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Mel - I agree bubs is probabaly just running out of room at this late stage.
If your not feeling bubs move much at all just give the hospital a call and they will tell you if you need to go in and be monitored.
I think it's atleast 10 movements in 12 hours you should be feeling at this stage of pregnancy

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

I've had the same - bub doesnt do as big kicks anymore but i still feel movements - but nowhere nearly as many as when i first started getting them.

Checked with my obstetrician about it - and basically as long as you are still feeling the little "stretching" type movements at this stage its fine - and as long as you get about the normal 10 required in a day.

I'm finding that i'm definately noticing a pattern as to when i get the kicks as well - apparently at this stage the sleeping patterns bub has now is roughly the same as when bub is in the world so it would make sense if a newborn was to sleep 20 hours a day you wouldnt feel a hell of alot of kicks every 5 seconds like I used to!

If you are worried - go and have a trace done - but I'm sure its perfectly normal wink
Hey all!!! I have a huge WOOHOO, bub is finally head down!!! Had my Dr app today and they checked, even got a little U/S which was nice smile

Can't remember who asked about not knowing bubs sex??..... BUT it is driving me nuts not knowing lol, I keep doing the guilt trip on DH as the only reason we didn't find out was because he didn't want to!

Well I hope everyone is having aa good day!! I am going to rest! School holidays are over here now so I am childless (well sort of lol) for the first time in 3 weeks smile

Hi, been a very long time since I have written on here but I read all of your posts regularly. Only 2 and a half weeks left for me.... very exciting but also very scary! I'm all packed I think and have everything ready I can considering we don't know the sex yet.

x0xmelx0x have you tried a hot water bottle for your back pain? I find that it helps me with any cramps or aches I get.

I have had a very sore groin for a couple of weeks which sux, and also my stomach muscles have separated and cause me quite a bit of grief but as long as the baby is healthy I will just put up with it for a couple more weeks, I have been very lucky up until now with health and aches and pains.

Hope everyone is healthy and excited xox Katie
I feel this baby way too much! It feels like she is facing my spine which is great for when I go in to labour, but for now it feels like she is beating up all my organs and it can be quite painful. I don't remember baby movements feeling this way last 2 times:-(

Hey Naomi,
Thanks for letting me know, hopefully i wont be stuck on the bed. I was with my 1st and this time i really want to be able to move around, not have to be conected to moniters and not be able to get up. It made me feel like i had less control over the birth. This time i want to be the one to control it.
Hope everyone is doing well.
i thought last night was going to be the night. I had contraction and period like pains regually for 2 hours but then it stoped and i went back to sleep, very diserpointed it wasent it. Gotta just love braxton hicks!!!
Hi Ladies

Hope everyone had a better weekend them me. Spent yesterday in the maternity ward, had gastro so bad it was just running out both ends (sorry tmi) even my nose started bleeding the same time I was vomiting. I had started having pains every 1/2hr then every couple of minutes and they were lasting 10-15seconds. Anyway they put the monitor on my belly for a little while and recorded bubs heartrate, my pulse and each pain I was having. Midwife was happy with recordings and pain must have been from vomiting. As I'm allergic to maxalon they had to give me the same injection they give cancer patients who have vomiting with chemo & radiation. Apparently it's stronger and wouldn't harm the baby. I haven't vomited today which is good and only been to the toilet once so least I am over the worst. Just hope the kids don't get it.

Must admit did start to panic when I was in pain thinking holy crap haven't packed my bag or got nursery ready. Still got so much to do. Haven't even got a name!

Had my 37week antenatal appt today, OBs referred me to a consultant next week to see about inducing me, cant live like this for 3 more weeks! so hopefully il be having my beautiful baby next week or the week after!! my due date is the 13th oct so hopefuly its before then!!

cant wait, im hanging out now!!
getting even more curious to know what im having getting soo anxious!!

Alissa - Glad to hear bubs has finally turned for you

My Girls - I hope you are feeling better and hope your kids dont catch it

DD#1 picked up a tummy bug last week from preschool and DS has been sick the last few days. Hopefully no one else gets sick it's DD#1 birthday on friday

I must be nesting(which i never did with the other kids) last week we got a skip and went through the garage and stuff and threw so much out then the last few days i have fixed up the spare room and set up some new draws, change table and stuff with bubs clothes and stuff.
Then today I cleaned out and re arranged the toy room. hmmm what to do tomorrow

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

There must be a bug going around, dp was up all night vomiting, and DS has been all day today, I hope I don't get it, and that DS stops vomiting soon. I co sleep i so don't want vomit all over my bed, yuck.

I applied for another house today, fingers crossed i get it. If I don't my dad said he will add his name to the lease.

Dean Alex 14/09/2007 ; Adrian James 08/10/2009

My girls- sorry to hear about your time in hospital! So scray!!We have three weeks to go and no names yet either!! They said 70 percent that it's a girl, but we both boys and girls clothes.

I was up all night Sunday vomiting, I felt like crap! Last night im not sleeping either! Having such a bad time at night. Im going to try the rasberry leaf tea and tablets! Going to buy them today! I want this baby out im exhausted. and very uncomfortable. My BH are there but not noticeable. Ever little niggle i feel i wake up, my partner is like hun, you will know that feeling when it comes. Well he rememebers lol.

Well im off to a new play group which i tried last week seems ok, DS likes the kids so gives me a few hours break.

HAve a nice day today!!

Hope everyone is feeling better and all the sickness has departed from the group.

So Alissa i seen your post in general..... has anything started to happen yet ???? Guess its prob still bit early but have fun in the bedroom lol hopefully it might get things started for ya. Sucks if nothing does happen lol. I remember with DD losing mine on the monday arvo had sex that night was in pre labour on tuesday and sex that night just to make sure it kept going (and for some reason i was strangly wanting it even though i hadn't wanted to do it the whole time i was preggers) and by wednesday i was in full blown labour and had her that night. So fingers X hey.

Anyways im totally bored and i don't want to do anything feeling lazy .

Take care everyone


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