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DUE JANUARY 2012 :) Lock Rss

Hi all - havent been on in a while. Had my 1st wk on the road working full-time 2wks ago and have my last one starting tomorrow. Then I work 1 day the following week and start days off before we head on holidays to the whitsundays - ahhhh cant wait. Feels like it has taken forever to get here which is probably why I feel like the weeks are dragging by with bub - I am so impatient to meet our new little man but it just seems to be taking forever. I have a feeling that our holiday wont quite drag on though unfortunately.

Had our 2nd midwives appt. last wk - got the shock of our lives when the midwife thought that there was something irregular with the heart. Luckily when the OB came in he said there was nothing to worry about as all babies have an irregular beat around this time due to a little more development taking place - phew! Have my diabetes test next wk and then see the OB the following day - am also making an appt. with the diabetes educators just in case I have diabetes again as we leave for hols on the friday morning so I wont have long to get my head around it all.

It was nice meeting our new OB - he was off when we had our 1st appt. so we had to see his fill in. He said he'd do a scan to check for growth later in the pregnancy which is odd because when we saw him with our little man in the clinic he made it clear that US for big babies weren't of any help. Am glad that he is checking though so that we have the best chance of a natural birth. Im pretty confident that this baby is going to be smaller - just going by our 20wk scan - but the OB said that wasnt anything to go by and that we could still end up with a bigger baby. Hmmm we'll see if he's right - surely mother's intuition has to be right he he.

Hope everyone is well and that these weeks start flying by very very soon!
Hi Ladies grin
How is everyone? I'm plodding along nicely.. it is so quiet on here...
School holidays have started and so has the rain sad So we are trying to entertain ourselves inside today. I was hoping to go out in the garden but no such luck.
I had an appt with the physio yesterday and she has given me some stretches to do to help with my back and sciatica.
The glucose test is coming up in the next couple of weeks not really looking forward to it as I hate the drink you have to drink. It is soooo sweet...
Hope everyone is well smile

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

it definately is quiet on here Kelbel!

Just heading out to GP to have a little check on my left kidney if possible. Had hydronephrosis with my little man a touch earlier than this but it also coincided with what they're pretty sure was a kidney stone as well (they definately are more painful than labour! he he) and am feeling a similar sort of dull ache yesterday and today with a fair bit of trouble sleeping last night unfortunately. DH was very practical and reminded me that I spent a night in hospital with it with our little man and was hugely freaked out because I had a lot of blood in my urine which I thought was from elsewhere of course. So he suggested that I go to the GP today and see whether there is anything they can do to prevent it from getting to that stage again. Fingers crossed they can - neither of us can remember what it was that actually fixed me last time but after the initial bout I really didnt have it again. Ive read that often it can continue the whole pregnancy so hopefully that doesnt happen. Im also keen to get it sorted in time for our hols which start next friday - 3 nights with family and friends in maitland and then off to the whitsundays for 10 nights - this had best not ruin our hols!!!

On the up-side my pelvic floor is fantastic again and Ive enrolled in the pilates classes to help with my other core parts and just to do some exercise which Ive been extremely slack with - oops. Ordered my maternity belt and by the time it arrived I had had a growth spurt so have had to send it back for a bigger size - hmmmm thats a little disappointing. Although not surprising seeing as though the few days we had in the last month where it was shorts whether I used my shorts with belly belt and it wasnt the most comfortable experience - obviously my butt has grown with my belly this time worst luck.

Have our 1st appt. with our OB next wednesday after seeing his fill in the 1st time and then seeing the midwives in between. We did meet him briefly in the clinic and are really happy with our choice so am really excited about our appt.

Hope everyone is well and this damn weather starts to heat up again very very soon!
Hi cazmaz,
How did you go at the GP? Kidney stones are meant to be extremely painful you poor thing.. I had gall stones with DS2 it was worse than labour so I can sympathise.. Hopefully it is as simple as a UTI Fx.. I'm so jealous of you going to the whitsundays I would love a little holiday at the moment. I'm feeling really tired the last wk and my back and sciatica are really not helping either. I went and got some elevit today as I'm starting to think I might have low iron levels again. See if it helps a little and I will also ask my midwife for some blood tests to see how my levels are... Hope your appt with the OB goes well it is nice to feel good about the people involved in the pregnancy and birth. I am over the moon that I have got to have the same midwife I had with my last pregnancy it makes the journey much nicer smile

OH and I caught myself in a reflection whilst pushing the stroller today and OMG my butt has got soooo big lol.. I couldn't believe it I know I have put on weight but I certainly didn't think it had gotten that big... My belly feels bigger every day now too.. It feels strange when i say I have 14wks to go it is going so quickly...

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

GP went well. Have US booked for tomorrow morning to check my kidney and see and also another urine sample - had one last wk as thought I was getting UTI but apparently pathology weren't concerned as it didnt grown enough to be an infection. So now we're doing another one - lucky weeing @ every request is the easiest thing about being pregnant otherwise I would be very tired of it.

He said that normally if its pregnancy it stays around and that the only reason it went last time was because it was caused by the kidney stone and once that was gone there was no blockage. If it is bub pushing on things it will hang around until I deliver. I do vaguely remember the OB in hospital when I had it last mentioning something about it possibly just being a stage where the baby is sitting in a particular position and once things move up further away from the pelvis it can resolve - Im banking on that for this time. It seems to make sense seeing as though it is a little later than with our 1st but this one is definately sitting lower and therefore moving up slower.

Fingers crossed the US sheds some good light - although Im not quite sure what that might look like. Pleeeaasse just dont interrupt our holiday mr kidney!!!
arrrrrrrrrgh i just wrote the HUGEST novel and then a customer came and I crossed the webpage instead of minimising it!!! sad poo! what an idiot!!!

Well no time to wrtie it all again!
Cazmaz hope things turns out okay!

Talk to you all soon:( SO ANNOYED!

hi all good to hear everyone doing well smile
had a bit of a up n down week, on saturday my DD started getting a cough - thought nothing of it just a normal flu. nope not a normal flu! poor wee thing had cough, constantly runing nose, high temp, stopped eating tuesday ddnt want to do anything just wanted cuddles and sleep she woke twice at night for 3 days crying sad . feel so bad when you cant do anything to help and then had to take her to A & E on wednesday as she got really hot, whimpery, sleepy she ended having a temp of 39.4 my poor wee little girl straight onto antibiotix. top it all of i have the same thing minus the temp! she finaly ate dinner last night so she on the mend back to her happy chirpy self thank god.

oh and my DH drink got spiked with P on saturday while he was out watching the rugby blink ! he was in A&E and i had know idea till he came home the next day and told me he managed to call 111 but cant remember anything! so thats the last time hes goin out!!! scary that it can happen so easy and in a small place like whakatane.

besides that bubs is doing great kicking away all the time! feel more lke 7 months than 22 wks! sruggling to think of a name for her that me n DH can agree on!
24th of Jan, yeyeyeyeyeye!
Hello Ladies,

Hope everyone is doing well. All is still well on my side. Finally the bump is getting bigger. Almost 24 weeks. Cant believe how fast time is flying - it's October already.

Daddy felt baby kick for the first time about 2 weeks ago (on my Dad's birthday) and while we were watching rugby. It was soooo amazing and I'm falling more and more in love with my little man every day.

Baby has been really busy and kicks often. He loves kicking me very very low, feels so weird roll eyes

Have a great week everyone cool

Hi everyone,

Had an ob appointment a week or so ago, all is going well. I have to do the glucose challenge test which I am not looking forward to but oh well I will put up with it.
I don't go back for my next ob visit till the 28th, but I am sure the visits will go to 3 weekly from then.

It seems like it is so close now, with Christmas creeping up, I have to get my butt into gear and do some shopping so I am not leaving it all to the last minute as usual, I am pretty sure that this year I am going to be way too tired to shop right before Christmas especially with how busy it gets.

I am enjoying the warmer weather, it is still a little cold down here in the mornings but the days are actually nice. It means my washing can dry and I don't have washing spread all around my house to dry it.

Chat soon

Hi all - looks like the forum is getting a little more active the past few days after a bit of a lull.

Renal US went well last wk - a few brighter parts in my left one which is where the pain is but kidney stones dont show up clearly on US so its not conclusive - all I know is that there was no sign of hydronephrosis on that day. I definately had that feeling the few days beforehand though so perhaps the sleeping on the right side as suggested did really help. Will be keeping that up @ the 1st sign of anything again.

Just back from my 2hr GTT and diabetes educator appt. The GTT was not a nice experience @ all - I felt like I was going to vomit and doze off to sleep @ the same time - not a good sign of passing this one as dozing off was pretty much the only symptom I used to get on the odd occassion that my sugars were high with my little man. Have my glucometer now though ready to go and get results back tomorrow so will know if I need to continue to be a pin cushion for the next 3 months or not tomorrow morning. @ least this way Im armed ready for hols and hopefully have my head around how much I can eat as far as carbs go before we go which will make it a lot less stressful while we're away.

Our little man has been unwell suddenly the last 2 days so heading to the GP soon to see if we can get something for him before we go on hols. He has just suddenly become very very chesty - last night I thought he'd stopped breathing he was having that much trouble and during the day he sounds like an old man with emphasema he he.

Oh well back to work before I head to yet another appt. Hope everyone is well and if I dont get a chance to get on here before we go on hols - hope the next 2wks go very slowly for me and very quickly for everyone else.
Morning Ladies smile

How is everyone doing? I'm starting to get pretty sore sad I know it is too early to be over it but I am definitely finding it harder especially at night.. I'm really starting to wonder how far I am going to be able to keep working to.. I would like to get to at least 34wks before I stop if not 36wks but I have been really struggling to get through a shift..

Is anyone else putting in for paid maternity leave?? I think I will need to go in and speak to someone at centrelink as I can't work out how the whole paid maternity leave works??.. I tried to look it up online but it is confusing...

Baby seems pretty happy I keep getting heaps of kicks and the occasional hiccups lol pretty cute smile I don't have another midwife appointment for another 3wks but will be off to do my glucose challenge in the next wk or so OH the joys ..

Hope everyone is well chat soon smile

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

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