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DUE JANUARY 2012 :) Lock Rss

Hi Ladies
I am expecting my 2nd baby on the 15th of Jan after trying for 3 years!
we are having a little boy.
We are from Perth (SOR) I am 26, my partner is 31 and my daughter is 5!
Would love to get to know you all!!

look forward to chatting to you all soon roll eyes
I'd due January 13th - first bubba for me smile
I look preggo now!! ahhh =) exciting!! Im due jan 16th, im carring a little boy!!
Hi All,

Mind if I join you all? Im due on the 20th of Jan with our first baby, we are so excited! I just want the weeks to go fast so baby arrives! We didnt find out what we are having but im positive its a boy!! hehe not sure why!

LO x
Hey all I havent been on much sorry Ive been on the fb group but thats about it as I have no internet at my new house! Im 25 weeks 1 day now um.... we moved into our own place and Damiens room is currently our junk room/unpacked boxes room lol hubby is clearing it out hopfuly this weekend depending on how he feels but after that all the baby stuff starts to go in!! I feel bubs kicking heaps every day now I didnt think I would make it this far but Im so happy I did minus being tired all the time and feeling sore
Hi Ladies grin

I haven't posted for a while how is everyone going?

I had my midwife check-up yesterday all is well.. Baby is very active the midwife had trouble trying to get the heartbeat as it kept wiggling everywhere.. Oh and I'm measuring a few weeks ahead so it's looking like another good sized bubs..

I finally got my SRC support shorts they are fantastic smile I wore them to work the last 2 days and my siatica has been really good so Fx it is my miracle fix...

Hi Katherine nice to hear you moved in finally you must be loving having your own place. I remember with my first bubs having heaps of junk in the baby's room and just wanting to get everthing sorted and set up. Very exciting times enjoy smile

I'm 25 wks tomorrow woo hoo 15 wks to go!! grin

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

sorry double post!
hi ladies
hope everyone is doing great!
we had our scan last friday and we are going to have a healthy baby girl! was rather funny the car ride there the hubby was sure we werent going to find out then when the lady asked if we wanted to know he chirped up ''yip!'' (he was very sure bubs was a boy laugh but nope another beautiful girl for us)!! this lil girl was a bit camera shy i think kept moving had to turn on my sides try pin her down to get all the right measurements!

feeling kicks when im walking and doing things now cant beleive just 19 wks to go , only 3 wks till my little girls 2nd birthday cant beleive shes growing up so fast its scary! shes gives my belly kisses and hugs and says hi sister (very cute) . she will make a very loving big sister all she wants to do is cuddle her 12 wk old cousin so i have my fingers crossed shell be the same (shes very much a little tomboy loves rough and tumble! so working on being carefull with babies is a progress but we getting there!)

see my midwife on thursday cant wait to hear hb again and hopefully get weighed be very intersesting! am now getting my sore back (i have quite a sway back) which i had with my 1st so hopefully might get a massage at somestage.picking up my lil girl is getting to be more of a effort with my back+belly but all part of it so il just have to put up with it!

hope everyone doing great smile
So good to hear that everyone is doing well! We had our scan a few weeks ago and decided to have another surprise...we nearly found out as we are having so much trouble with boys names this time, but I'm sure we will make a decision.When I was pregnant with my little boy, we had decided on a boy's name but not a girls...we just can't think of another boy's name that we love as much as our son's name!
I couldn't believe with the 4D scan how different this baby looks compared to my son's 4D scan...incredible that they look so different at this stage! With my son we could see how chubby his cheeks were..this baby looks so delicate,so it will be really interesting to see when bub is born what he or she looks like.
Also, I have to have another c section sad so it's been booked in for Jan 17...seems like it's so close!

Hey all smile been a while, still cnt get on huggies from my phone sad so annoying!!
Everything goin well here, crazy active baby which is delightful:) DS is so cute always kissing my belly n talking about the baby, so exciting!
well have to run as at friends place but hopefully talk soon!

hi ladies,

well not much happening for me atm, my belly is getting really big!!!

my DD and DH both got to feel bub kick last night! they we're both super excited. DD is always wanting to cuddle my belly so she can cuddle the new baby hehe...she can't wait for her little brother to come along- we'll see how long that excitement last tongue

I'm currently working 5 days a week but only 33 hours so i will be cutting that down to 4 days a week with 30 hours in the next couple of weeks....can't wait, my house might actually get a clean smile

i hope everyone is doing well xo

Hi Ladies smile

I am new to this thread but I am also due in January!! This is my second baby a little girl and she is due roughly the 16th of Jan although will come roughly 9/10th due to needing a section..

I already have one little girl who will be 1 in october so I cant wait to have two little princesses!

I havent had the most smoothest pregnancy with this baby, I had a huge bleed at 8 weeks which I thought was baby luckily it wasnt. Ive had bleeding ever since (now 23+5) Went for my 18week scan where it came back that bubby was 2 weeks behind in her growth and also had a rather enlarged stomach. At 20weeks I was sent down to brisbane womans hospital for a scan and found out I was having a girl for one although the bad news was that the enlarged stomach was something more and it turns out she has a blockage.. I made the decision to have an amino as she has a 40% chance of having down syndrome and with her condition she was unlikly to survive the pregnancy, results came back and all is clear!! She still does have a blockage though which is in her intestines that joins up to her bowel.. So we now have to watch her very closely, I have another scan on October the 6th to check the growth and we are hoping it has gone down otherwise it means she will require surgery as soon as she is born sad

Besides all that, she is a very active bubby and constantly going nuts not to mention doesnt like sharing me with her big sister whenever I hold her she kicks her up the bum <3 She now is full on kicking where hubby can feel not to mention seeing the kicks smile

Sorry about the huge bit there thought id bring you all up to date as I am keen to be part of a forum!!

Hope your all having smooth pregnancies and cant wait to hear all your stories!
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