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DUE DECEMBER 2013 Lock Rss

Hi ladies we are now 20weeks pregnant and due dec 17th 2013 but I have gestational diabetes as I had with my last baby so I am expecting to be induced 2 weeks early. Nice to see other ladies here preggo at the same time. smile grin

I'm expecting baby #6 due Dec 27th.

Hubby and I are happy about it but we still haven't told anyone yet, not sure if or when we will, people are always ready to offer their opinions, but we aren't always open to hearing them IYKWIM wink

Sooo anyway halfway through, and boy has that flown! We haven't found out yet, and not sure if we want to, as this may possibly be the last baby (then I get my tubes tied and hubby gets the snip). I'll have to go through the posts later when the kiddos are sleeping hehe.

Hope to get to know you all better smile

Hi all!

I haven't been on here for ages but we've had out scan and found out that we are having our 3rd BOY! Everything is as it should be, the hardest thing is thinking of another boy name!

Hope we are all well smile

hiya everyone

had a doctors appointment today to take my scan results in from my 20 week scan.

need to go back at 26 weeks to have a blood test, glucose test and my anti d shot.

got to hear bubs heart again which was pretty cool. she picked it up straight away.

congrats on expecting a boy 2 muffin pies wink

Hi smile I'm Tahnii and due in december with bub #3. would love some bump buddies and apparently this is the place to find them haha xx
How is everyone feeling?

I'm 24+4 and feeling great! Bubs has been starting to do more noticeable rolling movements and is visible on the outside when I lay down. My 2 older boys love it smile

Hey all i'm new on here but i'm due 18th December smile
My first baby is due on 24th December = Christmas Eve. That will be a fun time of year!
We are having a little boy smile I can't wait!
mychickenlittle Im a december/January (new years eve) due mumma, I have a 2 year old Princess and having another little gitl. Just wondering where abouts everyone is from and have any of you been told by your midwife to eat fruit dates for labour
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