
Hi girls,

I am due late november/early december not sure when yet as i dont have a dating scan until thursday. This is bub number 3 and i was 5 days over with my first (induced) and 6 days over with my second so reckon i would have bub in december anyway. Which would make all my babies born in december lol. Do u guys mind if i join you?

Welcome smile 3 bubbas in December, what a busy month with Christmas too smile
Morticia wrote:
Hi all. I thought I was due in November but it appears to be December. I must have ovulated late.

mychickenlittle - please add me

Hey Morticia,

I have just friend requested you. Seems I can't make a secret group without adding at least 1 friend to it, so if you accept then I can create the group and add you and then other ladies too. (Can delete me as a friend once your in group, I don't mind) smile
can you add me to? if you send me a link ill join smile


Me too smile


I don't think I can send a link to it coz its a secret group. If you give me your email address I can add you with that smile
mychickenlittle wrote:
I don't think I can send a link to it coz its a secret group. If you give me your email address I can add you with that smile

My email address is


Hi guys!

Big congrats on your BFPs! I am due about Dec 5th i think smile If you add me on Facebook, i will add you to the Due December Group (its secret, so no one can see you are a member). Sara Bacica-Hutchison

Looking forward to sharing the next few months with you!
lol sorry! i didn't see that you already had a group!
please add me

Hey Ladies,
im Ally mother to 4
and have just found out am expecting baby no.5 smile big shock but extremely happy esp after miscarrying on the 10 Feb this year which was hearting breaking.
would love to join you ladies on this wonderful journey, also keen to join the fb page
thanks hope to talk more soon
Just added you Mummy2Jayde+Elijah+bubba smile

Hi Allybee, Congrats on your BFP. Understand the heartbreak of a mc sad Sorry to hear you had to go through that. If you would like to join the fb group, pop your email on here and I will add you smile
Hi Ladies!
Thought i would join in smile Got my BFP yesterday, was shocked both lines were so dark considering i was only 15 DPO(but i only have a 27 day cycle). So excited that we may be adding baby #2 to our little family, i have a DD whos 3. We suffered a MC November last year and was told to wait 3 months before TTC. Definitely thought it wasn't going to happen last month because we weren't really trying, i just needed a month where i wasnt stressing if it was going to happen or not. Going to make a doctors appt this week to get my HCG levels checked grin

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