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Baby Names


Irish middle name or not? Please help!

Hello! Bub #3 on the way, and I am have a hard time deciding which name would best suit her. My ...

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Mummy of boys

Help!!!! 3rd boy and need a name to go with his brothers

We are expecting our 3rd boy and need a name to go with brothers Flynn and Harlan. We are struggl...

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Just shooting in the dark here but a few ideas. And hey, even if you don't like any of them, it's a start on ideas. - ...


I have 3 children and expecting number 4 to another man

I left my husband 3 years ago, who i have had 3 children with and since then I have met a man who...

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classy names.. boy and girl

I'm driving myself mad trying to think of baby names... So far we like Heidi for a girl. For...

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i Suggest you some classy names Anferne, Quince Saylor Brax


need some help with a girls name...

hi all I am not sure about a name i came up with yesterday for a girl. We have a boys name pick...

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My baby girl name is Olivia .They've been favorites of mine since I usually prefer uncommon or unique baby names. Willow Frey...


Help with choosing an ethnic baby name

Hi all, we have chosen the name 'Golam' for our son which comes from our culture. Befor...

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Hi... As you've already pointed out it sounds like golem. I personally would never use a name no matter how much I liked it if ...


middle name help!

hi team:-) can anyone help with middle name suggestions to go with either ethan or Abby (baby...

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Ethan: James, Sean, Lee, Jack, Scott, Mark Abby: Rose, Jane, Mae, Leigh Good luck smile xx


Final four choices for our girl

Hi all. We have finally managed to agree on four potential names for our girl due in a few weeks....

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I like Jordyn


What do you think of these names?

My husband and I are set on giving our kids uncommon or even unheard of names. We love these but ...

5 replies

I think Skylah is best (or Skyler) for boy or girl


Opinions on Evalia for a girls name?

Hi, I really love the name 'Eva' but our last name is only 4 letters, I wanted to go ...

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I think they are pretty I have a friend called Evangeline which could also work.


Decided on names!

What do you think of my decision - Girls - Elora Mae and Lucia Paige. Boys - Sul...

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I like Lucia and Sullivan


PLEASE Help!! Cant decide between 2 girls names..

Hello, We are expecting a baby girl and cannot decide between the below 2 names: Eden & ...

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Eden! I'm not a fan of Ava, too popular and sounds unfinished.


Middle Name For Ariella Howle?

I am having problems trying to decide on a good middle name for Ariella. The last name will be Ho...

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Poll please on Pronunciation

Hi Everyone, So I would like to see how you would all pronounce the boys name LEONARD. I just w...

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Agree with Makalu, definatly Len-ed. If you say it quite fast, it has an Ed on the end.


Help shortlisting girls names!

Hi all. Our little girl is due in January and I am struggling to find names. We have a son and I ...

4 replies

Congrats on a little girl. I have 3 girls Bailey, Amelia and Josie. Names I really love are Rylee Grace Emily Tilly Paige Sydnee Ru...


Please help!!! Too Twilight?

Hi all, This is my first post! I need some help with my first baby's name. Husband and I ar...

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That's true. I thought that since the names are so similar it might be an issue. But I'm glad it's not! Thanks


A sibling for Emila Ruby and Maxwell Albert John

I'd love your help I'm expecting our third child in four weeks time and hubby and I ar...

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A sibling for Emila Ruby and Maxwell Albert John

I'd love your help I'm expecting our third child in four weeks time and hubby and I ar...

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Hi So far my top names we have chosen are Eve Eva Isla Summer Ivy Rose Oliver / Ollie Finn ...

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I love Talarah and Ella for girls names I also love Javier pronounced "jay ve ya" The Young Mummy Project http://theyo...

Mel-mummy to georgia and bub to be

Middle name help

I think I have settled on the name Zoe My surname is Romanowski - 4 syllables which middle name...

2 replies

Yeah Claire, Isabel just doesn't sound right.


Choosing names that go together for brothers and sisters

Hi, Names are so hard. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions to which names both girls a...

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I have a Chloe. Her middle name is Alysha and my other daughter is Lauren. I think these names work. Boys? Nope. Pregnant aga...

Mel-mummy to georgia and bub to be

hi I'm due in 3 weeks and would love some naming help

Hi my little surprise baby is due in 3 weeks and hubby and i aren't really talking names yet...

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this is the bump pic from when i was due my second daughter i think i have my heart set on Zoe ( Zoe Claire or Zoe Isabel) and Isa...


Saskia or Sienna

Hello Everyone, I decided to post this just to see responses to these two names, we are having a...

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I prefer Sienna. But if you love Saskia go for it. It does not matter what other think you need to love it or you will regret it o...


Classic and Old Fashion Names

Hi I'm looking for old fashion names like Ralph, Alfred, Thomas. We can't decide on on...

2 replies

I really like Ralph. Harold, Walter, Stanley, Henry. I love Dolce Mae for a girl


Looking for baby names!!! Something different, funky, unusual....

Hi, I was hoping to put some hope into all your lovely mother's out there. Both my partner and ...

24 replies

My childrens names aren't too different but I have Stella, Matilda and Levi. We are 39 weeks pregnant and have decided on Billi...


Gareth likes Ezra, Hunter or Corben. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

3 replies

I loved Ezra!! But hubby and my mum were not fans! I say go for it if hubby is on board.


Girls names - opinions please

We are expecting our little girl in January. I am thinking of the following names: Jordyn Riley ...

2 replies

I like Jessica. Sounds good!!


Stuck on boys name for #2

We are having our second boy in January and so stuck on names. We struggled to come up with names...

5 replies

We have a possible first name but not set on it yet. Leo after DHs Grandad Leonard


Stuck for boys names

Hi everyone, I'm halfway and still have a while to go (due January) but we are so stuck for...

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Hi Meggsy I due in January too and having the same trouble with boys names. DS1 is Riley John. I put up a post in the last couple of...


Losa likes Naomi, Caleb or Salome. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

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Name ideas please

I'm pregnant again and am stuck on name ideas that hubby and I both agree on. We have a 10...

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I wish I could help.... I'm in the same situation as you with boy #2. My first is Harvey Lee. Hubby & I can't agree o...


Girls name to go with Ben

Hi. We are expecting a girl early next year and have a son called Ben. Our surname is five syllab...

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Luky dukky


Opinion on the name khan for a baby boy? DH really likes it.... But I'm not 100% would love...

8 replies

Search on google and i am sure you will get lot of names and you only need to choose one.


Fernando likes Sara, Aadarshini. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

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What time is the match?

Liverpool vsa Adelaide United live stream Richmond Kickers vs West Brom live stream

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Wanting to change babys name at 6wks old

We would like to change our babys name but I'm anxious about peoples reaction. We never had ...

4 replies

Just be cautious of the birth registration time frame, I'm not sure about NZ but in Australia you must register the child'...


Is this the right name? How did you pick?

Boyfriend and I found out that we're expecting a little baby boy! I've always wanted k...

6 replies

I have a 25 years old friend called Toby and it doesn't sound childish at all. Stick to your name.


Twin number 2 has no name!

Hi all, I am due with twin boys in August and still have no name for one of my babies. We love ...

5 replies

Congratulations! We had twins and we struggled to think of two boys names as well but we had a boy and girl so we only needed one! I...


need help with baby girl name

My partner and i are having trouble coming up with a girls name for our 2nd child we are wanting ...

3 replies

Shanaya is pretty, Evie is pretty too or maybe Ivy.


Need a boys name!!! Help!!

So we are expecting our second child in early October, we don't know the gender yet but we l...

17 replies

My son is Tyson Levi. I wanted to name him Levi for his first name but my partner didnt like it too much so he got it as his middle ...