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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss

Big congrats to those who have had your bubs.....and good luck to everyone else smile
I was due 26th Oct but am being induced 15th. Its our 3rd bub and he's estd to be 3.8kg at birth and i only have a small pelvis. Had some trouble delivering my second (3.3kg) and my first was only 2.6kg.
Like some mums said, you get used to a certain plan - i thougt natural birth at full induction in 2 weeks! Just takes some mental adjustment. Trying not to panic as I don't feel ready and have lots left to do...but nothing huge, just some cooking and xmas shopping. Just hard to do with a 3yo and 18mth home with me 24/7, as some of you know! Will make the most of the next 2 weekends when hubby is around to babysit, thats for sure smile
Take care everyone
Woot! We are offically in OCTOBER!!!! Bring on the babies i say.

Its 1 am and im wide awake with a really sore back. I tried going to sleep but it was aching heaps and Matt won't stop snoring. Just finished my last wed night close, was hoping for a crusing night but it wasn't to be, it was so busy, work also had ppl in updated the whole system and the boss was in doing monthly stock take. Crazy. One more shift left on saturday, can't wait to have a break.

Welcome LBad!!!!

2 weeks to go for me and i can't wait!!


Hi Ladies,

I am a relative of Jewels smile (I popped in on the other page)

Just a quick update: Jewels is awaiting a C-Section. She has been in hospital the last couple of nights. Hopefully today will be the day she gets to hold her baby girl smile smile

Hi Everyone

Haven't been on here in ages, my computer has been running like poo and can not open any pages, so its back to normal now yeah.

CONGRATULATIONS - Princess Bubba Bump on your beautiful girl love the name my neice in law has the same name but spelt Marlee (personally i like your spelling better smile)

Hope everyone is keeping well. Only less than 3 weeks left for me i hope. My midwife has put me on raspberry leaf tea x 3 per day, 3 x evening primrose capsules and she also told me to stimulate my nipples to hopefully bring on labour or help engage bub, still 4/5 for the past couple of weeks and will not progress any further, so i am hoping that does not mean i am going to go overdue. Although i do feel like i have dropped overnight and bub is going to fall out lol smile

Anyway i think i have rambled on enough i will try to keep up more now that i am back on line.

Take Care

i keep eating cheesecake and I cannot stop!!

Bubs is due in 1 week and 2 days but nothing is happening, no mucas plug, no contractions nothing! I am so jealous of theose on here that have already meet their little people and those who know what is going on!

anyways have a great day all! I have midwife appointment today so maybe I will know more then!

back to the cheesecake smile

All the best for Jewels! Hope all goes well for her.

Posted by: _Janey_

Bubs is due in 1 week and 2 days but nothing is happening, no mucas plug, no contractions nothing! I am so jealous of those on here that have already meet their little people and those who know what is going on!

Janey I am due in two days and I still don't feel like I'm anywhere near ready for this baby to come! I have had no signs. I'm seeing my midwife today I think she is going to do a sweep so fingers crossed that reaps some results smile

Is anyone else having the most appalling sleeps??? I am not having such a great time. I long for one good night before baby arrives!
Hope all are well. x

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

i am having terrible nights sleep aswell. if iam not up going to the toilet my 2yo is up. i also have had no signs that this baby is coming i still have 2 weeks to go which is annoying because my last 2 came 3 1/2 weeks early. I am just being impatient.

congrates to those who have had the babies

I have just come from midwife. Because she was heading to the hospital for another labouring patient, she is going to do a sweep tomorrow. Yay! She is also going to monitor bubby and see what he's up to! Maybe he will arrive on his date....

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

B - Good luck to Jewels, I hope everything goes well with the c-section.

After seeing my midwife yesterday, I had pains from her digging her hands in feeling bubs position. She is 4/5 engaged.

Sorry if tmi...but i just went to the toilet & got a chunk of clear/yellowish mucous when i wiped. Would I be losing my plug? There was no blood in it & it was really thick & rubbery. (again sorry tmi...i didn't get to go naturally wth ds & have no idea!) I have a really weird sensation down there today as's also my nanas b'day & one of the days i do not want bub to come!


Good luck Jewels - hope you get to hold your little on really soon.

I'm with all the girls that have not really had any signs that their baby is on the way - No mucus loss but I have been having some period like pain on and off especially when I'm on my feet for a while.

I can't believe that it's October the month that our babies are all due - it's very very exciting to think that we will have lots of birth announcements soon.

I too haven't had any signs that baby is ready to come.

I went to my OB yesterday and he told me that he thought the baby was breech. So he booked me in for an ultrasound. We took the kids to the movie UP, then went to the US. The baby was breech and big apparently. Went back to the OB where he said he could try to turn it or book me in for a C-section on Friday. I asked him to turn it, as I have school and kinder aged children and would need to drive after having the baby. He was able to turn it thankfully. Didn't sleep well last night as I was on a roller-coaster of emotions. But I too don't sleep well at night atm. The US also showed that my cervix hadn't dilated. So I don't think I will be going into labour soon. My due date is tomorrow.

Hi girls, congrats everyone who's on their way to having their babies - I can't wait! Excuse my ignorance but what is a 'sweep' and when do you get it done??
My partner said at our next appt the ob said he was going to do something internal which may get things moving along - I think that's probably what you're referring to but I don't even remember the ob saying that to us!
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