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Boys names to go with Olivia?

Hi All, Hoping someone can suggest a boys name that goes nicely with Isabella, Sophia & Olivi...

4 replies

Isabella, Sophia,Olivia & Carter Benjamin Zachariah Lucas Fletcher Lucas Jasper Benjamin Parker Lucas Hunter Benjamin Ryde...


Sister for Ivy and Scarlette

I like vintage girls names and need another girls name to go with her sisters Ivy and Scarlette.....

5 replies

Audrey Lillian Bridget Vivienne Margaret Olivia Faith Louise Aubrey Hope Elizabeth Evelyn Genevieve Harriet Isadora Arabella


Finlay vs Finley

Finlay vs Finley Any thoughts? Apparently Finlay is the more traditional spelling, I personally ...

4 replies

Beautiful name Finlay is best easy to grasp and can be hooked in mind


Aria or Ariana?

I'm not sure if I want to call my baby girl Ariana, or the shorter version Aria. The middle ...

7 replies

I prefer Ariana with Aria as a NN

FTM-advice needed

Brooklyn for a boy?

Hi Husband and I love the name Brooklyn for a boy - too out there? Thoughts? Worried as it'...

3 replies

Definitely not out there.. I think it suits both boys & girls


Please help with 4 letter boy names

Hi Everyone, I have a boy called Nathan and we are expecting another boy early June. We are stil...

1 reply

Nathan & Beau Seth Jude Seth Ryan Seth Liam Seth Evan Seth Dane Seth Quin Seth Wade Seth Adam Seth


Boy middle names

Needing help with suggestions on a second unique/different middle name to go with our chosen name...

1 reply

Elijah Arlo Harrison Elijah Sawyer Harrison Elijah Willis Harrison Elijah Donovan Harrison Elijah Quinn Harrison Elijah Brighton ...


Word name

Looking for something super unique for both sexes!

2 replies

Harper Harlow Aubrey Delaney Quinn.. My angel boys name


Popularity of name Avery

I would love to receive help on getting a gauge of the popularity of the name Avery within NZ and...

3 replies

I have heard it is popular for girls - I myself considered it for one of ours but associated it with avairy in the end. I still like...


Unique Malaysian baby names!!

Hello all!! I am Lorine Niedecker from Malaysia and live with my husband here. A'm 19 weeks ...

1 reply

Which Malaysian names have you already ruled out? Plus you mention you are religious, are you Muslim or Christian or something else...


Help! I made a mistake with the name I chose! Opinions please!

So my husband and I had firmly decided on a name for our son many months before he was born. We u...

2 replies

You need to pick a name to please YOU, not his family. If you're not happy with it, change it. The main thing is you and your p...


Can't decide between Anthony or Antony / Antoni

Hi, We can't decide between Anthony or Antony / Antoni. Which do you prefer? Your views ...

2 replies

Anthony definitely. Antonio is also nice.


Opinion on the name Emrys?

I have always loved the name Emrys, but I'm wondering what other kiwis think of this name. ...

2 replies

Not sure about Kiwis, but I think a lot of Aussies wouldn't know how to spell or pronounce it. (I work in a hospital, and have ...


Please. Help!!

We are currently pregnant with baby no3 we have 2 boys and I have always struggled with girls nam...

6 replies

I think it sounds fine. I wouldn't have thought of Arrow Pointing, I think most wouldn't make the connection.

Mandy Jade

Madison Isabella

Hello all, Just wanting opinions on the name Madison Isabella Frost. Big sister is Brittany Ja...

10 replies

I think it's a nice name and goes well with your other daughters name. Plus it's popular, but not too popular like Olivia...


Girl Names please help

Hi all I am due with my third baby in two weeks and can't deceive on a name. It's my fi...

5 replies

Love Willow, and Isla. Actually Willow Isla is a nice combo! Aria is a nice name, but it makes me think of the ARIA music charts......


Help needing thoughts on names!

Hi mummies, I'm due to give birth to our second son in the coming weeks we have two names pi...

5 replies

I'd prefer Rayner Kai, simply because Harper is getting a really popular girls name, and Rayner Kai flows better I think. I qui...

1+trying= hopefully 2

Can't decide on a name HELP

Hi, I need help. I'm due with my second girl in may and at the moment can't decide on ...

1 reply

Off your list I like Peyton Betty or Indiana Betty, as I think these names flow well together. Morgan/Morgana Betty would also soun...

Pretty but unusual girls names

Im after Pretty girls names but that arnet heard all the time. I dont mind Bailee, lexi and isla....

55 replies

Bailee is common AF. Lexi is getting better. Isla is good and Harlow is good too. Grace is a really pretty middle name. Good Luck!!!


Please help me by voting.

From another forum I found a thread where people had linked their baby name lists for people to v...

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Do you and your partner disagree on your baby's name?

If you and your partner both have strong feelings about what your baby should be called, but neit...

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Boys names shortlist

Hi, going round in circles trying to choose a name for our boy. Criteria: Not too common Easy t...

1 reply

Moss! Love it! That was definitely the one I was going to say as top pick out of your list. Colton shortened to Colt ... that is ...


Middle Name Advice

Hi all. I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant with baby no3 and its a girl. We have chosen the fir...

3 replies

Both are really beautiful choices and work well. I wouldn't worry about the Elizabeth + Taylor being together because as some...

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Top 50 Baby Girl Names in Australia in 2016

1. Charlotte 2. Olivia 3. Amelia 4. Ava 5. Mia 6. Sophia 7. Chloe 8. Emily 9. Sophie 10....

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Top 50 Baby Boy Names in Australia in 2016

McCrindle's list of Australia's top baby names for 2016 have been revealed, and for the...

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Opinions? Paisley Laine

We are set on Paisley and I think hubby is set on Laine as a middle name, but I'm not sure, ...

1 reply

I think it sounds fine. Middle named arnt used alot anyways.

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Hot baby names of 2017

USA Today has reported that the Baby Names of 2017 will throw the rule book out the window! No yo...

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Y is naming a girl so hard....

having trouble finding a girls name, I need a name to go with Kaiden and Darcey So far I like ...

4 replies

I like Clara but can't use it if my baby is a girl as a friend used it about two weeks ago.


Middle name for Milla

We are due with our second in February and expecting a little girl, we love Milla for a first nam...

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3rd boy name!

We have 2 boys named Finn and James. Third boy due June. We are stuck for names we like and go ...

4 replies

My boys are Ashton and Cohen. Good luck.


Opinions please! Twin girls and can't agree on names...

We're having identical twin girls in November and my husband and I just cannot agree! I hat...

3 replies

Love Asher


Can't decide on a baby name? Try our Baby Name Finder!

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sugest some cute baby girl names

friend i want to know the names for my baby girl starts with D please suggest me the list and bes...

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Need some unique baby girl names

Hey ya all , I am Patrick Dempse from US. My wife is 8 months pregnant and a cute and beautiful a...

3 replies

Broderickhunter wrote: Congratulations to you and your wife. God bless the upcoming baby. Here are some unique and cute baby girl na...


Boys name 'Braxton'????

Hi all, I need anyone to tell me what the first thing that pops into their head when I say...

25 replies

No it didn't pop into my head.


baby boy names unique

I am having a baby boy and I am so picky with names and cant ever choose one. I haven't been...

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Boys names

Hi looking for boys names that go with the middle name 'Francis' we already have a Hann...

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Ryan or Blair?

We have a few names on our shortlist for bub number 2, the gender is currently unknown. Do you li...

8 replies

I prefer Ryan


Opinions please

Hi. Can I please get your opinions on the name Trent. I have not heard it much and don't min...

4 replies

Oliver Charlotte Charles Amelia Felix Eloise Harrison Lily Mathew Camille


Boys names that go together??

Hi all, Just wanting advice on what boys names go together - have a little boy Jace currently. N...

2 replies

I called my boy Jim, I like this name, also I Like Alex, David, John, Bryan