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DUE JANUARY 2012 :) Lock Rss

So i did a ticker..

Then went and POAS again expecting a stornger result then last time and got nothing sad really hope this wasnt another chemical pregnancy, really shouldnt have tested so early in the first place, stupid me.
Hoping its just because it was first wee of the morning but :S
I hate this part. So over the nervous-ness and unknown.

Bubone9 "Hugs" xx I hope that It isn't a chemical pregnancy I guess the only way to know is to wait and see if AF turns up and if it doesn't get some bloods done..

Mum2linc sounds like your little bub has burrowed nice and snug and now all the hormones are kicking in thus the MS.. Hope you get through the day ok.. Yesterday I had a nap in the arvo as I was so exhausted I think the fatigue is the biggest killer for me especially with 3 kids to look after..

engagedmummy congrats on your engagement and good luck with your party.. I haven't had any real cravings yet I think I could just about eat anything I am that hungry lol..

Lozzi85 good luck with your appt on Fri and getting to see your little bub smile

It is my birthday next wk so the dating scan will be a nice pressie smile

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

Hi My name is Bec,

i found otut on friday the 6th May that i was 5 weeks preg.
im 25 my BF is 22 we told family over the weekend. (his family on mothersday)

i have had 4 posititve pregnancy tests, had blood test on monday and waiting for results this saturday. we are very excited and im guessing im going to be due around the 10th jan 2012
first baby for us and our families.

look forward to chatting and learning with you lovely ladies. grin

mmm oh yeah only symptoms so far is Extreem tiredness... im taking tired by 1pm and sleeping for 12 hours at a time.
im hungry all the time and the brests are starting to hurt more and more each day.

Bec xx
Wow well so much has happened on here since I last posted! I still feel great no morning sickness but I felt like this last time and then bam MS hit so I’m not getting my hopes up yet. The only symptoms I’ve had are tiredness and hunger. Yesterday I went to a friends house for a play date and I forgot to take food I had hunger pains all afternoon and I ended up with a huge headache. I have made a doc app for next week it was the earliest I could get in!

Kel I think the chances of getting gestational diabetes again are quiet high although I have heard that it is possible to get it once and not again so fx! I have to have the glucose test earlier this time just in case it starts earlier ewww I hate that test!

Mum2Linc I was mortified to hear your situation I felt so bad but I’m so glad everything is fine now, even if you do have a wicked case of MS (I feel for you)!

Bubone09 fx the docs can confirm your pregnancy as false negative tests are common!

To all the newbies so happy and excited for you all and look forward to sharing our stories!

As for food I try to steer clear of soft cheese, deli meats, raw egg, caffeine, alcohol and pre-prepared coleslaw. Although in saying that yesterday at my friends house I had a bit of brie because I was starving and I figured since all cheese is pasteurised in Australia I would be fine but I worried so much after eating it that I don’t think I will again just for peace of mind! I still ate sushi with my first, rice is only a problem if it is kept for a long time so I guess if you go to a busy sushi restaurant you should be fine. But peace of mind is sometimes worth not risking it I guess it’s what you are comfortable with.
Hi girls! Well I got a BFP on 3 pregnancy tests on Tuesday (I know I know....but it was a 3 pack so I thought I'd use them all) and it looks like I'll be due around the 14th January. My DH and I were in our first month of trying for bub #2 and it looks like it happened straight away again. We also fell pregnant int he 1st month of TTC and our DD is 2 years 3 months. The crazy thing is her birthday is in January as well so it will be a very busy start to the year. Looking forward to catching up over the next 9 months. xoxo
hi i'm also due in jan the 10th

And could someone please tell me how to add the Lilypie, i cant work it out thanks.
Welcome to all the new mums & congratulations . Just a quick one from me to say hi today. Ever since my spotting I've had crazy morning sickness & looking at the computer screen is not fun either so if I'm awol for a bit you know why .
Didn't suffer like this with DS so if anyone has any remedies for MS I'd be forever grateful lol.

Bubone09 - thinking of you hun, hope all is ok? x
Updated Due Dates grin

Sofiesarasmama 1st January
Lozzi85 3rd January
Mum2Linc 4th January
Myrrah 5th January - Angel Baby xx
cazmaz 6th January
BecnJake 6th January
Kelbel3 7th January
engagedmummy 7th January
hannah_c 8th January
Blacky_Dac_424 10th January
Stars1490 10th January
Sheza82 12th January
young_bub 12th January
rachel8me 13th January
cs82 13th January
SummerBub 14th January
bubone09 21st January

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

Morning ladies smile

Mum2Linc sorry to hear your getting crazy morning sickness I hope you only have it for a short time.. I keep getting waves of nausea and find the only thing that helps is to keep eating. Seriously my eating is getting out of hand lol.. I have read that travel sickness bands can help I think you get them from the chemist. Also the blackmores morning sickness tablets are supposed to be good too I think you take them at night??
I guess if you are getting no relief then you could speak to your GP about some antinausea tablets like maxalon?? xx

Congrats to all the new mums on your BFP's smile

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

Hey all,

Thanks for thinking of me mum2linc (so glad your ms is bad haha in the nicest possibler way! that is a good sign for a sticky baby smile ), well i did a test first thing this morningand got the faintest bfp... similar to the last chemical pregvnancy.

So while i still hold onto the hope that af wont arrive on the next few days Im not really feeling that january is the month for my new baby to arrive sad

Will keep you posted though!

My delightful DS chewed up my usb stick...yes chewed it up!! think molars are on their way :S so i have no internet sad unless im at mums!

Sticky baby dust to you all!

Afternoon ladies,

its such a pleasure to have such a nice group of people all comming together for the same cause.

ahhh i also like that there a quite a few who have been through this before... as a first timer its scary to say the least... so the reasurance and support im feeling from this group is very valubale to me smile

ahhh i havent really had any MS just feeling a little off... i meet my boyfriend at the local pub yesterday as he was telling his mates and they just had to buy him a beer (22yos haha) anyway the smell of beer was aweful... so i made him switch to the premixed stuff! hahaha

i have had cravings today for pink lady apples... nothing making me happier at the moment. still getting really sleepy real early (about 7:30pm in nackered) and my boobs hurts by the end of the day (too sore to even touch...

i hope every one is going okay today.. i have a doc appointment on saturday to get blood tests results (blood group, and checking for nasties) one question i do have is when would i have 1st ultrasound...
my doc said last week it would be in week 6- 7 which i am coming up too?

and how often do they occur ( i have to fid this from work as im only on a contract till end of july (im hoping they renew and then i tell im im leave for baby in jan) sneeky i know but i have to have a job till the end of the year.

Kind regards,
bec xx
Hi Everyone,

I found out last week that we're pregnant after trying for sooooo long and eventually having to resort to IVF to get pregnant. We're due on 9th Jan 2012 and very excited!

It's nice to read that some of you are also feeling crampy and some twinges and that I'm not alone! I am just hanging out until we have our first scan so I can see a heart beat to know everything is okay.

I was really sorry to read about Myrrah sad My heart goes out to you.

I'm really looking forward to sharing this wonderful journey with you all


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