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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss

hi ladies

I was just wondering if any of you have got a pain in your back all of a sudden that wrapped around to your tummy but only did this when you walked it is only on my right side.

Hi Everyone,

I have been a reader of this forum from the beginning of my pregnancy but am not too good at actually contributing.

My name was on the list as being due on 4 Oct. Wanted to let you know my boy - Jed Everett - arrived on Wednesday. He was very polite and let me sleep right through the night on Tuesday, labour started around 8am, and he was born at 2.48pm. Very quick. He is delightful and we can't stop gazing at him in amazement!

Best wishes to all of you as you meet your little people.

Hi Ladies, sounds like we all have the same problen with babies not progressing so well. I'm due tomorrow went in today for sweep etc. They monitored bubs for about 20 mins and not one single contraction. Then when they did the sweep things weren't as advanced as my midwife would have liked. She could only just manage 1 finger and it was AGONY! It racked my bottom half with pain. Hopefully she gave it a good stretch. Started loosing my plug tonight and just had curry for dinner so fingers crossed something happens over the weekend!
Belly rubs to all x

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

Kyles thanks heaps for your info. I wonder if that's what my Ob has planned then? Seems strange at 39 weeks to try and get labour going?? Happy if he does though!!

Just sitting down to my first cup of raspberry leaf tea, smells gross, hopefully tastes better..not optomistic though, haha.

OOh good luck everyone!!!!!!

Ali smile
It sounds as if we are all feeling a bit the same way atm - I am not having any real problems touch wood just eager to meet our little one finally....trying not to dwell on it to much though cause I know it'll happen soon enough.

Sending Labour vibes to everyone.

Congrats loulou78 on the birth of Jed Everett. How much did he weigh etc. Best of luck to you both

Anyone heard from Jewels or Alana?

The itching has scared me alittle, my hands, legs and tummy have been itchy. I just thought it was cause my skin is so dry.

I must be the only one not doing anything to bring on labour! I'm in no rush to have bubs yet, and haven't really had any major things happen. Had a few strong BH but after a couple they stop.

Good luck to all over the weekend and can't wait for more announcements smile


evening ladies smile
Hows everyone doing tonight?
had an appointment with midwife today
baby is 3/5 engaged smile last week she was only 1/5
Fingers crossed she's coming early lol.
Being sent for another scan next week to as the last can i had last week showed that i didn't have the normal amount of fluid that i should have at this stage.. Don't know if that's a bad thing or not tho. the scanner dude didn't think so at the time as it was only just under the normal amount but we'll see lol

good luck to everyone who's due very soon hehe grin

Hello ladies

Im just updating everyone, then going back to read all the updates iv missed internet went down err bloody teltra!!

Im currently 2 5th engaged so im a ticking time bomb! Baby well and truly going to be coming in the next week!! finger's crossed not on my son's birthday!!

Good luck ladies!!

Just letting you all know I saw on Facebook that Alana has had her baby girl.

Opps I was totally wrong - got Alysa and Alana mixed up I'm so terribly sorry.
[Edited on 03/10/2009]


not me honey, i don't think the other alana has had her twins yet either...

iam buggered this afternoon we put a contract on our 2nd rental property...good timing hubby aaaarrgh settlement is in 6 weeks November 16 so i better not go over my due date.

who did i just read about getting a pain from there back that wraps around their tummy???? sounds like something exciting is going on!!!!! this is how my first labor was cos hannah was posterier and so is this one...ouch

Zaralea - i have a feeling this is going to be your weekend!!! the plug coming away after your stretch and sweep...YAy!!!!! start getting active... walk the block or ask your partner to do the deed..

Hi Everyone

Big congratulations to the ladies who have had their bubs. Glad to hear they have arrived safe and sound.

Nothing much at all happening here. A few niggly pains that dont last. GP app on Thur I was 1/5 engaged. I am not due until the 14th but definately dont want to go over due date.

Labour vibes to all. Cant wait to hear of more babies being born.

Take care

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