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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss

I hope everyone that has been sick is feeling better. I could not imagine being that sick atm must be totally horrible.

Had my third u/s today.....not totally what we were hoping for....placenta is still sticky and has not moved much so probably going to have to drop out of bith centre and birth in hospital....not totally sure what's going to happen yet though as my ob appointment which was meant to be tomorrow has been cancelled and now I have to wait until next week....have decided to begin packing a bag for the hospital as this is my most likely option right now and not having one done is doing my head in.

Lots and lots of sex!!! That's how i went into labour with my ds!! lol. Im ont the raspberry tea tablets also wasn't with Joel. I cant believe 22 days! I think i have already told you all that.

xxx Have a good night.
nothing worked for me to get DS to arrive early or on time even. I was taking raspberry tea tablets, we had lots of sex-well as much as i could stand, i tried castor oil, eating curry going for a long walk, and on my due date we went 4wdriving on the powerlines track. So this time i'm just not going to try anything and wait. sofar i'm still wanting this bub to be late and born on halloween!

OMG so excited!!! I got accepted for the house i applied for. I can't move in untill the 10th so its a bit close to when bub is due but its a small 5x2 and i'll still have 16 days till my due date, my mum and big brother are going to move all my stuff and unpack for me.

- Naomi

Dean Alex 14/09/2007 ; Adrian James 08/10/2009

Hi Everyone

Thanks to all the ladies who posted about Daycare. At this stage I am going to pull DD out and see how that goes. I may join a playgroup so she is still getting to play with other kids her age.

Had ob app last Thur. Babys head is engaged! I noticed a few of you are saying that you are 1/5, 3/5 etc. what does that mean exactly???? Also, I have read that with 1st preg head can be engaged 2-4 wks before birth but with subsequent preg engagement means that the birth is very very close. Those ladies that are engaged, is this 1st or subsequent preg?

I have officially finished work so very happy about that. Thought the day would never come. My boss took me out to lunch and I was given a $100 Coles/Myer voucher which was great. Just trying to think of what to buy as I have just about everything I need. But I am sure there will be something that I havent thought of yet.

Not long to go now and there is only 1 name DP and I can agree on so I hope it suits bubby when born.

Hope everyone is feeling well and getting as much sleep as possible this close to due dates. I think last night I must of got about 4 hours sleep which is so frustrating. I just couldnt get into a comfortable position.

Anyway, its getting late and I need to get to bed. I hope I sleep well tonight!!!!!

Take care

naomi - we are moving the same weekend lol DP and our parents are going to move us while i supervise (if i havent had these boys by then) lol

jazzys mum - this is my second pregnancy and last week twin 1 was 1/5 engaged. i can never remember if that means he is just starting to engage or is fully engaged as some midwives/OBs say that 5/5 is just starting and 1/5 is fully but others seem to do it the opposite - too confusing for me lol
Kez - I'm still here lol. DH of course was not "in the mood" last night!! I wasn't going to tell him thatI had started to lose my plug but did then regretted it lol. I keep telling him its going to be a grand final baby.

Jazzysmum - None of my babies engaged at all before labour! This is my 3rd and it is not engaged Dr put 5/5 so guessing that means its head is in the right place.

Alana - I can't believe you are still hanging in there, stubborn little boys lol smile

Well the weather here is soooooo crappy so looks like I will be cleaning all day today lol. Hopefully a good amount of moving might shake bub out wink

Hope everyone has a good day xx

Hi Princess Bubba - so glad that bubs has turned!

We also had our u/s and our bubs has not turned and doesn't look likely to as it has run out of room. Nearly measuring full term already. Soooo we are booked in for c section next week. Now I am going full steam trying to get the house 'perfect'.

Finished painting the baby's room on Monday and now just doing odd jobs.

Not long now, All of a sudden 9 months has gone so quick!

Bups- Wow how exciting, I wish I had a definate date lol Good luck with the c section and I hope everything goes well with you and bub.

We have a house evaluation on Friday so we are going to be busy cleaning the next couple days, which will hopefully bring bub on, fingers crossed.
Seems like a few of us have had the Gastro bug, I was in ebd with it all day yesterday. DS picked it up from day care last week and was sick on Friday.

I was just thinking, would anyone be interested in adding people to their facebook accounts if you have one? I was on here when I was pregnant with DS and formed some great friendships with people. Plus when bubs come we probably won't have a lot of time to get on here so we can catch up on all the goss with the new bubs via facebook. Just a suggestion if anyone thinks it would be a good idea. I know some people are a bit weird about things like that and that's totally understandable.

It's so hot, I wish bub would just come now, the wind has been great though.
Better go and start on another room, hope everyone is getting over their bugs and getting ready for bubs arrival smile

Bups - how exciting to know when it will all be happening and I hope all goes well with the c-section

If anyone wants to add me to facebook i'm under Erin Richards and the photo is of DS in a blue shirt

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Bups thats pretty cool !!! All the best with your c-section, you'll have to let us know how it goes.

I can't believe our month is almost here!! Super excited.

Alissa i had such high hopes for you lol oh well not too much longer hey??

Jazzy's mum- I engaged with Jaz i think 2-3weeks but only 3/5 before i had her and i was still only 3/5 the day before i had her. This time ive been 3/5 for 4 weeks now. And i think 1/5 means fully engaged.

Mum to matt- a few of us have added each other already on FB. If you would like to add me its kerrie williams and my dp is of Jaz in a fairy outfit.

Geez my bubbie has been so active he just won't stop moving!! i think thats why im feeling so many aches and pains.

Have good day everyone


Mum to matt - My name is Melissa Amundsen & facebook pic is of my son on a swing.

Bubs is usually still very active & is being a little quiet today....hopefully that means labour isn't too far off starting. I went shopping yesterday & was having massive braxton hicks, I had to sit down & think I might have scared my sis a little, hehe.

Only 16 days to go!!!


mum to matt - if you want to add me its alana hartigan and my profile pic is of my bump smile

i am so close to begging my midwife to induce me now. i am so exhausted and i have been having braxton hicks every day for a week now.

DP and my brother both said last night that i have dropped even more - ill post a pic on FB later (im not sure whether to believe them or not - dont want to get my hopes up lol)

me and DD went and had our hair done today lol mine was a cut and colour and DDs was a cut to try and thicken it up (she has fine hair which keeps tangling)
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