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DUE JANUARY 2012 :) Lock Rss

We had our scan this morning and very proud to be having a baby BOY!!!!

We really wanted a girl when pregnant with DD, and we were really hoping for a boy this glad we've been lucky but i also would have be thrilled with another girl smile

Now for names huh

I love Lucas and DH loves Tarj

so we'll just keep researching smile

Hi Ladies,
It is so exciting reading everyones posts about what they are having congratulaions grin

I'm 23wks today the weeks are going by so quickly. I had my appt with the physio today which went well. I have to wear a piece of tubigrip (elastic material) around my waist to help support my seperation and hernia. It already feels so much better since I have started to wear it. She also recommended that I get the support shorts too so will have to go get some next wk. Oh and pelvic floor exercises ++.. After pushing out 3 big boys its not surprising that they need a little work lol...

Cazmaz is great to hear that the support belt is helping we are going to need all the help we can get in the next 20 wks..

Kellee*n*Olivia I love the name Lucas it is on the top of names list too smile

Hope everyone else is keeping well chat soon smile

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

Hey girls smile

We had our ultrasound a couple weeks ago at 18weeks, but we were told bubby was a tad small.. so they asked us to come back so they cn re-check the heart and other tricky body parts to see.. and let me be honest.. i was kinda excited to get to go back, because it means we get to see bubs again grin

So we are 21weeks now and we had our antenatal visit this morning and lets say bub was very unco-operative.. it was actually quite entertaining for me, the doctor was unimpressed as she had the doppler on my tummy and everytime she would get the doppler near bub, bubs would kick the doppler! hahaha, and proceed to rollover.. so it took a good 30minutes to get a quick check of the heartbeat as bub just was not having it today! was quite funny because we saw bubs legs kick the doppler and would throw the probe to the side. haha. strong and active!

We went to the ultrasound place straight after our antenatal visit and again it took ages to get good pics of bubs heart and legs and feet.! the ultrasound lady even got to feel bubs kicking her as bubby would kick the ultrasound probe and the ladys hand.. haha, constant moving! even got a good visual of bub literally extending her leg straight into my bladder, and i was feeling it all and my DP was shocked how active bub was - constantly kicking and rolling around.. and i proceeded to explain.. you see what she does to me! she dances on my bladder! hahaha, was amazing seeing bubs a bit more developed and could see all her bones so clearly and we got a definite "GIRL". soo it was also nice to get a second opinion!! and this u/s lady was soo much better she printed us off photos of bubs feet and hands and face smile and we got to get 3D pics again was much better than last time. luckily the u/s lady could laugh she giggled with us as bubby kicked the probe and me!

So now our due date is set as (finally because our dates kept changing but our doc and the u/s lady said best EDD is 20.01.2012) 20th January - Baby girl and she is 390grams. me and DP have got our hearts set on calling her Minka Alexis smile and the placenta is located right at the back so thats why DP can feel the kicks already (which ironicly he felt the kicks for the first time on Fathers Day!) and i can see bubs rolling across my tummy and kicks coming out of my tummy at times because of the placenta location and because bubs is very very active! (and mind you i have a massive baby bump already ahaha )

and apparently because i am quite short and small they think there is a good chance that bub is smaller at times purely because i am alot smaller, so its good to know my baby isnt massive at this point tongue haha.

Hehe sorry for the life story i was so excited today! was the best ultrasound of bubs so much fun and laughs

Hope all of you are well and the pain is easing up and you all have a chance to put your feet up!

x vee.
Hi Everyone
Havent posted in ages but have been reading everyones posts. Had our scan today and all looks good. The guy we had was nice enough but obviously wanted to go home being the end of the day as it was so quick. Faster than my 12 wk scan. He just did all the measurements and that was about it. Rush rush rush, which was disappointing. We found out that we are having ANOTHER BOY. That makes 3 boys for us and that will be teh end of our little family. lol. Lawys thought I would have boys as I have 3 brothers and no sisters.

Hope everyone is feeling well. I am still feeling yuck which sucks.

Hi all.

I was just looking at my u/s pics on the disc that I got and noticed something that has me worried.

I went for my scan at 18+6.

The lady who did my scan is a doctor and spoke with me after and said everything looks great and my report that they mailed out says the same.

I'm just worried about a small BPD. Bubs head circumference is 15.6cms and dated me at 19+4 but the BPD is 3.9cms and dated me at 17+1.
The BPD measurement is showing <2.7% when all the other measurements are up at 50-80%.

I have a private midwife who has also contacted me and let me know everything came back great. Still stressed though!!!!

Anyway, just needed to offload my stress so I can go to bed and try to sleep.

Thanks for listening. xx
Hello Ladies!

Congrats to everyone who had their scans and knows babies gender by now & congrats to Kellee, glad you had a great time at your wedding.

Our scan is tomorrow, yay!! Really looking forward to seeing bubs again and hopefully finding out if we will be having a rugby player or a ballerina.

Hopefully the ultrasound tech is not in a hurry to get home to watch the RWC opening game.

Have a great evening everyone


Hey Ladies smile i just picked up my bounty bag today at the chemist,

AND it made me think of all of you! your all around 20weeks.. and you should receive a "bounty bag - mum to be" bag at your 20week antenatal appointment.. and if you dont.. as i didnt.. you can pick it up from a chemist near you!!

ITS FULL OF FREE SAMPLES!! Free magazines! vouchers for free stuff and discounts smile I think the contents vary slightly per state and such but its worth it, all u gotta do is be a mummy to be and pick one up for free!!

Use the website to see where you can get one too smile

hehe i love freebies!
Hi everyone,

I had my 20 week scan yesterday, we were there for 45 minutes getting everything measured. Baby is measuring 5 days smaller but all mine have been smaller at the scans then my dates so I am not worried and all of my babies have come at least 2 weeks early so the dates aren't really an issue.

We decided to keep baby as a surprise, so our last one is our surprise one smile not too much longer till we get to meet our little bundle and find out what we are having smile

DH got to come to the scan too so that was nice as he has been at work for all my ob appointments so this was his first look at our baby.

I hope everyone is well


I loved the bounty pack! also you can get a similar free pack from ReachMe smile
Hi Ladies,

We're having a BOY smile so happy that we finally know smile Was so amazing seeing him again. He gave the u/s tech a really hard time cause he was moving around so much. But there was absolutely no doubt when we got to boy parts roll eyes

Let the shopping begin. And I'll be 20 weeks on Monday!

Have a fantastic evening.

Hello again everyone! No posts for such a long time, my life is all baby and work. I'm 23 weeks and 2 days today and I'm really enjoying everything. We had our second scan a few weeks ago and there is no doubt that we are having a little boy. Actually he is a big boy, having "grown like a weed" according to the sonographer who at 12 weeks said we were measuring small for our dates. I too have a low lying placenta, but trying not to worry about that. If I have to have a planned c section then I'll just have to deal with that - I just wanted to have a big family and that might not be possible after a c section. I have been pretty tired again lately and the nausea and smell aversion is starting to come back like it was in the first trimester. but the most difficult thing is the colostrum - it came in a few weeks ago. Husband discovered it first and freaked out. I actually produce quite a lot, and wondered whether other people have this and whether they express it by hand just to stop the full feeling (I mean without using a pump - as there's not quite that much of it) any ideas?
Yes im due 20th January. Where abouts are you from??? im in chch. My midwife has sent a referal to the physio so i should hear from them in a few days and get this back sorted. Not the best but would be nice to have some kind of relief.

Glad im now over half way but feels like time is going hoping for a cool summer, dont want to be heavily pregnant and hot.
Baby seems to have found her best position....right on my bladder and kicks very low as well.

Other than that all is going well so far.
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