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Girl middle names help!

Just yesterday I found out I'm having a little girl! My partner and I have two names chosen...

6 replies

Being a long name I think Isabella sounds great with a short middle name. Jane works really well! How about Isabella Skye, Isabella...


Earthy / edgy / beachy baby boy names

I'm expecting my 3rd baby, a boy, and am very stuck for names. My daughter is Airlie and son...

13 replies

How about Sol?


Trying to settle on a name

Hi. Need some outside opinions on our name we've chosen for our baby girl arriving soon. We ...

4 replies

I really like it. Go for it I say. Nice choice



Which do you prefer? Maelyn or Maylee? Middle name suggestions? Thanks

5 replies

I like Maylee Maylee Brianne, Maylee Jane, Maylee Ruth, Maylee Elizabeth, Maylee Claire


middle name help for my baby girl

We need help deciding on a middle name for our baby girl she is 5 days old. here is a list that w...

4 replies

Ella Grace; Ella Rose; Ella Maree. Good luck.


Help for 2nd boys name!!

Our first is WilLIAM (called Will). Was after some opinions for second boy. Options are: Blake Lu...

3 replies

Will & Hugh


Angelique likes Ethan, Elijah or Amelie. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

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Unique boy names.

So, I'm pregnant with my first. My partner and I are those who want different names for our ...

6 replies

Mel + 2 wrote: Bohdan is my hubbies middle name. It is a Ukrainian name meaning god's gift smile and i love that spelling even...


Lauren likes Charli, Poppy or Natalie. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

9 replies

Charli, Poppy and Anna are good


Boy's names relate to Melinda

Hi guys, My daughter is called Melinda Quinn I'm trying to find a name for our son. Can you...

1 reply

Hi I love Sullivan!!! I've found these also: Achilles Aesop Madden Maddox Alexander Alistair Tate All the best, please le...


A girls name that goes with Hugo?

Hi all, We are expecting a baby girl in early 2015. Our little man's name is Hugo. We are...

5 replies

WOW guys thank so much! I have been away for a few days and have only just come back to see if anyone had responded!! I am overwhe...


Slater / Fletcher / Blake - which boys name?

Hi my baby is due in 6 days and these are the 3 front runners for our little one. Which name do y...

10 replies

I would say Blake as this is in my top 3!!


Looking for awesome Maori boys names

I have Tippene in mind and Hemi. Anyone have other awesome boy Maori names ?

4 replies

Thank you all for such awesome names God bless



Raspberry Sundae wrote: There is no reason you couldn't use it but if it was me I would keep...

3 replies

sorry, whats OP?


Kids Names

Hey guys i need name inspiration, what are you kids first and middle names?

3 replies

Tamykka Skye Rhys Michael (middle name after father)


Vote your faveourite and comment Thoughts on these names please :)

Hi just wanted some opinions please girl: Ivy Violet Eve Evelyn Evie Willow Mia boy: Jack Jack...

12 replies

I love Violet, followed by Evie. I also like Eva, Everly. Boys I like Jackson, Oliver and then Jack.


Less common boys name

Hi All, I'm 21 weeks pregnant and despite my convictions, we have just found out we're...

4 replies

Xavier Lincoln Leo Emmett Asher


Baby #3

Baby number 3 is due next year and I'm stumped for names. I have a son Bronson Aliks and a ...

4 replies

What about boys names ending in IC, OC, EK or IK Eric, Alaric, Malik, Radek, Cradoc Girls names ending in IN, YN, INNE or INE Cori...


maryam likes Elle. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

1 reply

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favourites. But I need your help to choos...


Too similar?

Hi, just needing an unbiased opinion. I have a niece with the name Ella, my husband and I like A...

3 replies

We have an Aylah but I would not be offended if somebody close named theirs Ella as we pronounce ours A-la. If you really love it, g...


4wks to go and still no names

I have 4wks to go and we still can't find a name we love. We don't know the sex of the...

4 replies

Other A names: Anthea Alexis Ayla Aria Addison Angus Amos Other names: Cora Peyton Macy Evelyn Evie Candice Lucas Brody Caden Ryan...


Conway yes or no?

What is everyone's opinion on the name conway for a boy?

9 replies

No sorry I don't really like it


Baby girl's name - big sister is Ellen

We cannot decide on a name for our soon to be born baby girl. Big sis is Ellen, we like classic n...

7 replies

I love Audrey, Alice and Ava. All very pretty names. Other suggestions Elsie/Eliza/Elise Clara Anna Eva Delilah Esther Emmeline Elo...

dancing queen

am i being selfish with middle name?

Hi ladies our first baby is due in around 2 weeks! Husband and I have narrowed down both girls an...

7 replies

Are you planning on having any more children that you could possibly negotiate that for this child the middle name is part of one fa...


Boys Middle Name

Hi ladies I'm after some boys middle name inspiration. We have a few names in mind for a fir...

2 replies

I also used meaningful names for my boys' middle names. They are names they could use in the future, should they choose, but a...


Pronunciation of this name?

If you saw the name DAMON how would you pronounce it? Thanks

15 replies

Katieweston82 wrote: Day Mon definitely unless your a kiwi Typical aussie gets it wrong again LOL I'm a kiwi and if its spelt ...


H or W

I prefer Willow.

4 replies



opinions on names

Hi everyone, i'm at the 36 week mark now and have narrowed down names. As extra info, we hav...

11 replies

Well Cassandra Elizabeth arrived November 2nd at 6pm. She was 4kg and 52 cms long and a cutie! She was a Cassie as soon as we saw ...


Lost on what to call my girl. Name ideas please.

My hubby and I are expecting a girl in 9weeks and can't agree on a name. We both want someth...

9 replies

Mahalia Louise sounds good.


Cody, Nate & .................

It's a 3rd boy!!! What's the first name u think of please?? Needs to be short, sweet, s...

23 replies

I like your kids names... For a third I would choose one of the following ... Dion, Adam, Gene, Luke, Hugo, Tayne, Duke, Ben or Benj...


opinions please! - Aurora, nice or not

Hubby and I have revealed the sex so it's really important to us the name is a secret. I...

23 replies

My niece is aurora. I love the name everyone calls her rori.


Torn between two names, need your help please!

Hi all, we've found out we're having a girl (yay:) and have a few friends also having g...

11 replies

Both lovely names but I lean towards Cassidy as my preference.


Boy & Girl Names - Alyssa or Alani? And Kye or Keegan?

We already have a James Daniel Sutherland. Can't decide on next baby name (due in 5 days!...

3 replies

I voted for Alyssa and Keegan as I think they sound the best with James


Help! Baby girl names.

Hi, im 26weeks expecting a little girl and i have no idea what her name will be. Her father like...

3 replies

Lol are you psychic? After making this post I gave him a list of names a liked and the one he liked was Alexis And I said Lexi for ...


Jane likes Claudia, Daisy or Matilda. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

1 reply

I love Daisy but think Matilda or Claudia go perfectly with Harriet!? Good luck deciding!


A name like Finn

I don't know what it is I like about the boys name Finn but DH hates it. Any suggestions fo...

1 reply

Miller Ethan Liam Nate Cooper What about Finlay/Finley ?

Mrs D!

We have decided on REEF, what does everyone think??

Hello Fellow Mummies and Mummies to be!! My DH and I have decided on the name REEF, my mother in...

29 replies

I was here to check the thread and contribute my 2 cents. Then I found out this is almost 4 years old. I like Reef anyways, not tha...


Does it really matter how popular a name is? 3 days til DD and not sure on name

Hey my due date is 3 days away and still not sure on a name. I really like Ava but is it too popu...

10 replies

Yes, just go for your preferred names, it shouldn't matter if it's popular or not. And I personally think Ava is a lovely ...


Boys name list- what's your pick please?!

Toby Mathew Hamish Luke Jack Mathew Saxon Harry Logan Harry Ethan Harry Ryan Mathew Keeping in ...

14 replies

I personally like Ethan. Hamish is my second choice


Charlie for a girls name?

Hi everyone I am only a few weeks pregnant and i dont know what sex i am having. But my partner ...

8 replies

Yes I also agree! I've been planning to do that as well, have a girly name as her official name (say Charlotte, Charlene) and C...