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Hi Heidiljk,
It's very cool that our kids are the same age, I'm 32yo how old are you?
I'd been thinking this baby might come early too but only time will tell, my OB says you tend to do the same as the last time/s and I was 3 weeks over with my first and induced early for the other 2 so who knows...
I've had heaps of braxton hicks today which is exciting but they're very strong so time will tell whether they develop into anything else. Unfortunately I've got to wait longer than you as I'm not due until the 25th.
My OB said at my check yesterday that baby's head is engaged and well positioned so that's one good thing! I have a sizing scan on Monday to see where we go as far as inducing this one, so far the OB says we'll probably go right up to 39 or 40 weeks but not past my due date. Will discuss more with her on the 12th.
I had to laugh about your 7yo, my 10yo did the same thing but unfortunately not because of him being loyal to the Saints, but because he lost the footy tipping!!! LOL. He had the exact pic at 1/2 time and was so excited that he'd win but it wasn't to be!
Anyway, take care, hope this week is going smooothly, I'm enjoying a quiet week for once which is a really nice change.
Take care everyone, can't wait for more birth announcements!
from Jacqueline.

Mum of 4 blessings - TAS.

Congratulations to Princess_Bubba_Bump - how exciting and what a pretty name. 4 girls what a delight! I hope you enjoy these early days with Mahli and that your girls bond quickly too.

I had wanted to comment on your post from Sunday regarding bein crabby as I'm struggling with that too, I find that by the time the children are getting home from school I'm tired and find it difficult to be patient with them. My hubby went to Darwin last Wed for 5 nights (we're in TAS) and I cried so much when he left I had to go clean some windows to get over it!!! Have had lots of tears every now and then and been very spontaneous which is quite funny!

I really want to be more patient and give each of my 3 children the quality time and love they deserve rather than snapping at what I see them doing wrong, praising them for doing things right. Anyway, that's a part of parenting I guess!

Take care all.


Mum of 4 blessings - TAS.

heya all

Congrats Alissa on the safe arrival of Mahli... I just love her name!
Doc said our princess is in a good posi but not yet engaged - she is wriggling way too much still... I am happy to hold on until about 38 weeks anyway hehe!
Sending everyone good and quick labour vibes.
Neets x

Hi everyone,
I haven't been on here for ages but have been reading all your posts. Can't believe how close we are all getting and obviously many more birth announcements we will all be reading soon - Congratulations Alissa on the birth of ur little girl hope you have a gr8 first few days with her!
Finally finished work last friday so enjoying being home relaxing waiting for our little man to make his big arrival and making final touches to his room!
Had midwife appointment last week our little man is 3/5ths and also measuring a few weeks ahead of due date, they have also said we should expect a 7-8pound little man.
hope everyone has a very relaxing week and safe arrivals of your little ones.
If anyone wants to add me to facebook I am Erin Trenwith (pic is of me and my partner)

hi girls

congrats Alissa on the safe arrival of Mahli...i love the name my cousin's little girl is also Mahli (she is part Dutch) her son's name is Ari..

wow!!!! it feels so real now the countdown is really on.. wasn't someone supposed to be getting induced monday just gone?? Zaralea you are getting close too only 3 days til your due date..

Alana - oh goodness about the size difference in your babies. wishing you all the best in whatever they decide..

I have an antenatal appt today...hopefully it is the last. I cannot wait for this baby to be born, I was induced a week early with my son & the thought of going overdue with this one annoys me.

I have been trying nipple stimulation the past few days. I read that it should be done for 20 minutes with a small break then repeated over.

I'm so tired today sad My son has a specialist appt at the Mater as well, so it's going to be a long day. Ds wakes me up every morning to get his brekky when df is sitting on the couch watching tv! That didn't go down well today considering I was up all night with heartburn & aching arms.


Congrats Alissa on the birth of your beautiful little girl

I am so over being pregnant only 3 days to my due date.
Had my hossy appt yesterday and the OB did an internal and cervix is still closed so looks like bubs is not looking at making an appearance any time soon.

I also had to get a CTG done due to hardly any movements and i have to do a kick chart, has anyone else done this before?

Alana - I hope all is well with your little ones and they look at inducing you soon, it's hard enough carrying 1 baby

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hi everyone,

I know I am really really late coming in here lol but I was a November mum who has now been changed to an October mum lol
I was due on the 2nd on Nov but due to a few things and then a scan at 32weeks they have given me an approximate induction date of the 21st Oct - this is to be confirmed next week (36 weeks) when I have another sizing scan and said it could be moved further forward or become a C-sec.
Bub is not properly head down but as this is not my first they said that is normal and might not happen till I am in labour, I am a bit concerned about just how big this little man will be lol at my last scan he was in the 96th percentile so...

Congrat's to those who have already welcomed their new little bundles into the world and good luck for those who will be delivering soon

[Edited on 30/09/2009]

Leigha''s little men smile

Wow, haven't checked the computer for a day and there is so much happening!

Welcome Mahli - what a beautiful name and sounds like a very quick labour.

Stefs17 & Alana - wow next week you will both be holding your bubs. So exciting.

Lana - don't blame you for being pissed off. I would be too.

I'm also having trouble with my bladder. I think I need to go to the loo and when I sit on the toilet I can't do anything. I find I have to stand up for a little bit then squat back down again and everything is fine.
[Edited on 30/09/2009]

Hey everyone

Had my docs appointement today and my little man is measuring 40wks when im only 39wks. yeah!!!
The good news is he is fully engaged and she thinks he is measuring a wk ahead because i am so small myself and there is no room at all left for him.
Spoke to her about my bladder issues and she said to keep emptying my bladder fully by squating in the shower, drink heaps of water to help reduce the risk of bladder infection cause this can also lead to kidney infection. I have to call the birthing suit if it gets to much to handle. Apart from that just wait it out until i have my hospital appointement on tue 6th and tell them.

I also took my 2yr old because he has had a chesty cough for 3 days and turns out he has a middle ear infection and she is also testing him for whooping cough just incase with the new baby due anytime.

Wow what a day i have had. Thank god im home. I can not wait for my little man to make his enterence into the world. The funny thing is, i really cant wait to feel those contractions that tell you this is it. I dont care how painful they are, it will be good just to no its starting and this is it.

Has anyone had any signs yet??

Sorry about the long post.
Hi Leigha. You must be excited to know you will meet your baby sooner, I know someone who was told she was 5 weeks ahead & only ended up having a 7lb baby. Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy.

Posted by: KylesMaree
The funny thing is, i really cant wait to feel those contractions that tell you this is it. I dont care how painful they are, it will be good just to no its starting and this is it.

That is exactly how I feel this time....labour & the pain isn't scaring me too much yet, I just want it over with!


hey everyone, we're all gettin so close, and congrats to the ladies that have already had their babies..

also congrats to Princess_Bubba_Bump.. funny thing is you've namesd your little girl mahli jae? if i have a girl it will be marlee jean. very similar names aren't they

my due date has been changed it's not longer october 2nd, it's oct 11th. i wish it was in two days.
I'm getting a stretch and sweep on the 7th, so hopefully that will speed things up.

Best of luck to you all xo

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