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a girl name suggestion for you pg ladies Lock

I am not pg and will not be again but i saw this name the other day & thoug...

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My girls middle name is going to be princess !! Lock

Hello everyone, I have decided that when we have a little girl her middle name is going to be p...

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Sarah, That is so cool! I love it! Luv Elle

Proud Mummy

Confused- which sounds nicer?? Lock

Which sounds nicer the boys name JOSHUA or LEON as a 1st name? I really like them both, but cant...

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Hi, I prefer Joshua myself. How about using the two together? Joshua Leon or Leon Joshua, which ever you decide


Any other young mum's? Lock

I would like to know if there are any other young mum's or dad's or both that want to chat and sh...

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hi i am 20 and i first time mum my partner is 22 even though we are younge we don't really care what people say about us we live to...


opinion on my boys names please Lock

I have shortlisted my names down to the following. Please share your thoughts / opinions on what...

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new to this site!!! Lock

Hello everyone, this is my first baby, which is a boy. I am naming him Sebastien.

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Hi Melissa, I love the name you have chosen. If this bub I am having is a boy we have also chosen Sebastian. I looked up if the d...

Help me choose which boy's name PLEASE Lock

Hi everyone We still have 3 more weeks to go till we (hopefully) find out the sex of our bub. We...

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My vote is for Ryan or Nathan. My husband loves the name Max but I just can't warm up to it. I am due on the 9th July and if it'...


HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! need advice on boys names Lock

Hi everyone, I'm having a boy in Aug, I have some names picked out but my partner wants his name ...

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I think most of them go with Stephen, especially with a simple last name like Moore. I like Cooper, Ryan, Liam and Riley as first...


baby girl name Lock

hi i'm expecting my first baby in october and its a lil girl. i am stuck on names i like a couple...

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hi hayley hope theres named help you ok emily'ammie'kristie;lana'shamel'sky'jade'bella'taylor'bethany let me know how you went lisa

tina ann

Help choosing name Lock

Hi everyone. My husband and i are having a little girl. I am 30 weeks pegnant and We are stuck o...

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I like Hayley Kathleen the best. Good luck...perhaps best to see what the baby looks like before making final decision. I can't re...


What is every1s opinion on my names? Lock

Josey Annalise and Samuel james or Jessica Ruby and Bailey Robert. Please help me i am so undeci...

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Again, choice of names depend on surname, but I don't really like Josey Annalise as too many "S"'s., but do like both names independ...


What r your honest opinions about these boys names please? Lock

My fiance and i are finding it hard to see eye to eye on boys names, what do u think of Bailey Ro...

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You should tell us your surname, then we can see how your chosen names "flow". I like the sound of "Robert Bailey", but depends on ...


What do you think of my boys names - honest opinions sought! Lock

Hi We have recently found out we are having a boy (yippee) and have quite a few names we like bu...

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Hi, I really like Jacob. I think it sounds strong. Good luck in picking a name. Tina


please help!!, i have middle names but no firsts!! Lock

hi gals. i am having trouble finding names to go with my chosen middle names so if anyone can hel...

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How about Emersyn/Emerson Tayah Reese Tayah Charlize Tayah Althea Tayah Samira Tayah


we cant agree Lock

hi, we are expecting our second and my partner wont agree on any of the boys names that i like.A...

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Hi Jeseka, I am expecting baby number two and If we have a boy we have two names picked out. My Fav is - Cooper James My Hubby's -...

Proud Mummy

Joshua Leon OR Joshua Troy??? Lock

Hi all, Please help... cant decide, which name do you think sounds better? Joshua Leon OR Joshua ...

4 replies

Sorry to go against the flow but I prefer Joshua Troy. Good luck with your decision.


Names Lock

Hi all 1st time mum due in november... As I come from a big family and have 18 nieces and nephe...

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Hey there Genna. I havethe same problem as you up unitl last Friday. I have 28 nieces and nephues so it was...


Which middle name for Finn ? Lock

Hi Guys ! I am really having a hard time finding a middle name for the boys name Finn. We are no...

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Hi I like Finn James... sounds great!!! If wanting to use Dads name ! "Finn Colin James" Goodluck G


Traditional English names? Lock

Hi I'm from the UK, albeit a few years ago now. I am looking for a good traditional, but differe...

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Hi Helen All the best finding a name I thought it would be alot easier finding a name for my own bub than it has been!!!... I like...


What do you all think of Malachi for a boy? Lock

Hi all I would like your opinion, please be honest. What do you think of Malachi for a boy? Its a...

13 replies

hi, i love that name. i was going to name my baby that if it was a boy. i would spell it malakai though not with a c instead of a k....

Are my Names Weird? Lock

hi girls, I have had a few comments that my baby names that i have chosen are a bit weird and so...

13 replies

Hey bec, The only advice I can give you on all your wonderfully ecclectic names is this. consider the child. My name is Keryn, pre...

ash & bub

Opinions wanted thanx Lock

Hello Girls i could do with ur thoughts on baby boys name ive pick out ... Chayse Bradyn Nathan...

4 replies

I really like that name and i dont think that 3 names is too much at all in that case. As for baby showers, just go ahead and organ...


Need your brains Girls!!! Lock

Hi everyone, I'm 14 weeks pregnant and we have started talking about names already! We want to b...

2 replies

For some other suggestions on names that can be shortened to Ellie or Allie, how about.... Gabrielle Elisabeth Alexandra Alicia


Baby name sites? Lock

Has anyone found a really good baby name site? I dont like the ones that u have to know the lette...

2 replies

Hey, I love it is really comprehensive with emphasis on accuracy of spelling and meanings etc... Great site!



Hi ladies, i am currently 35 weeks pregers nad have had the boys name picked out for pritty much ...

4 replies

i love cassidy


can u help? Lock

My husband and I really like the name Layla for a girl, but we're not sure on how we would spell ...

3 replies

Firstly I like the name you have chosen. Secondly, as for the spelling I think you need to have the 'Y' in her name. Without the y...

same names (different mum) Lock

Hi, I have an interesting one for you all! My partner has a son from previous marriage whereas ...

3 replies

Hi, I find that a bit odd and i would say absolutely not if i was in your position. Good luck, i hope you can get it sorted out soon.


boys names Lock

thankyou to everyone who suggested names. my husband and I were having big problems choosing a na...

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Dislike... Lock

Just out of curiosity.... I want to know... What everyones LEAST favourite name is or names are??...

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Boys - Oscar, Angus, Ian Girls - Kelly, Tegan, Tracey


BABY SHILOH... angelina jolie and brad pitt Lock

hmmmm just another weird mane to add to the list hey girls? news just out is angelina jolie and b...

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i love that name, i think it was a Neil Diamond song years back wasn't it? (Shilo) i do know a girl called Shiloh . i don't think th...


Which names do u think r better? Lock

Hi please give me your my opinion on my girlz names! Josey Annalise or Jessica Ruby? Thnx 4 ur ti...

6 replies

Personally i like Jessica Ruby but then again i'm one of the weird ones who like the idea of the 2nd name being shorter than the fir...


need girly girl names !!!!!!!! plz help Lock

hey i'm due in 12 weeks and org i had called her Shaianne dekoda but my partner doesn't like it ...

7 replies

Hi! Congrats! Im due to have a little Princess too! Here are the names my partner and i were deciding from... Sienna Tahi Shana ...


Middle name for Hannah Lock

does anyone have any suggestions on this? i have no idea manda xx

5 replies

Hannah Barbara! hehe Kidding darl, I like: Hannah Chantelle Hannah Michelle Hannah Danielle

What do you think?.......... Lock

I have so far chosen Ryder for my boys name just wondering what other people think of this name?

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Ryder is a name which is uncommon. I know Kate Hudson (Goldie Hawn's daughter) likes the name as that's the name of her little boy.


Having bad dreams Lock

Hello every one. Even though Im only 23 weeks but the last few days I have been having bad dream...

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hey there i can say just about everyone has vivid dreams, esp towards the end of pregnancy. believe me i had some extremly weird and...


Your oppinion please! Lock

I have thoughts of Emma Elaine if its a girl or Nickolas Scott for a boy. Plea...

2 replies

Your names are gorgeous especially Emma Elaine! All the Best Take Care Luv Becky


girls name sorted, but boys?? I need help:) Lock

Hey girls ( and some men!!), My hubby and i have decided to use FAMILY names for our unborn. Bu...

2 replies

I just love the names Emily and Matilda. I like the sound of Maxwell (Max) Gregory Potts for a boy. Congratulations and all the bes...


Please vote on my middle name Lock

I have got it down to two names and I really cant decide. I know in the end it is my choice. I ...

9 replies

Hello, I like Kaitlin Paige i think it is a really pretty name. Hope you can make a decision. Good lock!


Dogs name too... Lock

Hi everyone, I have a bit of a problem. My husband and I really like the name Jake and would lik...

2 replies

Hi Mamabear, Do you like the name Jacob? If so maybe you could call the bub Jacob and shorten it to Jake. This means initially yo...


have a girls name picked need boys Lock

I have a 5 year old son called Zachary, and we are expecting another child in July, we have chose...

3 replies

When I thought I was going to have a boy I was going to name it Keanu. I love that name!