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DUE JANUARY 2012 :) Lock Rss

Hi guys, I'm afraid things arent so good here, had a *** of a day, spent all day in the Womens Health Clinic, was suppose to get 2nd bloods done and a scan, decided I was too early for a scan so just bloods, got them done and was told to wait 2 hours for results...results didnt come, they stuffed it up repeatedly, 7 hours later they gave me my results and my hcg results were EXACTLY the same as 48 hours prior which was in their words HIGHLY unlikely but not impossible. Anyway I have now started cramping and heavier bleeding so it has been confirmed I am miscarrying, I had more bloods done again this avo to confirm the ones done earlier, still waiting for results, ive been sent home and told to wait it out and hopefully in the next few days I 'should' pass the 'sac', if not I should go back on monday.. not cool, obviously devastated and the whole process today was just awful. Anyway mentally Im actually doing OK, I wish you all the very very best xoxo

So sorry for what you are going through, it's not a nice thing, am thinking of you at this sad time *hugs*
Oh Myrrah I'm so so sorry sad Please take care of your self hun. Thinking of you xox
Myrrah I'm so sorry to hear hun. Thoughts are with you & your partner. All the best for the future & stay strong xxx

Lozzi85, chin up hun & try to stay positive. I guess all you can do is keep talking to the doctors until you find one who actually listens. It can be an infuriating process I know.
I'mspotting as well now sad Had some pinky stuff in CM when I wiped, so now Im stressing! I have bled with all my babies before 6 weeks, lost our first.
Hey Sheza, im maybe the last person who can offer you comfort lol but seems nobody else seems to be online i just wanted to say dont panic! Its SOOOOOO common to have a bit of pink cm, or some spotting, it really isnt until its actually bleeding thats its a concern and even then its not until there is cramping with it that the health pros start to worry! i know its hard but really really dont worry yet! and especially if you've bleed with your other successful pregnancies too! wishing you all the best! Im sure things will be fine, but I hope theres no more spotting so you dont have to even go through the worry of it smile

I'mspotting as well now sad Had some pinky stuff in CM when I wiped, so now Im stressing! I have bled with all my babies before 6 weeks, lost our first.

How's things today? Hope it's eased off and hasn't continued. Thinking of you x
Morning ladies smile I'm so excited we have just put DS3 in a bed and he has slept through the last 2 nights.. It is so nice to be getting a proper nights sleep even though I have to get up for toilet breaks lol.. How is everyone else today?

Oh and it's my DS1 7th Birthday Today grin

Sheza82 I hope that your spotting has stopped xx Have you made an appt to see the midwife/doctor?

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

Hi Girls

No more spotting today, well just some light tiny amount of brown in the cm, its pretty much exactly like with my son. I think everything is going to be ok. I'm still feeling "car sick" and tired and all that and I did another test last night and its pretty dark now!

I'm seeing my midwife at 11.30 and Im going to have bloods done to check hcg levels smile
sheza82 that's great news, hope the midwife appointment & bloods went well.

Happy Birthday to your big 7 year old kebel3 and how cool DS3 has slept through in his big boy bed smile

Been feeling pretty seedy on and off the last couple of days but mostly pretty good.

I need to go & get some more maternity trousers. Wish the nice ones weren't so expensive. I've only got one pair that survived from the last and they are more for 2nd/3rd trimester. I swear I've popped out already, my normal trousers feel so tight! What are everyone's favourite maternity brands?
Last time I got a lot of EGG but then we had a lot more disposable income then too lol
Happy Birthday to your DS kelbel3 smile

I had my bloods done at midday so hopefully have results this evening! Had a good chat to my MW, then had lunch with her and her daughter(who is my good friend), so that was nice smile

No more spotting, and I was feeling really nauseous this morning!
Sheza I'm glad the spotting has stopped, good luck for your results I hope everything is ok!!

Happy birthday to your DS Kelbel smile
Sheza that is great news that the spotting has stopped let us know how you go with your blood results.. I have never had bloods monitored in any of my pregnancies. I'm expecting that my doctor will probably send me for an early dating scan next wk to confirm dates.

Mum3Linc I bought most of maternity wear at Target. I already need maternty pants too lol especially for work.

Thanks for the B'day wishes.. DS1 started Auskick(footy) this yr so I have bought him some new footy gear. He is really excited grin I can't wait to see him all dressed up in his new uniform..

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

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