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DUE DECEMBER 2013 Lock Rss


i have my first antenatal appointment next monday at the hospital and i will be 18 weeks by then.

i have my 20 week scan on the 26th of july. will be good to see if squishie is still a girl.

feeling lots of movement after i eat certain foods or i sit down and rest or at night time when im in bed.
at one stage i reached up to put some clothes away into the wardrobe and the baby kicked me lol.

i have a retroverted uterus as well and have been feeling movement since about 12 week 6 days.

i didnt feel movement with my first baby to about 19 weeks.
but with each baby it seems to be earlier. 2nd baby was at 13 weeks.

Hi im a first time mum im due one 19 th December three days arfter my birthday. Should be great..
Moniquescutella wrote:
Hi im a first time mum im due one 19 th December three days arfter my birthday. Should be great..

Congratulations Monique! I'm due the 18th smile

I'm not on the Facebook group, asked to join a couple times but nothing really came out of it, ah well. I'm not really feeling much movement yet, just the odd nudge here or there and that's about it! I did feel stronger movements last week (after I ate three paddlepops mind you!)

Good morning everyone smile

I had a antenatal appointment last night.
The kids got to hear the babies heart beat and their own.
Was so cute.

I also got given a bounty bag.

hiya everyone wink

thanks little miss wink the kids loved hearing their heartbeats and the babies.

i have my scan coming up this friday, 1050am. find out if the baby is still a girl.

we are having sizzlers for lunch today with the family to celebrate hubbies birthday.

have a great day all

tc from mel smile

Hey everyone I'm new here.
Third bubba, a little boy. Who loves making his presence known, he doesn't like ultrasound boots it and wacks it away from him (which means I have to go for another to check out his heart). Doesn't like the Doppler kicks that away lol. She was actually amazed at how strong his kicks were (I'm 19+5)

I also have a minor enlraged spleen. Which makes this pregnancy all that more exhausting.
Hi all, new to the forums but i am due either xmas eve (dating scan) or the 19th (nt scan) so will c at the next scan says... and when bubba wants to come
welcome mexico84 wink and congrats smile

hiya everyone

had our baby scan today. 19 weeks 4 days. im due december 16th.

the scan went well, no problems.
the baby is definately a girl

the kids loved seeing the baby on the screen at the scan and hearing her heartbeat

Hi. I am new on here. I am 18 weeks and due 28 Dec, but will be delivered between 16-20 Dec. My DH and I have been married 18 months (together for 10 yr) and I have a DS who is 16yrs, so the gap will be hug! Hanging out for the scan on 5th Aug to confirm gender....

Hi, relocated from South Africa to Melbourne 3 weeks ago smile 21 weeks pregnant. Please can any of you recommend an OB and hospital? Fees for OB's are ridiculously high sad got private health insurance - please help?!?
Hi Ladies,

I am having my first bub, a girl smile due 8th December 2013. I live in Brisbane, i have read previous entries and know there is a facebook page, i cant seem to find it. Is anyone able to tell me the name or add me. I look forward to talking to you..
Hi everyone and congratulations. I am also a December mum due on Christmas day
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