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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss


hope you have an awesome day!

Yay, getting induced sometime nxt week, jus waiting until theres a time available grin so excited to meet my bubba!
hello ladies,

had my midwife appt last night. she wasn't really any good i thought (new midwife) she didn't properly feel for my uterus. she hardly touched me and said i was measuring at 34 weeks..the idiot was measuring in line with bubs foot..

i lost more of my plug while i was up there. she checked it and said yes definatly plug that is coming away no blood yet. no internal nothing..

walked away quite pissed off last night that's for sure..

Stef - that's good news for you - hope the next week passes by quickly for you.

Jewels - all the best with the appointment, will be checking for an updated

Lana- that sucks!

I had my follow up ob appointment today after my scan last week to check my placenta and it is as I thought....I'm transfering from the Birth centre to the Hospiatal for the birth of this's not that they anticipate a problem but it's a precaution and I'd rather be safe than sorry. The labour rooms at the hospital have everything that Birth Centre do other than the double bed so the only difference is that my husband and I might need to advocate for ourselves a little more than we would have at the birth centre.

On a plus bub is engaged which means that my placent is not stopping him or her from decending into the pelvis which is a very very good sign.

I also had my first pedicure today - OMG it was amazing!!!! feel so pampered!!!

Take care everyone and rest up - we will have our babies in our arms before we know it.

Hey all!!

Just popping in to let you all know our beautiful daughter Mahli Jae was born at 12.56am Monday 28/9 weighing 6lb 12oz.

My waters broke Sunday at 4pm contractions followed but were not strong but had to stay in the hospital while they progressed and because when we arrived bub was not in a good position. I got full on contractions 3 minutes apart from about 9.30 pm so it was all very fast.

Will pop back in asap smile Good luck to everyone else!!

Oh yeah and it was nipple stimulation that worked to get me going! This was the 1st time my waters had broken on thier own! The stimulation also helped to regulate and strengthen my contractions smile

Congratulations Alissa on the arrival of Mahli!!!!

Can't wait to see some pics, i bet she is just gorgeous!

[Edited on 29/09/2009]

ooooh congrats!!! so glad she arrived safely!

Congratulations Alissa, all the best for your first few days!
Thought I should let you all know that I wasn't in Labour after all it was a false start. Horrible pain but atleast now I feel prepared for when it starts for real.
Midwife is going to do a membrane sweep at the end of the week as she leaves the country next week and I'm due on Saturday so unless he decides to come before then fingers crossed the sweep will provide some results. Still feeling pretty good. Sorry to the mums who are having dramas at the mo with where and when they have to deliver, it's no fun!
Belly rubs and labour vibes all round. Who will be next.....

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

congratulations alissa and family on mahlis (gorgeous name BTW) arrival smile] cant wait to see pics

well it looks like i could be getting induced on monday - have an appointment with the specialist on friday to talk about it and make a final decision.

my midwife said she got a little upset when she saw the scan results as everything had been going so well up til now lol
Alissa- Congratulations on your little girl!!! Looking forward to seeing some pics smile

Jazminsmum - Thanks for the b'day wishes. That was a nice surprise to see in here smile

Jewels - I have heard of women who have delivered naturally after a c-section. I understand how it could be upsetting being told now you may need one, I hope you are feeling better about it now. The recovery may be longer, but it is worth it if it is best for bub.

I'm so jealous of you ladies starting to get contractions or getting close to having an induction date. I'm due next Friday & so ready for this bub. I've been getting stronger bh, but no real signs of labour starting soon.


Congratulations Alissa, what a beautiful name. Glad all went well and enjoy your new little bub.

Zaralea, I had a membrane sweep with my 1st and although it hurt i will be asking for another 1 on my due date which is when i have my next hospital appointement. It worked very well with my 1st. Had it done on the Tue arvo and had a show by the time id drove home. Contractions started early wed morn. Didnt have him until thur morn but that was because he was posteria and got stuck and had to be vacuumed out.

Is anyone else having trouble emptying there bladder. I have to squat in the shower to empty propley because of the pressue i am having. Got docs appointement 2morrow so i will speak to her about it.

Only 8 days to go and counting.

Maybe we all should try the nipple stimulation, i had read it worked but havent tried it yet. Maybe i will now.

Take care all and hopefully some more announcements soon.
Good Luck.
Yes definitely having trouble emptying the bladder, and feel the need to at least once an hour when she moves her head or hands, can be quite uncomfortable!
I was told you need to do nipple stimulation for AGES for it to work, like hours! But hey, I'll try anything if I get to my due date seeing as they apparently won;t let me go over because I'm trying for a VBAC.
I think I might ask for a sweep too if I get to the day before my due date and no sign of bub.

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