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DUE JANUARY 2012 :) Lock Rss

Hi everyone, well no bad sickness here yet but I am getting the occasional waves of nausea but they are completely bearable. But I have been off the wall hormonal crying with happiness at things that are funny and crying with anger at my DH at nothing I’m pretty sure I’m driving everyone insane already! I have crazy dry skin now and frizzy hair (my hair was already thick) all things I had with my first..It’s getting more real now. I did freak out a bit after what summerbub’s doctor said what a DICK but then I have been getting all these symptoms so I feel better although my family probably don’t hahaha…

Bubone so glad your still with us everything seems really positive! Summerbub your “doctor” is clearly and imbecile!

Can’t wait for my doc’s app next week. Sending everyone sticky dust!!

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had/are having a nice weekend!
Bit different when you cant kick back relax and have a few..
just when I brought a sixer of my favourite wine mind you!!

Anybody spreading the word yet?
I really have to struggle to get my hubby not to yell it to the world, he is such a woman- cant keep his mouth closed but Ive begged to give it a week or so. It drags on and on when everyone knows youre 2 days pregnant!!

Kelbel-Thanks for adding me to the list

Take care everyone

Hi ladies,

hope everyone had a great (restful) weekend.

i went to the docs on Saturday morning to get my first blood test results. all came up well (confirmed pregnancy - no nasties)
now need to book first ultrasound for next Saturday... Very excited! grin

umm i was a bit worried on Friday night - noticed i had a bit of blood (not a lot) but enough to make me worry
Saturday morning before doctors there was more. told the doctor and she said it was fairly normal in first 2 months. (it went away by Saturday arvo)

also had my first public display of morning sickness in the southland shopping centre car park on Friday night... I started to cry once Jake got me in the car... was bit emotional having all the shoppers seeing me sick.

i hope all is well with everyone else

best wishes
Bec xx
Hey gals I'm not feeling pregnant yet! With DS1 I was really sick with all day sickness from 6 weeks on the day so I've got a few days to go before I'm 6 weeks with this one. Fingers crossed I don't get it as bad but at the same time I felt pregnant with DS1 because I was suffering lol this time although early it's like nothings happening.

Kylie84 I've got the big mouth over here telling everyone lol I can't help it I'm super excited smile with Tyler we kept it to ourselves but this time not so much. Only telling close friends and family mostly but sometimes I can't help myself hehe.

How's everyone else feeling? I'm so excited about the first scan I can hardly wait!!! Things have changed alot from 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. No longer doing a scan early on unless u wanna do 12 week DS scan and also the hospital doesnt see u till 16-20 weeks???? To be honest can't even remember all the check ups from my last pregnancy??

Hope ur all feeling amazing


Hi ladies, sorry not been able to get online for a few days.

Welcome and congrats to all the new ladies!! smile

I had my ob appt on friday and he did an ultrasound and we saw the heartbeat!! Was a huge relief cos I've been so worried since my last 2 pregnancies ended in miscarriage.

I also had to have blood tests everyday for the last 4 days to check my hormone levels and I go back to see him tomorrow to get the results and find out what happens from here.

Hope everyone else is going well x x
No Af!! Got a stronger test on Saturday smile Going to buy a conception indicator one tomorrow and see what it says smile
Feeling good again, hopefully i will be sticking around!
Still crampy but nothing major!

Hope you all had a good weekend! very quiet on here!

oh im such an idiot, I thought I had read all the posts but i had missed a whole page lol not as quiet as i thought!

Yay for first scans and good blood tests! Im planning on making a doc apt for next week so ill be 5 weeks and hopefully get a scan the following week!

Sorry to hear soem of you have bad morning sickness but at the same time its a good sign for a sticky baby! Im hoping i get some form of it so i can rtelax a bit lol atm still just tired and weird feeling boobs, not necessarily sore, just weird lol

Hi girls, thought I would jump in on the thread, I haven't been on huggies in so long as I have preschoolers now. Got my BFP last week on my wedding anniversary so a great present for my husband hehe. I am due roughly 12th, yet to make my doctors appointment, I am feeling way more relaxed this time around (third). No morning sickness as yet fx I have one pregnancy thats nice to me, my other two I had it from the minute I found out to the minute I gave birth, so I am holding onto hope that I may be able to enjoy being pregnant this time lol.

Have only told a few people, will wait till Im further along before I announce it to the world, though I can't wait, even though there has been mixed reactions from the few that I have told.

Hopefully I will remember to post in here I am finding I have baby brain something chronic this time around.

Congratulations to every one look forward to spending the next 34 weeks with you all (wow that puts it in perspective lol).

Evening ladies,
I just wrote this long hello to everyone only for the computer to eat it...

So in short lol.. Congrats to new additions to the Jan Group :)Hope everyone else is well..

Well officially the dreaded morning sickness has arrived sad I am really struggling with the constant nausea & hunger..
I went and bought some sickness bands that you wear on your wrists they seem to be helping a little.. I have some maxalon but am a little apprehensive to take it only because I didn't with my last 3 pregnancies.

Anyways I guess it is a good sign that things are progressing as they should. Hoping Thurs comes quick as I will have my ultrasound bit nervous but excited at the same time grin

I'm off to bed so exhausted it was my Birthday today so just back from tea with family.. I think everyone knows now as I looked so pale & struggled to get through dinner.. Not to mention my mum who comented on my expanding bottom ouch! Bit early for weight gain blink

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

Hi everyone,

Firstly happy birthday kelbel grin
Sorry to hear that some of you guys feel sick,
And Bec, that you had a slight bleed.
I have no sickness.. yet.. I usually dont though, I wish I would now - as Im the idiot who buys all the left over easter eggs at the shops...I m stuffing my face as I type!!

Pretty tired today..2 kids at school tommorrow.. Go kindy

Happy Birthday Kel! Hope it was a lovely day <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

Hi to all the new groupies <span class="emoticon wink">wink</span> It's so good to have such a great group of girls!

So I'm nearly convinced now that I had a weird bug or some sort of food poisoning because I had 2 days on the metadine & then started feeling ok again. I wouldn't say I'm bursting with energy but it's a huge step up on how I was feeling last week. Has made me take a step back and be a bit more cautious with the food I'm eating now lol.
Still carrying the metadine round in my handbag just encase but fx'd I don't have to use it anymore.

Kel & BecnJake, I feel for you. MS is the absolute worst. Think I'll go & get some of the wrist bands your talking about Kel because I'm a little worried that our plane trip on Friday is going to end with a few up chucks.

Kylie I'm jealous as that you can eat chocolate! I have crazy savoury cravings in my first trimester & just the thought of chocolate makes my stomach curl. Ohhh how I love it too.

Lozzi how cool that you saw the heartbeat I bet you were grinning from ear to ear! We go for a scan tomorrow because the doc is suspicious that there's more than one in my belly - oh how I hope he's wrong but I'm so excited to get my first sneak peak!!!

Bubone Yay for no AF!!! FX'd it stays that way. Looking promising <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

Hope everyone else doing ok. DS has just started Kindy so I'm looking forward to my 2 hour break this afternoon to have a wee rest xx
Hey all - back after the weekend and many of my work days being out of the office - sorry about the absence.

Hope all is well with everyone and that the BFP's keep getting stronger, the spotting stays right away and the MS isnt too tedious for those with it and shows up for those that see it as a good sign and would like some - gosh so much has been happening on here!

So far still so good for us. Had a bit of a flip out on saturday that I wasnt feeling as queesy as the day before. That afternoon and evening though I was feeling more queesy so that was a good sign I suppose. As much as I felt I wouldnt take any notice of MS given that I had it a lot worse last preg. and it didnt work out - Im reading a lot into everything. MS seems to be all over the place - seems to be @ its worst in the wee hours of the morning when I get up to go to the loo and then comes in waves during the morning and then hangs around more in the afternoon and evening. Having said this I am still yet to vomit - my version of MS seems to be more feeling like I will vomit but not actually getting there. I'll take it however it comes though - sure I would feel better if I vomitted but everyone assures me that you still feel terrible when you do so the jury is out!

Aside from that Im tired in the afternoon more than the night although once I lie down @ night Im out to it quick smart. Pitty that wasnt the case in the early hours of the morning - DS is teething and so is congested and his sleep is out a bit. Consequently its easier for us to bring him into our bed when he wakes around 2am but then he snores and keeps us awake - its actually pretty cute although he is going back to his bed once he is asleep as a result so I miss our cuddles.

My skin is also super dry @ the moment (cant remember who mentioned it as well) and was with DS - will grab some QV wash instead of the yummy smelling stuff otherwise I will definately end up with stretch marks this time. I used QV and rubbed body shop brazil or their olive oil on my tum hips and lower back with DS and have no stretch marks from him @ all so planning on doing the same this time around. Im usually terrible with moisturising anything other than my face so the spray on oil was the best option and menat that I actually did it each day.

We're not telling anyone until we have the 12wk scan and then will only tell fmaily and a couple of very very close friends. I want to wait until I see OBGYN @ 14wks and still have a heartbeat before we telling everyone else.

I think hubby and I will need to chat about the 12wk scan - I really just see it as an opportunity to see that bub is still with us and everything is in the right place for that time. Oh and also to marvel at how much bigger it will be already - DS was in 97th percentile for everything from the beginning (we were definate on dates) so it was a wonderful reminder that he was a big healthy boy and travelling well. So we're expecting another big one this time - hubby is 6ft 5" and I was a super long baby (57cm) so we figure we will just 'breed them big'. Hubby used to see 12wk scan as an opportunity to have the DS screen which I was fine with. Having lost one though I am not sure whether his thinking will have changed - I have had a friend who was told her bub was not compatible with life from the 12wk scan and she just kept plodding along and her little man is absolutely perfect so Im not sure that I would use the results for anything more than to be prepared. Although I guess U dont know until you have to cross that bridge really.

Anyway enough rambling - hope everyone is well. Cant wait to hear how docs appt. go this wk - ours feels so so far away!
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