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DUE JANUARY 2012 :) Lock Rss

Thanks Lozzie85 and kelbel3 smile

Omg I am so tired this aftermoon, and I have a headache, so want to sleep! Can't wait for until the kids are bed then i can lie down
Hi everyone, I got my BFP yesterday and am so excited after TTC for 4 cycles it still feels surreal I am due on Friday 13th haha lucky i'm not superstitious. We have told our parents and one close friend I am hopeless at keeping secrets! My husband and I already have an 18 mo daughter. I'm not looking forward to the morning sickness that i got with Ilse, i had it from 8-16 weeks, 2 months of constant nausea and intermittent vomiting! I also developed insulin dependent gestational diabetes so fingers crossed this time will be different!! Apart from that my last pregnancy and birth was great!

So sorry to hear about you loss Myrrah, I hope the next one sticks. And good luck to the rest of the excited for you all!
Hi ladies,

Congratulations Rachel8me on your BFP grin
All the best with your pregnancy I hope that your MS isn't as bad this time around.. What are the chances that you will develop gestational diabetes again? Will you have to be monitored more closely?

Well I'm starting to wonder where my MS is??? I am not complaining lol but with my last 3 pregancies I had terrible MS.. Fx I don't get it but it does make u start to worry maybe something isn't ok?? I'm sure it is but it's hard not to worry.. My appt with the Dr on Tues can't come quick enough..

How is everyone else doing? xx

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

Hi all sorry i have no replied to inbox messages about the facebook group its only because i dont come on here often just so you know if you cant find me jaye pratt or then inbox me your email and i will try and check more often also the group is very private cant wait for some more january mums and im so sorry for all the ladies who have lost there little beans look forward to seeing you all

Happy Mothers Day everyone smile Hope you've all had a great day!

Welcome & congratulations Rachel8me. I'm being watched closely for gestational diabetes this time round as my DS was born 10lb 8oz and had low blood glucose which put him in SCBU for 3 days. Although I was borderline when I did the sugar test I think towards the end (especially considering what happened with DS) it was an issue but just not picked up and dealt with properly. I was a bit of an idiot with what I ate last time so I think it was somewhat self inflicted. Thought I had a license to eat whatever I wanted lol. Must control my cravings this time round smile

kelbel3 I'm in NZ so can't raid Target but might have to make a trip to Kmart and see if I can find some trousers that won't break the bank or fall to bits! Either that or look for some in Oz when we are there in a couple of weeks time. Or maybe both tee hee.

I feel like I've got a permanent hangover at the moment. I wake up feeling awful then slowly toward the end of the day I start feeling better, go to sleep happy & wake up feeling like I've drunk a bottle of wine again. Arghhh 6 weeks down, 6 to go FX. Hope you don't get any MS kelbel3!

Is everyone else on the FB group?
Hello Ladies,

Thought i would join you in this thread since i got my BFP on Firday night!
This is our first child so everything is very new to us! My husband and i started trying in March this year so are still in a bit of shock that it has all happened so quicky- very happy though!

I'll be booking my Dr appointment tomorrow to confirm everything. Not sure what my cycles were, i think off the pill they were a little longer than 28 day- i've guessed 30. If i'm right (and acutally pregnant) then i am due on Jan 10.

Will keep you all posted!
Hi all - sorry havent been on here for awhile. I tend to only get on on days that I work using my morning tea break as I struggle to find time when I am home whilst I am still working 3 days/wk.

Myrrah I am so so so sorry for your loss. I hope you and DP are hanging in there and supporting each other as best you can. I know our house was a bit of a nightmare during our miscarriage and the months after as we were both dealing with it very differently. I know this isnt the case for everyone but if it is for you just remember it is normal and there is nothing wrong with it so long as you can find some common ground to connect on you will get through it together (I spent a lot of time worrying that there was something wrong with us as a couple because we didnt deal with it like the couples in the movies - silly I know). You are in my thoughts and I hope that when/if you decide to go again that the next one sticks like super glue!

Our results actually went well last wk. 30 is the marker my OBGYN uses for progesterone and mine is 171 which is great - it doesnt say all will be perfect but it certainly put my mind @ ease a little. Hcg is also good although he said it is more difficult to use that as a marker as there is such a huge variance in 'normal' levels. I am still nervous and rush to the bathroom everytime I feel a twinge thinking it is something wrong but I am more convinced that we do have a chance @ having a baby this time which is a nice place to be when I can stop worrying.

So my advice after last wk (and please share this - I am going to post on the FF charting thread too) stop taking temps once you get your BFP. I had 2 consecutive drops in temp and my progesterone was fine. I actually think I had a bit of a surge in oestrogen as I got a migraine the night of the 2nd dip which was not fun @ all! Temps in preg. unless for FS suggests them for a specific reason are useless and cause a lot of unnecessary stress.

So onto the fun stuff - my symptoms continue to be tiredness (although I seem to be more tired in the late afternoon than early in the evening), tender breasts, heightened sense of smell, and waves of nausea but not really with much of a pattern so I wouldnt really call it MS. Kelbel I also have weetbix for breaky but am thinking that perhaps it is too heavy and runny so might switch to toast. My appetite has decreased and if I eat too much I feel a little queesy. I am also still having the back and hip pain - so am continuing to stretch that out - cant find anything that stretches around my tail bone though so will definately be going to the physio after dr appt and scan to figure that out as I am wondering whether this is what is causing it. I used to love all pregnancy symptoms and consider them healthy and a good sign although wen it comes to MS Im not convinced anymore. With our last it was worse and didnt stop until the day after D&C but it had died weeks before. I think if I get it I get it but I wont consider it the great symptom and sign I used to.

So re. maternity clothes. I will definately need more pants and earlier this time. I somehow put on just shy of 7kgs after my D&C which is 5kgs more that I weighed before we fell with our little man. I am in a tricky place @ the moment though. My normal jeans aren't fitting terribly well but I dont want to by more because I know I will also need more maternity ones and I also dont want to have any excuse to fit into them once I lose my baby weight. So Im pretty much living in cargo's and tights with tunics (not happy about this as I know I will be living in them whilst preg. so would have loved to fit into my jeans for awhile longer) until I pop. Can't even use the extener things for my jeans because its my butt and thighs that are too tight not my tum. Anyway with the little guy I had pumpkin patch jeans (not a fan of the ones that go over the tum), kmart mat. tops (which should still be fine), loved loved loved my bonds bumps mat. skirt, aside from that I found sussans styles to be great for preg. and grabbed a lot of 'spandex' (yummo) from cotton on and supre in larger sizes that showed off my bump but still covered me up. Oh and I also found most of the non-mat maxi dresses great and apparently they're 'in' this summer as well. I found target work style pants to stretch out so much by the end of the day that they would be falling down so wouldnt recommend those - although perhaps with my extra 5kgs starting wt. this time they might be fine. I think I went for a bit of a nicole ritchie preg. look - not sure if that is a good thing or not but I was comfy, kept it simple and dressed it up with jewellery. Little guy was a feb bub and born on time so being due in jan this time means I can hopefully re-use most of my clothes.

Looks like there will be a few of us with a higher chance of gest. diabetes this time having had it before. I was lucky in that mine was able to be controlled by diet and exercise - if I get it again hopefully it will be controllable again too. My hubby keeps telling me it was actually a good thing as I was really healthy (because I had to be - I would have been a garbage guts if I didnt) and that I was still as active as normal right up until the end and my birth was nice and quick (unlike my mum's 5) and I was up and about quickly afterwards. If this is what did it then hopefully I can be healthy this time and feel as good afterwards as well. Our little man was 9lb 7 1/2oz but was always in 97th percentile from the very early scans before the diabetes kicked in so I think we just have bigger bubs than average - which is fine with me they dont seem so fragile.

Hope everyone is well and this thread is one with no more mishaps and just happy healthy long prengnacies! Sticky sticky baby dust to all!
Hi everyone smile just got my bfp smile
I think I'm due around the 13th Jan so I look forward to sharing all the weird and wonderful joys of pregnancy with u all!!
This is my 2nd pregnancy and hoping the dreaded morning sickness doesn't hit me like it did with my DS!!! Fingers crossed for all of us the have smooth pregnancies


Hi Ladies - just thought Id get an idea from everyone about what we're all eating and avoiding. I know years ago people used to eat everything but I followed everything pretty much to the book with our little man and I think he is just awesome. Just in case what I did and didnt eat and did and didnt do with him before he arrived in the world is a fair part of the reason he is the way he is I'd like to do it all pretty well by the book again!

The things I've been doing are:
* No deli meat - we cook our own chicken breast for sandwiches. I did have chorizo last night but it was cooked in a pasta and was from the pre-packaged section. I had in my head that because it has a use by date I know how long it has been there - is this correct?
* Drinking lots of water - averaging 2.5l/day. I had kidney stones with little man and they recommended 3L so I am working my way up to this
* I am having de-caf everything pretty much all of the time with the exception of the odd normal cup of tea every few days if I forget to pack them for work
* Seafood only once/wk and only things that we cook or that are cooked in a reputable restaurant that we know goes through things quickly and would store food correctly
* Soft cheeses although I was told by a friend after we had our littl man that most of the cheese in aust. are pastuerised so safe for preg. women
* Raw fish is out obviously
* I wonder about sushi - is it the raw fish thing and therefore you can still have the cooked chicken ones or calafornia rolls etc. or is it something else? I avoided it with little guy which was possibly the hardest thing - we love our sushi rolls.
* I read cold rice but never heard this with our little man and I ate a lot of rice with salads with him?
* no alcohol obviously - I know some people do but its not my thing its just a taste so I can find another treat.
* Limiting chocolate due to caffeine as well - but not cutting it out of course!
* I usually have steak medium rare but with little man went with medium well to make sure it was cooked enough - it did mean though that I rarely had steak as a result as I wasnt enjoying it. Here's to 101 recipes with mince to get my iron!
* No parsley was one I heard and followed when preg. with little man - made it very difficult when eating @ pubs where they sprinkly everything with chopped parsley to make it look like its not a pub meal.
* Lettuce also confuses me - someone mentioned today (to another pregnant lady obviously not me as they dont know) that you shouldnt eat lettuce, others say so long as its washed its OK? Now Im confused!

So thought Id get a bit of discussion going to this end and see what everyone is doing and where U get your info from?
Hi everyone, pregnant with our first, due 8 Jan 2012 - which is our second wedding anniversary. We are absolutely over the moon. Had been trying for 3 months and I tested fanatically until we got our positive test just over a week ago. Main symptoms are tiredness and sore breasts. Have been wearing sports crop tops to bed! We were so excited we only kept it to ourselves for a week before telling our families. We recently had a death in my husband's family so there were lots of happy tears over our good news.
Welcome to all the newbies grin Congrats on your BFP's ...

Well I'm off to the doctor tomorrow morning it shall be interesting to see when she thinks I am due.. I'm pretty sure she will send me for a dating scan but I might have to wait a wk or two to make sure there is something to see..

I'm feeling sooo tired the last few days and the hunger just hasn't let up.. I'm really hoping there is only one in there lol... tongue
I have been getting waves of nausea but it's tolerable so think MS is definitely on it's way...

Cazmaz with food I usually just avoid soft cheeses, deli meats, soft serve ice cream.. I think that if salad is washed well it's ok. Fish high in mercury, hot dogs, coffee/tea..

Mum2linc I haven't joined the Facebook group I'm quite happy with the lovely group of ladies I am getting to know here grin

Hope everyone is well xx

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

Got my BFP today!! still early days but so excited as it was pretty strong line, so fx it is even stronger in a few days on the day af was due!

Really praying for a sticky baby this time as we have had 3 mc since oct last year sad

Feeling positive this time though looking forward to seeing a little heartbeat but want to wait until after 7 weeks i think as have had 3 scans at 6 weeks and seen a heartbeat and then lost it.

Might go to doc and see if i can get some HCG tests just to put my mind as ease that things really are going well!

Sticky baby dust to you all, look forward to getting to know you over the next 9 months smile

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