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  5. hi to all the mums with april bubbas!!

hi to all the mums with april bubbas!! Lock Rss

Was just reading the april 2009 thread and their are a lot of babies due in april!!!
I am mum to Tahlia who is 3 1/2 with another one on the way...due in April also!
I found out I was pregnant today...i decided to do a HPT coz I sort of had an inkling that I might have been. It came up positive so I went and got a scan done and I am 8 weeks and 1 day today. Due on 14th April.


Hi im also due in April with my second bub due around the 9th. Ive got a scan on mon which im really looking forward to I had a miscarriage in may so im really anxious this time.
How have you been feeling? Did you get to 8weeks without knowing it? Ive been so sick the past couple of weeks not actually throwing up but i just feel yuk!!!
Take care

Hey...I've been feeling sickish but no morning sickness or anything like that which is great. With the last bub Tahlia, I found out when I was five months...which was a total shock...i nearly fell off the table when he told me at the scan!!!! Same here...I had one in November...only because I had a Q-Fever needle for the meatworks and didn't know I was pregnant. Which was a bit of a downer.
How far along were you when you found out?


hi kel,
would you like to come and join us in the april thread? we would love to have you in there. we have over 60 ladies due in april.
by the way my name is Cathy im due on the 16th april with #5.
hope to see you in there.

Hi There,

This is my first time on this, so all is new to me. i am completly shocked at the amount of ladies due on the 14th of April, i guess there was something in the ater that day.... I am actually 10 weeks and 5 days though so little confused our dates are the same.... weriod hay, oh well all doctors are different these days.

Hi...welcome to Huggies in that case!
I know...there are so many mums due in's unbelievable!
I am due on the 12th April they tell me...I am 11 weeks on monday. And counting!
How is your pregnancy going?


Hi Kel,

I have been pretty lucky so far, i had a few weeks of feeling nausious but that has subsided now, although if i don't eat regularly i get that feeling back again. Very tired but other wise can't complain. I have passed all my hurdles so far. We had a miscarriage just over a year ago with and IVF baby and had quiet some time off and our dr suggested we try Ai this time before going abck into the IVF and giess what we are hear! So i have been lucky enough to have 2 scans so far, 1 at 7 weeks and the other at 9 weeks, so i was able to see a beak at the growth of our little bubba, although my next scan is not for 2 weeks so this has been the longest wait and i'm dying to know what is happening in there..
What about you? Have you had a good pregnacy so far?

Hey! I've been pretty lucky so far also. Thank god for that. Feeling really tired all the time though unlike my last pregnancy. But other than that...pretty much all good.
We also had a miscarriage, November last year. I had to get a Q Fever needle as I was working at the Meatworks, and didn't know I was pregnant, so got the needle. A couple of days later I had a miscarriage. Very unfortunate but here I am again, pregnant and going aok!
My next scan is anywhere between next week and the week after for the Nucal Scan. Looking forward to seeing the bub again that's for sure!


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