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Oh Jewels, that's not good news at all...I went through the worry of maybe having to have a c-section a few weeks ago - I have placenta previa (low lying placenta) and I cried and cried as I really did not want to have one at all so I can totally relate and if one more person said to me whatever is best for you and the baby I was going to punch them - you know it's best but for 37 weeks you had your heart set on doing it one way and mentally prepared yourself and then you get told that that way is most probably not going to happen it's pretty devistating. You knida have to do a mental shift and it takes a while to be ok with it.

I do hope things work out for you....know we are here if you need to vent.

Jewels, I had a c section with DS (2008) and a natural birth with DD (2006). I found regarding afterwards, the pain was just in a different place, no better or worse for either. I know things are different for everyone but don't worry about the c section if you end up with one, the nurses look after you really well after a c section and it only hurts for a few days and they let you have whatever pain meds you need or ask for pretty much.
At the time of the birth it is so much easier to have the c section smile

Thanks girls. Its definitely a change of mindset, which is really hard to contemplate.

I'm definitely happy as that she's doing okay health wise, i just hope she doesn't have clicky hips or anything.

Both my elder sister (first born) and my cousin (first born) were birthed breech, and have had hip issues their entire life (cousin even had to have hip replacements and shes only in her early 30s, had them done in her early 20s).

I know thats 30 years ago and things have changed, but I just hope she won't have to deal with the same issues.

I'm trying to stay on the bright side, and hubby is helping heaps, she looked soo pretty in her scan hehe, got to see her swallow/lick her lips and rub her eyes, it was soo cute.

Has anyone had a vaginal birth after a c-section birth? Because I heard quite a few ob's and midwifes don't like doing them??? If she does come c-section, I kinda hope the next one will be able to be birthed naturally.

Hope everyone is still keeping up *HUGS* to everyone, I think we all need em grin


Jewels smile

Sorry to hear about your news Jewels, i couldn't imagine being told now that I would have to have a c section. Keep your chin up, we are all here for you, huge hugs for ya. Did they say when they would be doing it?

hi everyone

well had a huge cleaning splurge today and now i can't walk my hips are so sore. I hope that is a sign the bubs is on his way. I have been such a crabby cow the last week i am sick of it so i feel really sorry for my husband and other 3 boys but i guess they will get over it lol.

well i hope everybody is having a fantastic day and goodluck to those that are in labour.(lucky things lol)

hi everyone,

im still in hospital, i get my final answer about being induced tmoro morning, the Dr said he would rather do it at 39weeks so i agreed, jus hoping the head Dr will say yes now!

i was walking alot yesterday and using stairs along with moving my hips round in a motion as if i was using a hoola hoop, i ended up losing my plug, and having more heavy pains so im hoping il go eary naturally anyways, 38weeks tomorrow but im not sure i can hold on until 40weeks and possibly going over due, hopefuly they will agree to induce me and i may be able to still have a natural birth, bubs is still posteria and im trying everything to get her to turn but nothing is happening as yet!

sorry for the long post, goodluck to you all you ladies xx
huge hugs jewels. will your dr/midwife look at trying to manually turn bubs or is it too late for that?

i had another growth scan this arvo. twin 1 is approx 5lb 2oz and twin 2 is approx 7lbs. if thats any where near right it means twin 1 has only gained 1lb in 4 weeks where as twin 2 has gained 2.5-3lbs in the same time

if it is right im hoping my midwife (i have an appointment tomorrow arvo) will agree to induce me early as to me that is a huge difference. if she does agree ill ask for it to be done friday arvo/night so that way ill only be closer to 37 weeks so only just over a week early
I was just reading the last couple of pages as I haven't looked at the thread since my MC sad Weird to think I could have been due in 3 weeks! Oh well I am lucky to have got another BFP on sunday.
Jewels - a mum in my mums group had a C-section first time (her mum had all c-sections and so did her sister. But as it got closer for the second time, the OBDR talked her into trying a vaginal birth and it all went fine.
Hope all is going well for you mums and mums to be.


congratulations on your BFP kim smile]

sending you lots of sticky dust
Morning ldies,

Had a quick read of everyone's threads and im thinking of you all. I truly hope things will fall into place and before yu know it holding a heathly baby.

Im going on 5 hours sleep im exhausted had contractions last night but they did progress. sad Still have 15 days, till due date. My DS has a infection so his on antibioates which is making life a little stressful.

Tick Tock for everyone and labour thoughts all around. xxx

Take care ladies.

Sarah xx
I will be meeting with an obstetrician this afternoon at 4pm, it looks like what I could have is called "Oligohydramnios" - which means low amounts of amniotic fluid - so she will confirm that with another scan and discuss my options.

Bubs is fine, so its not a birth defect or anything by the sounds of it, thank goodness grin, but apparently not having a certain amount of amniotic fluid at this stage (37 weeks) could cause issues, like low oxygen etc. So far bub's is still moving around daily, but we don't wanna risk her movements slowing down, so hence the rush.

As for trying to turn her, will ask the Obstetrician tonight, but it looks like there isn't enough fluid to even consider turning her from Breech, it might cause more harm than good, so I think a C-Section is high on the cards.

***Thank you everyone for all your support!! I've come a bit more to terms with a c-sec, I know a lot opt for one, but I was really hoping to experience the feeling of giving birth, hopefully will with the next one grin

Will keep you guys informed as I find out more, you never know, I might have my little girl in my arms REALLY SOON!!! grin grin grin

Sorry for my long posts smile


Jewels smile

Goodluck at your obs appt today Jewels.

Alana how did your midwife appt go? So will you be getting induced?


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