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Hi all,

babyuno, a sweep the other guys are refering to is a membrane sweep. The doctor or widwife will do a sweep of the membranes and hopefully this will start labour. Sometimes it could also break your waters. I had it done with my 1st and was in labour that night. will be getting it done again on tuesday if havent gone before then. It can be very painfull though, so prepare yourself.

Had a very busy day today. Have weeded front and back gardens, washed down the whole house, fences and pool deck to remove all the red dust from last weeks dust storm, which i had been putting off doing. Am hoping to get something going down there.

Hope all are well

I've been having some fairly strong BH for a couple of weeks and (TMI) everyt ime DH and I do the deed, I lose some plug. Oh the person who said you thought it was plug, it certainly sounds like it to me, but it can happen heaps of times before labour comes on sad
I have tested positive to strep B for the first time (3rd child) which surprised me a little.
I'm also going to request a sweep a few days before my due date so that hopefully will get things happening while my sister is visiting so I have one less thing to think about (she will look after the kids while I am in labour) otherwise DH might have to miss the birth:-(
Also bub has moved from LOA to ROA (back on my rightside) and is apparently not engaged but the doc can only feel 4/5 of the head above the pelvis so, I think surely that means bub is slightly engaged?

Hi again

Babyuno, i have been trying to find a clinical way to describe a sweep to you and i finally found 1 thats easy to understand from the mother and baby mag : "A sweep is when your midwife or doctor will sweep around the inside of your cervix to seperate it from the amniotic sack to stimulate the release of prostaglandlins to trigger labour." A little better than my last explenation.

No ones been on this morning so i hope everyones having betta luck than me trying to start something.
My husband wants me to go sometime over the weekend so he can start his 2 weeks holidays and doesent have to go back to work after the long weekend.

well hope everyone is well. Good luck and will check back in later.

good morning

It is very quiet on here this morning so I hope there is someone in labour or have had their baby. I would love to go over the weekend but it is my nephews birthday tomorrow so that day is out. My other 3 children have been born on Sundays so fingers crossed this one is aswell and it is this Sunday.

Have a great day

sorry posted twice
[Edited on 02/10/2009]

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

I hope we hear some more baby news soon.

I'm due tomorrow and DS doesnt look like he wants to come out yet.
I had to go to the delivery suite yesterday because i've been extremly itchy the last few days and looks like i'm getting cholestasis again(had it last pregnancy) but the hossy is so full at the moment they have to send all pre term women to other hospitals and there are no induction spots until next friday. so i have to go back on monday and get more bloods and ctg done again and if my levels are still rising they will have to induce me earlier.
I'm just really worried now because with cholestasis the closer you are to due date the more risks there are to the baby and it looks like i will be over by the time I have him

Jaymi - I know how you feel i a so over being pregnant i have really bad right hip pain it's making me limp and some times it is too painful to walk, also i'm being kept up at night because i'm itchy.
You might not go over or bubs might come on their own before the induction date

Lets hope we get some more babies over the long weekend

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hey girls

Erin- what is cholestasis? I've never heard of it.... well i don't think i have.

I wonder if jewels is holding her bubba yet?

I'm having a pretty off day today, all i want to do is sleep but DD won't allow for that one... she is always getting herself into trouble lol.

I finish up work tomorrow, can't wait till its over but i have to start at 6am yuck!

Anyways labour vibes to everyone and hopefully we have some more babies arriving soon.

Actually Alana have you had the twins haven't seen you around for a couple of days????


Kez - It's where the liver stops processing bile properly and causes extreme itchyness (no matter how much you scratch it doesnt go away) and can also cause jaundice and bleeding problems during birth. Also if you have it there is a 15% higher chance of still birth especially the closer you are to being due so thats why i am stressing right now and am really hoping he decides to come out on his own this weekend.

I'm having a crap day here too the girls are running around like lunatics DD#2 is screaming over everytihng and i have no patience at all today and DH usually finishes at 12 on fridays but has to stay back

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Crap.....fingers crossed he comes very soon and hope those levels don't rise anymore. Ill be thinking of you sending you all the labour vibes in the world!!!!

well have not been in for a while and it sounds like many people are over it just like me lol. 3 weeks to go and counting lol - at this stage I am having induction on 21st BUT have to get another scan done next week to see if they are going to bring it forward further (fingers crossed please)

My feet are so swollen now that I can barely walk around the super market to do the groceries and by the end of the day my ankles and calfs are all the same size sad

baileysmummy05 - sure does sound like your plug sweets - can take a few days and break away a bit at a time if you are not already I would suggest you start wearing a pad when you go out as it can get... ewwwweeee lol How exciting for you WOOT

Well this little man will not put his head down grrr come on baby we all want to meet you

Stay safe and rest well everyone


Leigha''s little men smile

hi girls

Erin - do they also pick up the chol(sp?) in a blood test?. i have had itching at night but hubby and i are putting it down to these dust storms and being so much dirt in the air..
i keep putting off my 36 week blood test. oh well i will do it on monday unless QML are open tomorrow. but who cares 37 weeks and 1 day wouldn't hurt would it as long as results are in by thursday of next week at my following midwife appt..

i'm off to my GP tomorrow morning, after last mondays episode at hospital with that stupid trainee doctor or whatever. i want to put my mind at ease a bit cos i keep thinking about it. so will see her tomorrow i am sure she will appreciate it as i don't think the midwife clinic updates her.

Zaralea - have you been in for your s&s?. hope this gets things started for you..

Lana - Yes it is picked up via blood test. A liver function test gives an indication but it doesnt always show stright way this is what i got yesterday and it showed the particular enzyme rising
They can also do a bile acid test which is more accurate but this takes up to 2 weeks to come back.

With the itching if it is keeping you up at night definatly mention it to your gp tomorrow, does the itch go away when you scratch? it is usually so bad that it lasts hours or all day/night and no matter how much you scratch or what you try scratching with it just wont go away

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

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