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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss

hi ladies

wow it's so exciting each time i come in here to see who has had their bubs or just about to.

Princess Bubba Bump - glad to hear Mahli is better

Samantha & Lana - fingers x everything is ok, i know it's hard not to worry and we are so emotional right now

My2Boys - Congrats on the arrival of Thomas

JSCnBump - Happy Due Date - hope you are "having fun" tonight trying to bring on labour lol

Kyles - lucky you getting a massage - wish i was!

Kiwicanuck - Congrats on the arrival of Tessa


Kiwicanuck, congratulations and welcome Tessa, beautiful name smile

I expect we'll get more announcements pretty soon! Not from me though....sad

Hi all

Pretty quiet on here today!!

Congratulations kiwicanuck on the arrival of Tessa and My @boys on the arrival of Thomas!!

Nothing new from me, finally finished up with work yah!!!

Does anyone else get mad BH while and after sex??? i do but it always stops, damn it.

Anyhow best be off

Labour vibes to all


P.S Go Parra!!! lol


6/7 ashie0987-Ash-ANDIE JAYE-735g, 32.5cm long
28/9 Princess Bubba Bumb -Alissa-MAHLI JAE-12.56am, 6lb 12oz
30/9 loulou78- JED EVERETT-2.48pm
1/10 Kiwicanuck-TESSA-9.45am
1/10~*my*2*boys*~-THOMAS-2.15pm, 6lb 15oz, 49cm long

Got a little bored, hope no one minds let me know if there are any mistakes.

Kez - good idea we should start a post on the baby-when was your baby born section for us too.

I have been having irregular contractions so far today really hoping it will turn into regular contractions by tomorrow i have to go into the hossy for bloods and ctg anyway so would be nice to just stay there and have him lol

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Congratulations to everyone who has had their beautiful babies.

I had a baby girl on Monday 28th Sept at 8.18am by c-section. We have called her Katie Anne and she was 3.624kg (about 8lb) and 53 cm long.

Good luck to everyone for their deliveries!



Has anyone heard how Ash and baby Andie are doing? I hope they are doing well.

Congrats on all the new bubs, by the sounds of it we will be seeing a few more arrive in the next few days grin

Well I have a week to go woohoo. I have been getting some back pains that come and go, very sharp pains in my lower back, lots of braxton hicks adn pains from my hips down. I have no idea if it's pre labour pains or not, I never had any of this with DS. I just want her out so I can meet her and see what she looks like, I can't wait much longer lol
I have been taking raspberry leaf tablets and evening primrose oil tablets the last 2 days, so hopefully they do SOMETHING.

Hi everyone & congrats on the new bubs smile

I gave birth to our little girl Jessica Bree a week early on Friday 2nd at 10.16pm!!!! smile She weighs 9lb 8oz and 56cm...big bubba but sooo beautiful. She was very hard to get out.

After thinking I lost my plug on the Thursday I woke up at 2am Friday & felt alot of fluid gush out (it wasn't actually my waters, but mucousy discharge). I had my first contraction 30 mins later, then 15 & they then followed every minute until the birth. My mum drove me into the hospital at 6am & was afraid bub was going to be born on the highway. The labour ended up being so long as she was posteria, which gave me the worst back contractions & she wasn't decending during pushing. After almost 2 hrs pushing I had to be taken into theatre & have an assisted forcep delivery after they turned her around.

It was a very hard labour...but so worth it smile We came home this arvo, I'll post some pics on facebook soon & put the link up.

Good luck to everyone waiting smile


Congrats on the birth of Jessica, Mel! Can't wait to see the pics. Hope you have a good recovery and Jessica settles in well.

Congrats on the birth of Katie Anne , fiona.



6/7 ashie0987-Ash-ANDIE JAYE-735g, 32.5cm long
28/9 Princess Bubba Bumb -Alissa-MAHLI JAE-12.56am, 6lb 12oz
28/9 FR2BEC- Fiona-KATIE ANNE-8.18am, 3.624kg, 53cm long
30/9 loulou78-JED EVERETT-2.48pm
1/10 Kiwicanuck-TESSA-9.45am
1/10~*my*2*boys*~-THOMAS-2.15pm, 6lb 15oz, 49cm long
2/10 baileysmum05- Mel-JESSICA BREE-10.16pm, 9lb 8oz, 56cm long

Hi All,

Just announcing our little bubba, he decided to come early and was born by emergency c-section (as he was breech) on 28/9/09 at 12.36am. His name is Isaac and he weighed 7 lb 1 ounce. He is absolutely beautiful.

Congratulations to all who have had their babies and good luck to those who are still waiting.

what we have all been waiting for!!! how awesome to jump on and read all these beautiful birth announcements and how awesome going 1-2 weeks early!!!!! that's pretty awesome and nice sizes too..

wishing all the new mummies (too many to list) a speedy recovery and lots of hugs to the mums and their bubs.. hope you are getting tons of help and some sleep...

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