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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss

hi ladies

firstly congrates to everyone that has had their bubs smile]

my little guys arrived on oct 1st. Corban Robert was born at 4.30am weighing 5lb 1oz and Tyler Charles was born at 4.55am weighing 5lb 12oz. they were almost 4 weeks early (i was 36+2)

i had absolutly no sign at all that i was going to go into labour til i had my first contraction at 5pm on the 30th. they were irregular and short til about 6.30pm when they switched to being every 4 mins lasting 30-40sec.
went to the hospital at 8pm were the dr examined me. i wasnt even dialted so i hopped in the birth pool for a while. dr examined me again at about 9.30, still wasnt dialated so i dozed off for a bit. dr did another exam at about 11 and i was 4cms.
i asked for an epi then as i was getting intense back and kidney pain that felt worse with each contraction (turns out it was because tyler was literally doing flips - i was getting scanned every couple of hours and he was always in adifferent postion).
the epi made it possible for me to relax and sleep and when they did another exam at about 2.30-3am i was fully dialted and corban was here at 4.30, tyler at 4.55 and their placentas at 4.58 so all up my labour was 12 hours start to finish.

the boys were a little jaundiced so we had to stay in hosptial til yesterday but they are both doing really well and OMG the feel so tiny lol i have posted some pics on facebook

good luck to everyone still waiting smile] hopefully you wont have to wait long

eta they both had to be delivered with suction as corbans heart rate dropped a bit to low and tyler just didnt want to come out lol and i only had some slight grazing so no stiches this time lol
[Edited on 05/10/2009]
Congrats Alana!! I think this is the one we have all been looking forward to hearing about the most. It must be amazing to have two!
It's feeling so real now that everyone is starting to pop, I feel quite emotional reading about everyone's bubs.
Still technically a week to go for me (which probably means two weeks as it's my first) but have an appointment this afternoon and would not be at all upset if he got things moving - need to learn the art of being patient I think!
Good luck everyone and thanks to the girls who've had their babies and have let us know what happened.

Ali smile
congrats to all those who have their bundle of joys

I thought i was going to meet mine last night i was having contractions from about 11pm but only every 1/2 hour but they stopped at about 4 this morning (bugger) so i have been trying to keep moving today to see if i can start them up again.

have a good day


6/7 ashie0987-Ash-ANDIE JAYE-735g, 32.5cm long
28/9 Bups-ISSAC-12.36am, 7lb 1oz
28/9 Princess Bubba Bumb -Alissa-MAHLI JAE-12.56am, 6lb 12oz
28/9 FR2BEC- Fiona-KATIE ANNE-8.18am, 3.624kg, 53cm long
30/9 loulou78-JED EVERETT-2.48pm
1/10 *alana*- Alana-CORBAN ROBERT- 4.30am, 5lb 1oz -TYLER CHARLES- 4.55am, 5lb 12oz
1/10 Kiwicanuck-TESSA-9.45am
1/10~*my*2*boys*~-THOMAS-2.15pm, 6lb 15oz, 49cm long
2/10 baileysmum05- Mel-JESSICA BREE-10.16pm, 9lb 8oz, 56cm long

Hey Heidiljk, had to laugh reading your post, I had a night the same as yours, contractions started around midnight then went through until sometime before 5am when they stopped, still had some back pain this morning but thats stopped now too.

I had a sizing scan today (37weeks 1 day). Our baby girl is measuring 7lb 11oz or 3.5kg, head is good size but her leg length is that of a 39+wk bubs! Taking after her 6'5" dad already! Head was engaged so no comments on cervix.

Don't have another OB appt until next Monday to discuss whether induction but hoping things will progress naturally before then!

Congratulations to all the mums with new bubs, how exciting! Please add me to your facebook if you haven't already as I'd love to see your pics.

Jacqueline Goelst. Tasmania (Facebook).

Take care all.
[Edited on 05/10/2009]

Mum of 4 blessings - TAS.

Congratulations on the twins Alana!!!!

Jessica is doing well at home. Our son Bailey is such a loving big brother, he keeps asking to hold her & take photos.

I bet I have the biggest baby....we were shocked when told her size, so were some of the theatre staff...she still looks so tiny, she's adorable. She had slight marks on her face from the forceps, which have completely gone now. I have to take her to get her heel prck test & hep B immunisation tomorrow. (was delayed as we both had a temp, they took her blood to check of no infections before giving it).


Hi Ladies,

Congrats to all having there babies.

Wow Alanna, they were great sizes for babies for being born 4 weeks early.

Im still going with only 2 days until my due date. Got appointement at the hospital tomorrow and im not leaving until they have done a sweep and given me a date to be induced incase the sweep doesent work. I am having alot of trouble with my bladder because of all the preasure. I cant just go and wee, i now have to squat in the shower every time. Not very convenient with a 2yr old wanting to come with you. (sorry tmi)

I went for a walk this morning, up hills and all to try and bring it on. Have been getting contractions and cramps since 10.30ish last night but they are not regular, even though i have had them on and off since then. I would go and get on my sons tramp if it wasent raining now. Anything to get them to be regular.

Anyway better go and organize something for dinner.

Good luck to everyone still waiting for those contractions and cramps to start.

Congrats to all our new mummys!!!! So totally over the moon for you all on the safe arrival of your little ones.

Labour dust to the rest of us still waiting to meet our little bundles - hopefully it will all be over soon.

How exciting more bubba's arriving smile

Congrats Fiona on the arrival of Katie

Congrats Mel on the arrival of Jessica - what a whopper

Congrats Bups on the arrival of Isaac

Double congrats to Alana on the arrival of Corban & Tyler - good sizes for being 4wks early

Hope everyone is going well and can't wait for more news


Congrats to all the new mummies smile Hope everyone is settling in well!

WOW October was looking to be the month of boys but seems to be evns atm lol smile

Bups - We had a lot in common lol, same due date, breech bubs and now same birth date lol. Our 2 were born close together too lol smile

For those of you having irregular contractions, after my waters had broken with Mahli mine were 3 mins apart but not strong then died out so I did the nipple stimulation thing and that got them going really well and strong about 3 minutes apart. Just thought it might be worth a go smile

Goodluck to all the Mums still waiting to meet thier precious bubs, hope labour comes to you all today lol smile xx

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know we had our bubba 2 weeks early on the 28th September, big suprise!!! We had a boy named Xavier and he weighed 7 pound 8. He is absolutely gorgeous and all is well.

Good luck to everyone else with their pending arrivals!!!
Congrats to all the new Mummies! smile] Can't believe we have had so many announcements so early into the month.
Lots and lots of belly rubs and labour dust to those still waiting.

Alana, well done with the twins, so happy that everything went well for you! Great sizes too. How are they settling in?

I have started a thread in 'When was your baby born' in the Baby section, somewhere to chat about our little ones

My little guy is doing really well, feeding beautifully, very content, has been a little unsettled at night (as to be expected) seems to wait til about 1:30am to really settle and only naps til then, positive he'll improve now he's gotten used to my milk coming in.

I am so in awe of his perfection, he's number 3, but you really forget how tiny and precious they are, i could gaze at him all day!

Hope everyone is doing well xx

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