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Baby Names


Help us decide on a name for DD#3

We are currently searching for a name for our daughter expected later this year. We already have ...

12 replies

Clara is a beautiful name for a little girl... I like Molly, Dior, Tessa, Dayna and Amberlee too.

Worst toothache ever!!!

Hey everyone, Im nearly 12 weeks pregnant and the past few weeks i have got a hole in my tooth (i...

19 replies

Definitely it is fully safe to go to a dentist. You should not take any painkillers without any prescription. I had my dental impla...


What's your fave name from my list?

Ariel April Sadie Ada Quinn Bonnie Nora Ella Thanks

17 replies

happymumma:) wrote: Ok, Ella's out now. Hubby decided he doesn't like it anymore... lol...Ella's out girls


What do you think....

We have been tossing up ideas on a boys name for awhile now and I think we have finally come to a...

9 replies

Thanks everyone We want to keep the name a surprise and it's nice to get other opinions without having to let family or fri...


Possibilities! Ideas! Opinions! Positivity on this topic thread ONLY!

Hello there! SURPRISE!!! We are expecting our third little bundle of joy, I am due August 26th...

5 replies

I like Jovi for a boy and Amarli for a girl

mummies ROCK :)

Ava, Alyssa, Carys or Milla

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favourites. But I nee...

9 replies

Olivia is my overall favourite. From your second list I like Milla followed by Alyssa.

2nd baby nearly here

Please vote on the best spelling of Koby

We already have our son Noah and are due with our second baby in a week or two. How do you prefer...

11 replies

I prefer Kobe, but I do think it would often be said Koe-b Second I like is Koby


Help - Boy names needed!!!!!

Hi We are due to have our second child in a little less than 3 weeks, and we are still undecided...

7 replies

I also vote for Noah, as that is what our DS is called. With the middle name james.


Names that go with Athena

We've decided that we want to use the name Athena with our new little princess but can'...

2 replies

Athena Anne came to my mind first


Liam, Declan, Caden?

Hi everyone, we have a three year old boy named Ethan, and are due to have our second boy in 7 we...

1 reply

In order of preference I like Caden, Declan, Liam.



I love the name Corinne for this baby if it ends up being a baby girl. I would love to use the sh...

6 replies

hannah_c wrote: Corrine is really nice, and I agree that I wouldn't pronounce Corrie the same as Corey Thanks We find out in ...


Eveleen for baby girl?

We have been trying to come up with first names, not sure what sex the baby is. Hubby was asking...

6 replies

I like it! Old names are definitly making a return.


Boys names

Bubs due in 2 weeks and my partner and I cant decide on a boys name (we dont know what sex we are...

6 replies

I think Campbell is cute! I also like Carter

Beautiful Baby

What names do you like from my list?

I am having another baby in May 2014 and am not sure what to call it. I have two daughters named ...

7 replies

I vote for George and Elodie! rose or mae for middle name


Help choose a middle name!!

Hi Ladies, We have decided to call our baby girl Isla, but cant seem to decide on a middle name...

3 replies

I also like Isla Eloise the best


Baby girl name, this or that :)

Leah Jade Sione or Aliyah Jade Sione

8 replies

We have decided to go with Aleah Jade Sione. Hate it or love it, WE love it & thats the main thing

~Mel A~

So I think we've finally narrowed it down... the following names: Blake Tyler Levi DH also liked the following: Ryan - although I love...

10 replies

DD2 was either going to be Blake or Dylan if she was a boy.

Emma likes Levi, Lyall or Calian. What do you think?

Levi and Wyatt!

14 replies

Love Tate, it was on our list my hubbie said noooo.


Girls names

Looking for a 4 letter 2 syllable girls name. Almost hubbys daughter is Lily so not that one. Mid...

13 replies

Tessa Jenna Hayley Kathryn Charlotte


Objective Assistance Please!

So my partner and I are stuck on girls names...Even the ones I really like, I don't seem to ...

9 replies

Mine aren't e names but my dd is Abigail (Abby) and we are planning on calling our next Audrey if it's a girl. I know of m...

Baby Name Dilemma.

If your not 100% sure keep it on your list but write a couple others and maybe wait until he is b...

3 replies

Leeton? Leighton or Leyton? Carter? Colt?


Hit me with some names

I was really hoping to only have to pick a name for one sex, but since baby didn't cooperate...

8 replies

We like..... Girls: Jenna Rose Boys: Lucas Christian We already have a Harrison

*Mum of 4*

What do you think?

Aila is probably my favourite. Rylee and Ruby are also nice.

9 replies

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favourites. But I need your help to choos...


need midwife in hamilton area!!!

Does anyone know of any good midwives in hamilton ?? I had the worst nosey midwife for my first c...

3 replies

Michelle Kingston-White is my midwife for #6, I also had her for #s 3,4 and 5. She is fantastic and I would not want anyone else.


Help - spelling ideas for baby girl name

Hi I am expecting baby 2 in May Its a girl and so far we like the name Everly Looking at Winter a...

3 replies

Everley winter. GORGEOUS


Baby girl name :)

I like Kylie Jade! Good luck with your Name pick

6 replies

Kylie jade. !!!!

2nd baby nearly here

I really need your help please.

Hi all, So our second baby is due in about 4 weeks and we are still undecided on names. We have o...

7 replies

Parker isn't too out there at all anymore! What about Cody as a compromise to Koby?? Eliza is totally cute & not too popu...


50 strangest baby names of 2013 Anyone got there own to add? I saw a little ...

11 replies

Yes the actress Kristen Bell's little girl is Lincoln.


Unusual boy & girl Aboriginal names

I was just wondering if anyone knows of any unusual aboriginal names for both girl and boy? than...

10 replies

I'm an Aboriginal woman and have named my daughter Jannali Myunah. Jannali meaning the moon and Myunah meaning clear water. I a...


Boy names

Jordy, otherwise he'll spend his life telling people how to spell his name!

1 reply

I prefer Jaelyn. I don't know how Jordy will go as an adults name, cute for a kid though! My only issue with Jaelyn is the ly...

~Mel A~


I need your help ladies. We're still no closer to finding a name for our boy. Here's s...

47 replies

Mel A - our DS1 is called Thomas and is also known as Thomas. The only person who is 'allowed' to call him Tom is his gra...


Stumped for a baby boys name...suggestions?

We are expecting baby number 3 soon, another boy to play with his 2 brothers. However we are stuc...

8 replies

Boys names are so hard Drew Blair Benji (I'm liking this myself atm) Brice Jessie Joel Parker Madden Grayson Tait Brody Jett Kobe

Who wants to suggest some baby names :)

Harriet Lydia Gillian Lillian

5 replies

I love Sasha. Otherwise Bonnie, Bridget, Edith, Lexie, Lucy, Lydia


Middle Name for Annabel :)

Hey hey everyone Both me and my dp have found a name we both like "Annabel". But we ar...

22 replies

Love Annabel Loise Ash, sounds very pretty together & flows well!


Need help choosing a girls name please :)

Already have a Charlie (girl) & Eli, next bubs due in June but can't decide on a girls n...

14 replies

I like April or otherwise possibly Aria rather than Ariel!?! All the best with deciding.


Fighting over middle names

Having a late dilema with my partner over our sons middle name. We had decided on Lincon Hayden. ...

5 replies

Omgosh i am also fighting over baby middle names. number two is half way here and we used my partners names for sons middle name and...

need help deciding a name


4 replies


changing last names

It's pretty common these days. Lots of kids will have unmarried parents and will often have ...

6 replies

Bethany_Davis wrote: Mel+2 wrote: I am so confused with your story!! Your married right? So did you keep your surname or take your ...

Middle name for Fletcher


2 replies

Oooh, I'm due in June and our boys name is Fletcher Edison


Thoughts on a boy name please :)

Harrison Ethan French I'd love to hear your opinions. My partner loves it, I like it but ha...

7 replies

LOVE! DS1 is Lucas and his best friend is Harrison