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Baby Names


strange spelling of kids names.

why do some people give their kids names silly or strange spelling? like jennafa

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i like the name sarah and i tried to think of a common name to use as an example but that was the only one i could come up with. i h...

Middle Names... Ideas Please

Hello All, I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with a baby boy and although my husband and I have a...

36 replies

so weird chelle I got a copy or your original post today in my inbox... saying what name goes well with william.... and of course we...

Zoe April

favourite baby names

As I am pregnant and have already had 3 children I'm a bit stumped on names for this little bundl...

31 replies

Hi Everyone, Unless you have a name picked out for certain, I think you should have a short list. I know we could never decide on ...


girls names starting with "J"

sometime ago i read a post someone wanted girl names starting with j but i cannot find the post a...

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Help With Boys Names

I'm 37 weeks pregnant and we are having a boy.At the rate we are going he is coming home nameless...

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We had our baby.We still didn't have a name until a few days before,then my husband asked if I liked Angus.At first I wasn't sure bu...


anyone got any ideas?

hi my name is narelle. i am looking for baby girl names that begin with G the more unusual and u...

16 replies

Have a look here. I found it good Good luck

the name game

My husband and I have found out our second child due 1/4/04 is to be a girl, and we cant find a n...

9 replies

Trace All the best to you as well not long to go now Good Luck, please keep me posted on the arrival of Celeb Jodi


I am havig troubles finding a name.

Hi. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and having a hard time picking a name for my little girl. I ...

5 replies

Amy, I think Abbey is a great name. Don't listen to what everyone says. When we were thinking of a name we didn't tell anyone what...