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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss

Hehe this is so exciting smile I cant believe its been 9months already and our pregnancies are almost over!! Yus! lol I got a cupple of weeks to go but am already getting impatient lol I want this baby out of me lol and the sooner the better i say Lmao.

Zaralea have u had bubs yet? fingers crossed he comes soon!

I'm feeling the same way too. I'm thinking of bringing my waxing appt forward. I'm booked in to get waxed head to toe on the 13th Oct and due 22nd Oct, not expecting to go over with this one. Not sure if I will even last to the 13th!
Baby is sitting very low indeed and I'mj thinking I just want it over but also want to wait another 2 weeks if possible, then I'll be happy that she is well and truly full term smile

Happy due date Zaralea!!!!!

well i just got home from my GP appt and turns out that trainee doctor or whatever she was is not that silly after all. bubs is measuring at 34 weeks still since i was actually 34 weeks. so i have booked in for an ultrasound to see how she is growing and if there is enough fluid around bubs..

don't panic she tells me, no i wont... i feel so emotional these last few weeks i cry at the drop of a hat...

i had my blood test too today. last time my bloods came back saying my iron was low, so the doctor thinks that it might be the same and thats what might be contributing to my small uterus.. i wonder if this means i could possibly be getting an induction date??

Hi all,
While I haven't been a very active participant in this forum, I have been following the happenings here- hope you don't think of me as a "peeping Tom".
Thought I would share with you about the birth of our daughter Tessa. She arrived 1 Oct (2 days early) at 9.45am. Just wanted to let you all know that, as with my DD1, my labour started out with period pains and diarrhoea about a week preceeding her arrival. I also didn't get a show this time or my waters breaking until an hour before I had her and labour was very established. It was again a surreal, chaotic yet beautiful experience. Just thought I would let you guys know this just in case this happens to you as well.
I wish you all the very best.

Lana Im having the same thing with my babys growth too! Shes measuring at 33weeks but im 36weeks, Is not having the normal amount of fluid a bad thing? coz i have to go in for another scan next week to check my fluid levels as the last scan showed i had less then the normal amount... should i be worried??

Hey all!! Just pooping in to see if anyone has had bubs yet smile

Jewels - Hope you are holding your little girl now and everything is going well xx

Goodluck to everyone else and I hope labour comes soon to you all!!!

We had to return to hospital after I had come home because Mahli had jaundice and needed to go under the lights. All is good now and we are settling in at home she has been fantastic and is sleeping well. Big sisters are absolutely in love with her which is sweet smile

**sending labour vibes to all**

Posted by: Samantha Kelly
Lana Im having the same thing with my babys growth too! Shes measuring at 33weeks but im 36weeks, Is not having the normal amount of fluid a bad thing? coz i have to go in for another scan next week to check my fluid levels as the last scan showed i had less then the normal amount... should i be worried??

Hi Samantha, sorry i did get your text but I have a new number so no credit on old phone. I will msg it to you. No baby yet. Lost more plug today though. If you have low water levels it may mean you have to have baby a wee bit earlier. It depends on ho low the levels were. This is can ususally become a problem in overdue babies. Not to worry about though. Once you hit 37 weeks it's more then safe for her to come out.
Hoping to meet my boy at some point before Tuesday as this is my midwife's last day before she leaves the country. Then we have to use her backup.

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

Hey ladies

Ali your welcome. I wouldnt think they would do a sweep until closer to your due date, but you never no. I tried to drink the raspberry leaf tea with my 1st and its still in the cupboard. i thought it tasted awful. You can buy it in capsual form aswell.

I had some really bad contractions and pain last night from about 4.30 yesterday arv but they were iiregular and stopped at about 3am this morn so I didnt get alot of sleep last night. Just tried to catch up on some while hubbie was still home but ended up with a monster truck shoved in my face wanting to play monster jam from my 2yr old so gave up.

Ive been feeling really off, like tied and sick in the stomach since about 3pm yesterday aswell so im hoping this weekend will be it. Monday will be nice as its our 7th wedding annaversory.
My hubbie has already told me if i go into labour while the nrl grand final is on 2morrow i will have to cross my legs until at least half time or the end so he wont miss anything.

Going for a full body massage 2morrow as my aunty is a remedial maussuse. Cant wait till then to relax for a while.

Good luck to all
Will check in later

Hi Everyone

Well today is officially my due date and no sign of bubs coming anytime soon lol.

I had a haircut today and went and saw a movie while DH watched the 3 kids, it was nice to get out for the day on my own.

Congrats Kiwicanuck on the birth of Tessa

Well i'm trying the 3 hot things to bring on labour had a bit of a walk around the shops today and i'm going to have curry for dinner tonight and DH i trying to talk me into the sex part too and see if that kicks things off lol

Karen - with the itching I forgot to mention that with cholestasis the itching or atleast the worst of it is usually on your hands and feet but can be other places too. I find my feet are the worse, so you might just have a normal pregnancy itch

Labour vibes to all

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

I do apologise for my recent post about Alana having her baby - I got her mixed up with someone else.

Sorry Alana

Evening All,
Just popping in to let you know that I had my bub Thursday afternoon at 2:15. Thomas, 6pd 15oz, 49cm long and soo cute. lol!
Was induced because of high BP, waters broken at 8:45am, 2 mild contractions over the next 2 hours, drip started at 11:30, was 5cm dilated at 1:30pm, but bub was still really high, said I needed to push about 2:10, midwife said 'no way you're ready', lol, I told her to check, 1 contraction, 1 push and I was holding my precious little man!. No drugs, tears or stitches.

Came home today and he's all settled in. His brothers are so excited.

Hope everyhting is going well to all the ladies waiting, heaps of labour dust, can't believe it's October, looking forward to hearing more announcements!

Good luck everyone smile

congratulations!!!! so glad he arrived safely smile

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