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hi all
dunno if everyone is still here seems not, but because i am due today thought i would post anyway. Still awaiting bubs appearance. It appears to be too comfortable and even a sweep did not coax it out so have the date set for an induction on the 10th but hoping for a natural labour in the next couple days.
Congrats to the many new mums on your arrivals hope your all happy and healthy
Goodluck Sam, i know how bad it is being in hospital without bub after the bleed n its a weird feeling. Best wishes for your little one.

All the best for those still waiting on their lil ones and keep your fingers crossed for me.
Hello everyone,

Can't believe Elliot is 3 weeks today. Where has the time gone. Hope you are all ok and patience isn't wearing too thin for some of you. I'm glad Elliot came a couple of weeks early because I was over being pregnant, well the yukky things, like the indigestion and insomnia.

Do you still want Elliots story? Can remember everything now, so glad i am not doing it again.

Take care xx
Babi - are you one facebook? Alot of the action is in our due in november facebook page. You can look for me: Nicola Hill Poznanovich, I have a profile pic of me, my daughter and my husband. I can then add you to the facebook huggies page.

This is the same for anyone else who isn't on our facebook huggies page and would like to join us!

Wembly, please share your story! Love to hear it.

Sam - keep us updated on how things are going for you if you can.

Naomi- Cant believe the time has come that we are hitting our due dates... any day now!!! Are u getting impatient to meet ur little one?? I know I am!!

Wembley- Yes I still want to hear ur birth story!!!!

Sam- I cant access the fb group either and I downloaded the application and it still doesnt work... so I will be in here heaps when I am in hospital so hopefully it picks up a bit... unfortunately all the action is going into the facebook page,

Kirsty- Congratulations on the arrival of chelsea... How are ur boys taking to her??

Tiffany- Good to hear ur appointment went well... cheeky little boy covering his privates... thats so cute!!

AFM- well brody is still sick and I am even more drained and tired than ever... Went for a swim at the local pool today and wore myself out doing laps but I think I am going to give up trying to bring this labour on cause this is one stubborn little bubba... I dont mind waiting but my mum goes home in 9 days and my best friend is driving out (for the 2nd time) in the hope bub comes this weekend and my sister has cancelled driving here from bris since bub is still not here... so he/she is kinda mucking everyones plans up a bit... but what can u do I'm sure we will meet bub when its ready. Will be going in for a stretch and sweep on Monday but I'm really hoping it doesnt come to that. I feel like I am being so impatient but I am just soooo eager to meet this child and give it cuddles!!

hey ladies,

Naomi, I was just going to ask about u u hadnt been on for awhile was kinda hoping u had ur bubba and were to busy for us lol Happy Due Date! not long to go know how r u feeling, any signs?

Wembly, I would love to hear the birth story

Tiffany, sounds like u have one cheeky little boy in there hiding him self lol glad the scan went well, good luck with the blood test.

Sam, hope ur holding ur bubba in ur arms really soon cant wait to see a pic and hear the news.

beck, Im getting impatient and im not even 37wks yet lol so i know how u girls must be feeling with ur due dates arriving, this baby of urs really is making us all wonder wats going on in there ha ha i think i said this last wkend for u but ill say it again i think this weekend is ur bubs turn lol

afm my internet has crashed and who knows wats wrong with it and just wen things were getting exciting on fb and here with bubs arriving and stuff, very annoying! im using our wireless usb atm that we take to the beach but its not very good and very very slow so if u dont see me around much im not having a baby i just dont have the internet lol

Hi ladies just a quick one gave birth to my beautiful little boy at 6.59 nsw time weight 2730g 49cm long will fill you in more latter night. X

Morning girls,

This is just so exciting, with everyone starting to meet their new bubbas! 10 have arrived now and boys are definitely leading the way smile

Congrats to all the new mummies in our group and am LOVING all the names of the bubs so far. Keep up the great choices girls! lol

We have Rob's 30th bday party tonight. So I'll be busy baking for that during the day and decorating the social club. Really can't be bothered but need to make an effort I guess LOL. Just hope bubs doesn't make an early appearance tonight as I dont think I'll have a sober driver!! Eeek!

Sam - A huge congrats on the arrival of Dominic! Can't wait for a pic and to hear your birth story.

Naomi - Happy due date for the other day! Wow, induction on the 10th, not too far away now and bubs might even come earlier.

Wembley - WOW, Elliot is 3 wks old already!! Where does the time go? I would still love to read your birth story if you're upto it. Thanks hun. Hope Elliot is being a good little boy for his mumma!

Lizy - Oh bugger!! No internet at the moment would drive me bonkers! lol Happy 37 weeks for today too hun. WOHOO, fullterm for you now smile

Hi ladies just a quick one gave birth to my beautiful little boy at 6.59 nsw time weight 2730g 49cm long will fill you in more latter night. X

Enjoy all those baby cuddles.
Elliot's Story. smile
Wednesday 13th Oct had contractions from 1.30am until 4am, every hour, thought they were BH so went back to sleep. Got 2 betweeen 4 and 4.15 am. Rang hospital and spoke to Cindy who said to come in. Woke hubby up, he had a quick shower,got another contraction, made him a coffee and woke my 15 yr old son to tell him it was show time. Got in the car and had another contraction on the way to hospital, a 3 min drive and another one outside emergency.
Got up to Maternity about 4.30am and some one was in the Birthing suite sad so I went in the smaller room. Had to get hooked up the machine that measures contractions and bubs heartbeat, fun. Dean, one of the midwives tired putting a line in twice and both times my veins collasped just as the needle went in so they gave up and deceided to wait for Beth, who always manages to get the needle in. Started getting regular contractions, every 5 mins and at around 5.30 deceided not to be Super Woman and asked for the gas. Had no urge to push at this stage and bub's heartbeat was a tiny concern so around 6am waters were broken.
At 7am Staff changed and Beth came in. She examined me and was a bit concerned about bub's heart beat but not overly. She tried putting a line in and bloody hell, that hurt more than the contractions. Vein collasped again so another needle got pulled out and she didn't try again. 7.30 she rang and asked for a Dr to come in because she was getting concerned with bub and told me to start pushing, she also turned the gas off! sad Dr. came in at 8am and said he was going to try and put another line in but Beth told him not to bother because the head was there. 2 pushes later and 1 head appeared, another push and the shoulders and the rest of bub was out. Took 4 mins from the time the Dr. arrived to bub being out. Dr. quickly checked him and we had our first look at our baby boy. That's when we realied Alex was not right for him so he was munchkin until Thursday mid morning. After a hot shower we were taken to our single room grin , hubby went home and we both fell asleep. Woke up an hour later and Dr checked bub and he had his first feed. Took to BF like a duck to water, so happy. Didn't have any visitors until late that afternoon because that's what I had deceided before I went in and then it was only my son and in laws.

Sorry it has taken me so long to post this. If i think of anything else I'll let you know. grin
So quiet in here especially since we have all been winding up to this month!!!!!

Wembley- I love hearing birth stories and it sounds like everything went well... Cant wait until I can share mine.

Kim- Hopefully I can add another girl to the list... I would just love to add anything to the list!! lol... Have u heard anything back about Robs job interview yet?

Sam- Congrats on the birth of Dominic.. cant wait to hear the details.. How is everything going?? Is eva loving her new little brother??

Laura- i hope u get the internet back up again... Its good to have some more regular posters in huggies as they have all tranferred over to facebook sad

AFM- well mick did some googling yesterday and performed 3 stretch and sweeps on me.. wheather he was doing them properly or not is another question... he kept calling himself Dr.Payne..hahah he is such a d0rk... But they havent seemed to do anything. I am going to call the hospital today and book in for a proper stretch and sweep tomorrow since today is my due date... which was a milestone that I really wasnt expecting to reach but oh well... I just want to cuddle this baby soooo bad!!!!!!! Brody is on the mend again so we are back to actually sleeping through the night altho even after the best sleeps i am still feeling exhausted and drained. Cant wait to meet this bubba... labour dust for everyone and hopefully we get some more announcements soon.

hey Ladies,

Beck, ha ha ha if luke tried that whos knows wat he would end up swiping and stretching ha ha fx u get ur proper stretch and sweep from the middies 2morro, better still hope u go into labour this arvo and u dont have to worry bout it.

Wembly, I loved ur birth story thanks so much for sharing, cant wait till i can share my own and lucky u on having a good little feeder i really hope im that lucky.

kim, How did Robs b-day party go hope he had a good time.

sam, Congrats again looking forward to seeing lots and lots of photo's of ur beautiful boy on fb

afm, Internet seems to be fixed so thats good. had a pretty quiet wkend just lots of cleanin and sorting, i think nesting might have kicked in cos the lack of energy i was complaining bout last wk is gone and im a mad woman with all this energy ha ha, I finished painting the letters for our bubs nursery which means yes we have picked a name but ill tell u girls in our secret fb group only, gonna keep it a secret, ill post some pics of the nursery and Jaspers new room later today just glad its all done.

Hi all,
well i planned on a nice sleep in this morning because i had my last day at work on friday but my body is just 2 used 2 getting up erly on a monday i woke up at 5:30am!!!
Had appt with the anaesthetist on Friday so now im kinda freakin out about it i dunno how im gunna sit there while she sticks a needle in my back. I no ive done it b4 but last time i was in pain so i didnt even feel it.
How r all u ladies who havent welcomed ur babies yet feeling?

Enjoy ur day girls! Tiffany.
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