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DUE JANUARY 2012 :) Lock Rss

My phones let me back on huggies!! Yay!!!!
How is everyone going??
Going great here, bub is getting bigger everyday...well i am anyway haha put on about 5kg so far i think, starting to get that basketball up ur top look lol
Sooo much movement its insane, love it! Didnt stop from the time i finished work until the next morning n think she must hve moved up n out as looking much bigger today!
Speaking of are those of u that work on ur feet going? Im still doing 2 8 hour days and a couple of shorter ones per week... on my feet ALL day..apart from numerous toilet breaks lol feet n back r handling it ok but by the end my stomach muscles and ligaments r aching nothing reliebes it until i lay dwn..want to keep working but not sure ill last as long as id hopped :S
Changing my mind on names all the time, have barely spoken to DP about them, hes only hme for one week out of A month so always so many other things to discuss, still plenty of time though smile
Anyway. Hope everyones doing well, so excited tht i can get on here again!!

I'm from Perth, and due Jan 30th! How are you? xx

Hey Ally, there's also a Perth group that's just started up, it's called Perth mums and bubs, if you can't find it just add me as a friend (Sharyn Jones - profile pic is of me in black dress with baby bump) and I'll add you to the group.

Hi Cas!!! Triplets, wow! I think it's a miracle to house even 1 baby in there let alone 3! I look forward to sharing the journey with you!

Bubone & zpunkette I've put on 6-7 kgs so far, mostly in the last month! Thankfully I don't work on my feet otherwise I would've finished ages ago with my low BP and feeling faint all the time.

I booked into our hospital the other day and I'm due to see my doc tomorrow. I know he'll book me in for my glucose test... aaaargh! We sold our spare bed so now to set up the nursery. Hubby set up the cot yesterday but we need a chest of drawers to put all the cutie clothes in. Hubby has been out of work for 7 weeks so hopefully once he has a job we can buy the bits we need. At least we've got lots of girl stuff from my other 2 DDs.

Hey Everyone im new to this group im due the 12th January with baby number 2. I already have a 15month very active little boy so will it will be nice for him to have a playmate. Soo far this pregnancy hasnt been to bad had MC till 16weeks and then just over a month ago i pulled my lower tummmy muscles which tickled a little bit. look forward to chatting with you all.
Have put a request to join the FB page as well.
By the way any one from NZ in this group ?
Hi Ladies smile
How is everyone going? I'm 30wks today yey the countdown has begun smile
I'm still working 2days a wk thinking that I will probably start maternity leave in the next 4-5wks.. My body is getting very achey especially my hips and sciatica. Otherwise feeling pretty good. I had to go in for monitoring a few weeks ago to rule out early labour but all well. Baby is measuring 2wks ahead but I'm not suprised as all my others did this and I am carrying very high. I have a midwife appt today so it will be nice to see how things are going. I had my GCT last wk so will get results for today.

My DS1 had his tonsils out yesterday so we have had a stay in hospital last night. He is doing really well and we should be going home today. Fx it makes a difference to his sleeping as we are all in need of some sleep before baby arrives smile

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

Hi All and a big welcome to all the newbies,

Finally back from hols and back in the office after a few days on the road - working all my 5 days for this fortnight this week but I get next wk off as a result so Im trying not to complain too much. Am feeling for the 1st time since our little man was born like I have actually had a holiday (even though he was there and as busy as ever it was soooo relaxing) which means it was the perfect length and well worth doing again - it was bliss!

So lots has happened for everyone I notice and I hope everyone is well. We have also had lots happen - guess its that busy time of the pregnancy. Somehow I passed my glucose test even though I felt so terrible with it. So I got to go on hols and relax about food and indulge in a few mocktails which was something I couldnt do on hols with our little man's pregnancy. I have however started eating a lot healthier this wk as a result of a combination of things - realised that I weigh now what I weighed @ the end of my pregnancy with my little man, seeing lots of trim taught and terrific women in bikini's on hols always makes U rethink that extra ice-cream and our OB shocked me @ our last appt. and said he was pretty much not keen on letting us go natural given the shoulder distocia with our little man so I know I wont be able to get into exercise like I was planning @ 6wks as Ill be having to focus on core strength and taking it slowly so I can't afford to have too much to work on. I've also noticed this whole pregnancy how much less healthy and energetic I feel than with my little man. So I've finally read the Body for Life for Women book (did the normal body for life before we got engaged and loved it, felt great and found it easy to stick to) and am pretty much doing that eating plan and exercising when I can - nothing serious of course but it will make the transition easier after Ive recovered after bub.

Pelvic instability seems to be getting worse but the belt is an absolute godsend to this end so hopefuly it continues to be.

Had midwives appt. today and asked about having bub with me in recovery if OB continues down CS path after scan @ 34wks. They said given staffing it often doesnt happen. Student midwife was there though and said if we were happy to be one of her case studies then she would be @ the birth regardless and because she wasnt in the roster as such she would be able to stay with us so babe and DH wouldnt have to go the the nursery while I was in recovery. This is a huge relief as I was worried about being separated so early and the effect that this can have on feeding. Am still scared out of my mind about the idea of a CS after reading a bit about it in the 'up the duff' (very basic but more than enough gore for me). Im also really frustrated by the length of recovery as I was really lucky with our little man - despite stitches, vaccuum and shoulder distocia we were both perfectly fine and were able to go home the next morning and were out and about and busy from then on. Having spoken to a few friends who had CS they didnt seem to have the ability to get out and about and move around as freely and without pain for anywhere near as long as I could. Obviously Ill go for whatever is safe for our new little guy because it was scary worrying whether our 1st had been stuck for too long etc. but I dont want an unneccessary CS either - of course how do U know really....

On the positive side have started pilates classes (the reformer bed ones) on the weekend and absolutely loved them - can't wait until the next one - and they're so much harder than Id thought on ur arms etc. Makes me feel like Im actually doing something more than wander around which is what I feel like Im doing when I walk now he he.

Anyway hope hope everyone stays well and the countdown to xmas and all the hussle and bussle with that makes these next 11 wks go super quick!
Hi to the newbies.. and the oldies tongue

Cazmaz you must be so happy not to have GD! Your holiday sounds fantastic! Glad you had a great time smile

Supposed to hve my GD test this friday but DS and I are going away for the weekend so will have to try on Tuesday I think :)fx its all good!

Kelbel, hope your DS is doing well and when he is all recovered you can start getting some full nights sleep before bub arrives! 30 weeks, omg! Time is flying:)

Hanging out for 32-34 weeks so I can have another scan smile Pretty sure its a girl but wouldlike to have another sneak peak at bub and double check haha plus who doesnt love an ultrasound smile

This baby is sooo crazy lol my stomach changes shape all the time, some days im huge other days i wake up and look liek I have shrunk as she is always changing position! love all the movement though smile

Anyone have low blood pressure? mine has always been spot on but was low last check and just wondering how low it needs to get before I should be worried.. been feeling very tired and lethargic n like i just cnt concentrate but could just be lack of sleep lol


hey ladies.. how do i join the Facebook group??

hope everyones going as well as me and my little miss are smile

Gearing up for third trimester smile FINALLY! sooo close to meeting my little girl im getting anxious haha smile

Hi I'm due 13th jan with number 2, tried adding friend request to fb to join group, don't think it's worked any ideas?? X
Hi all, Im am due 6th Jan, first time mum! From Hamilton NZ! Have had a really good pregnancy so far, my blood sugar test was high first time around so have to go and get another test done again sad Am a bit shocked because I have been really good......But sounds like these things can just happen so hopefully my next test wont be so bad!! Hope everyone is going well, cant wait till she comes smile
Good morning smile

Cazmaz nice to hear that your holiday was nice and relaxing smile Congrats on passing the GCT.. Will your OB let you try to have a natural delivery? Is there any reason you would have problems with this delivery?

bubone09 good luck with your GCT I got my results they were really good .. Wish we could have another scan we didn't find out what we are having but the more time goes on and I try to get things organised i start to wonder if it would of been easier to know. I also suffer with low blood pressure best thing is to keep up your fluids and try not to get up or bend over too quickly or the room starts spinning... Have you had your Hb checked or iron studies done yet? Could be why you are tired.. I have been taking elevit to try and avoid getting low iron levels again..

Cw_Sdm good luck with your next glucose test hope it all goes well...

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

I'm from Perth, and due Jan 30th! How are you? xx

Hi I am fine, how are you? where abouts in Perth are you?
Morning Ladies smile

Well baby has decided that is time to play under my ribs & kick me down there... Is anyone else getting this yet? Got to love when it feels like baby is trying to burrow it's way out.. wink

I am really looking forward to finishing work and starting to get all the baby stuff organised. I think that we will set the cot up in our bedroom and not bother with a bassinet. I have a lot of things stored that i will need to go through and sort out too.

How is everyone going with names? We still haven't found anything that we really like lucky there is still plenty of time to think of one. Mind you it doesn't feel that far away 9wks and with Christmas just around the corner it is going really quickly. I still need to go out and do some christmas shopping. I think i will attempt to do it all at once a bit crazy but then it is all done .

Hope everyone is well & baby's are busy smile

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

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