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Posted by: heidiljk
i wish this baby would hurry up iam soooooooo over it the heart burn is driving me crazy.

is anybody else having #4 or 5?

I'm so over being pregnant too and wish this little man would come out soon.
This is bub #4 for me

I came down with the kids stomach bug on wednesday night and felt soooo bad was up most of the night thankfully i'm better today it's DD#1 4th birthday and we are having a small party just family tomorrow and i have so much to organise

I had a few little niggles yesterday morning I was hoping it would go on to full on contractions but they went away after awhile i think it was just from all the vomiting and stuff

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

I have 27 days to go, and i haven't been given any idea of the babies size or position. Except that it is head down. My Ob doesn't want to see me until 38 weeks... so i haven't had an appointment with docs or midwife for weeks!!
This is my third pregnancy so i am not worried about anything, everything feels pretty normal.

I did have both my other babies early (1 month early, and two weeks early). So i am trying to get as ready as i can just in case this one is early also. This nesting instinct thing has only just hit me though!! i feel like there is so much to do.. and so little time.

Good luck to everyone, we will be seeing our little treasures oon!
Fiona - Good luck for monday

Cassie - Target has had Huggies nappies on sale for $32. I have bought a few boxes there.

2 weeks from today until my due date. I am sooo over it, I just want this baby out now!

Is anyone else suffering from carpal tunnel? I get it so bad I wake up all through the night with my hands & arms in pain sad As well as needing to pee 4 times a night. I can't wait to be able to sleep properly will be so much better waking up to a beautiful baby.


I haven't had an ultrasound since 20 weeks either!! So i can't wait to see my bub.I'm not sure how they get a size or weight??!!

I had carpel tunnel really bad with my second pregnancy. My doc told me it would go away after pregnancy, when i was not retaining so much fluid. But it didn't. Apparently breast feeding makes it bad aswell because of the extra fluid retention. I ended up having the surgery on my right hand/wrist almost a year after my second was born.
It hasn't bothered me this pregnancy though.... even in my left hand/wrist.
Saw the specialist and he said i would be going into hospital for a few days for best rest and to be induced on tuesday, my pelvis is apparently narrow and thats the reason why bubs hasn't engaged yet because she/he cant get her/his head through...! Its possible i may need a C/S, but the midwives keep over righting his decision, and im not sure whats going on! find out later on today if i have a bed in the hospital and i have to find out whats happening with being induced, its been written in my notes that i will be induced on tuesday but the midwifes are saying different!
i had to get an ultrasound to see how big bubs is, she is approx 2.8kgs with HC of 32, i will be 38weeks on tuesday so im worried if they do make me wait, bubs head will get bigger and may not get the chance to deliver naturally!!

sorry for the long post!! hope everyone else is getting the info they need!
To find out size they usually measure ur tummy and feeling it and aS for weight its only an estimate but they get that from the measurements at an ultrasound, if ur midwife/dr isnt worried about size baby will be a good size smile

Hi heidiljk, I am suffering heart burn today too which is a bummer cause DH is out of the state and I've ordered pizzas for tea for me and the kids - that's not going to be fun come bedtime when I'm suffering reflux!

This is baby #4 for me, I have DS 10, DS 7, & DD 2, we are expecting another girl due 1 month today according to dates, or 3 weeks according to 20wk scan. I have another scan on Monday week.

I've had really bad pain today, got in the car to take boys to school and broke out in a cold sweat and goosebumps with period type pain, have had it on and off all day. Baby still moving so that's the main thing I guess, but not fun. ouch... there it is again...

Have a nice weekend.

Mum of 4 blessings - TAS.

Reading everyone's updates really shows how close we really all are to meeting our's kinda exciting but I still have to pinch myself to make sure that this is all really happening to me - I mean you think the big belly would make reality hit home but don't think it will dawn on me that this baby is truly ours until we actually get to bring it home.

I don't remember who asked if anyone else was worried about thier baby not being healthy but I'm going to put my hand up - It worries me a lot but then I have to say to myself that I'm not going to be given anything I can't handle but yes it is a bit scary.

Not much else is going on with me atm just hanging out for next Tuesday to see ob. I have also written my birth plan and am in the process of organising hospital and labour bag.

This is my 3rd bub and neither of the first 2 ever engaged before labour started, so that may not mean your bub doesn't fit smile I don't know roughly how much the head is supposed to grow in the last few weeks but every baby is different, DD did not grow much in the last few weeks but DS grew heaps and so even if you have the scan to try and guess how big baby will be when they are born, it is still not overly accurate. The only way to tell is when they are born and get on the scales:-)

Hey ladies.
Haven t been on for a while but im at mums for a while 2night so thought id catch up on the goss lol
I got sent for a scan on weds to check bubs size as she hadn't grown in 2weeks so midwife wanted to check. the scan person said shes average size and may just be measuring small coz i don't have the normal amount of fluid... wot ever that means hahahahaha I got her estimated weight as 5.86 pounds lol

Question... When the midwife writes in the pregnancy book 1/5 does that mean that bubs has stared to engage??

Yay 39 weeks, only one official week left!
Yup Samantha it means her 1/5 of her head has descended into your pelvis!
I'm getting nervous. I can't wait to meet him, I just hope I can hack it. Every time I get a tummy pain I wince and think contractions are worse then this but this hurts! I'm sure I'll manage just like everybody else. Looking forward to hearing the first of the birth stories so belly rubs to all!

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

I thought so Just wasn't to sure lol
Aww yay how exciting for you smile hehe
Zaralea I think i still got ya number somewhere written down lol I gave you mine ae??? Ill give ya a text now so u got it lol u so gota txt me wen ya lil man arrives lol
I keep having dreams that im going to have baby early lol its always between the 12-14th of october to lol last night it was the 13th lmao going to creep me out if she comes on one of those dates!!

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